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“Citizens of France…”

Bonjour, Dear French PetFriends 🙂

The French and English have never entirely seen eye-to-eye. Brothers are always the same. Nonetheless, the world would be a far different place, without Madame France would it not. From Cyrano de Bergerac to Monsieur Eiffel – Mssr. Braille, Mssr. Pasteur, Mssr. Lumiere. Alexandre Dumas, Edmond Dantès. Our French friends’ contribution to world culture goes beyond expansive.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

And then, not forgetting Madame Guillotine. When The Man took the piss just a bit too far, France was having none of it. An example to us all. It wasn’t the last time the French did not stand for various things. My most recent favorite being, if I am correct – a nationwide response to an unwanted vehicle clamping strategy. The French people simply took it upon themselves to superglue the locks on all and any wheel clamps left in public, to the extent that I understand some rethinking was in order by The Man. Bon travail. 🙂

At the gates to the ‘Free World‘, stands the Statue of Liberty. A gift to USA from France. Another Madame Liberty stands in Paris. Liberty means freedom, in case any of you thought it meant The Man taking liberties with you. At Her feet there is a plaque, with a poem. The New Colossus, Mother of Exiles…

“Give me your tired,
your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore”.

It’s an iconic poem, despite the US Govt. wanting to change it’s mind now the work is done. But, ‘breathe free‘? How stupid did you think people were exactly?

We have many friends in France. Over time, we expect we will find many more. Sadly, Mademoiselle France once again has The Man’s unwelcome hand worming it’s way up her skirt. Here’s the new proposed French laws vis-a-vis zoofilie…

  • Art. 521-3. – I. – The fact, with a view to its dissemination, of fixing, recording or transmitting the image or representation of a domestic or tamed animal, or held in captivity when this image or this representation has a character zoopornographique is punished by four years imprisonment and a fine of 60,000 euros.
  • II. – The fact of offering, making available or disseminating such an image or representation by any means whatsoever, of importing or exporting it, of having it imported or of having it exported, is punishable by the same penalties.
  • III. – The penalties are increased to five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros when it has been used, for the dissemination of the image or representation of the animal to an undetermined audience, an electronic communications network.
  • IV. – The fact of usually consulting or in return for payment an online communication service to the public making such an image or representation available, of acquiring or holding such an image or representation by any means whatsoever is punishable by 3,000 euros fine.
  • V. – The offenses provided for in this article are punishable by six years’ imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 euros when committed in an organized gang.
  • VI. – The attempt of the offenses provided for in this article is punishable by the same penalties.


Lemme break that down for you.

4 years, and 60,000 euros fine for uploading a single dog fuck pic. 5 years, and 75,000 euros fine, for uploading a dog fuck pic to our website, or sites like it. 3,000 euros fine for simply possessing a dog fuck pic. 6 years and 100,000 euro fine, if you happen to be involved with an organized gang.

There are no organized Pet Gangs, are there Gang. There’s just us. So then, that is a law especially for us. Wow 🙂  You know you are pushing all the right buttons when The Man throws his toys out the pram like that.

And to cap it off – all of the above punishments for you, if you even consider thinking about doing what what we do. Did you get your head around that, France?

Now, keep in mind. In France, the punishment for kidnapping a child is 5 years and 75,000 euros fine. Being a Gaianaut in France – 6 years and 100,000 euros fine. Just to put things in perspective. Man those sweaty nervous little French lawmakers are sore at us eh. Good. Well let’s twist that knife a bit more eh, see how they like that 🙂


“An unjust law is itself a species of violence”.
Mahatma Gandhi


The organized gangs thing, I expect is their response to our communique re the pitfalls of being sex Nazis. As explained in that letter, if it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight they shall have. Yes, we still know who you all are thanks.


ArtOfZoo - Death of Marat


I understand these laws are being proposed. They are not yet in place. That means there is still time to do something about it. If you French folx feel compelled to preserve your liberté.

We shall be looking into removing any of our French Gaia Crew from France, and relocating them to where it’s safe and rather more civilized. In the meantime, what will the rest of you do? I suggest, you start firing emails at your local town and city representatives in objection to this nonsense. Or don’t, up to you. Just remember – “First they came for the socialists…” Tyranny starts somewhere. They say ‘hindsight is always 20:20‘ – it’s now 2021. With the historical benefit of full sight of how these things inevitably pan out, it is quite easily avoided. Or, you genuinely thought those vaccinations and curfews were because of the flu really? 🙂


“I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end.
I came here, to tell you how it’s going to begin…”


We, as usual, will do what needs to be done at the appropriate time. And yes, like our friend Neo, “I know Kung Fu”  😉

All of this, whilst France is having it’s arse spanked by Europe over it’s filthy air. They are looking at a 10 million euro fine. Unemployment on the increase. You’d think they would have more important things to be worrying about than a few people having fun with their pets eh.

To the French The Man; do tread carefully eh. The journey to all Guillotines begins with a single step. Or has your memory become fuzzy so quickly? We shall see, shan’t we.

To our French Pet People – bonne chance, travel well – and let the games begin 🙂


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  1. 4hole 1 week ago

    when glue factories were created did anyone stand to animal rights? no when dehumanization,desensitization,hell we practice on animals,buffalo new york ever wonder why or how it got named?

    i tend not to order cheval burgers,buy fur coats , do people truly believe in polyester trees?? people kill people direct their spanish inquisition to hell

    • Author
      Adam 7 days ago

      U calm down hole, u break rank, you’re alone, they pick you off. 😉 But seriously, I was thinking exactly the same thing last eve. Now – they say laws are made in 5 minutes to solve the problems of the moment, which then linger around for centuries like that phonebox fart. Countries that have laws going back to less enlightened times – those countries at least have an excuse. They can claim, oh we never got around to changing them. That’s 1 thing. Countries proactively going out imposing dark age laws in the 21st Century? Those pricks have no excuse at all. Check your history – all recorded history – increased efforts to impose more control are always the response to encroaching loss of control / failing systems. So I would not worry too much, whatever dumb curfews and laws they pass today will be defenestrated tomorrow along with their makers 🙂

  2. Alfieslut 1 week ago

    Brilliant, adam…

    We are talking about the same country which, until recently, didn’t have an age of consent on its books, choosing, instead, to judge these matters on a case by case basis…

    Oh, oh, oh… the French recently got bullied by the puritanical, Protestant, military-industrial-Banking complex which dictates what all our morals should be into changing this. Now having owned up to their wicked, wicked ways, they must atone.

    Viva la backlash.

  3. MartinReisa 1 week ago

    Esto no es broma, es muy serio. Nos apela de frente a todos los miembros de esta comunidad. Hay que resistir estas medidas y proyectos de ley en cualquier país que intente llevarlos a cabo. Hay que pensar estrategias y actuar en consecuencia. Lo que ocurre en Francia también pasa en los distintos países sudamericanos con proyectos de ley que todavía no se promulgan y los que ya se promulgaron (como en Brasil y Bolivia el sexo con animales fue prohibido en 2015). En Argentina hay un proyecto de ley similar en su espíritu. Se basa en una falsa e hipócrita concepción contra las personas que “abusan” sexualmente de los animales.

    [Proyecto de ley. Expediente: 0234-D-2018. Sumario: Protección de los animales – LEY 14346 -. Modificaciones sobre penas. Fecha: 05/03/2018
    «Artículo 5.- Se incorpora el Artículo 5 de la Ley Nº 14.346, que quedará redactado de la siguiente manera:
    “Artículo 5.- Será reprimido con prisión de un (1) año a seis (6) años e inhabilitación especial de diez (10) años para la custodia de animales no humanos, convivencia y ejercicio de profesión, oficio o comercio relacionado con ellos, el que cometiere zoofilia o bestialismo. Se entiende por zoofilia, bestialismo o zoosexualidad a la realización del acto sexual entre un ser humano y otra especie animal.
    Incurrirá en explotación sexual de animales no humanos, por cualquier título:
    1. Mantener, ofrecer o exhibir a un animal no humano con el fin de inducir, promover, favorecer o facilitar la realización de cualquiera de las conductas tipificadas en este artículo;
    2. Reproducir o capture imágenes o produzca soportes y materiales audiovisuales en los que se reproduzcan conductas con animales no humanos, con fines de gratificación sexual propia o de terceros;
    3. Organizar o promover espectáculos públicos o privados en los que se realicen las conductas tipificadas en este artículo.»]

    Ante esto tenemos que pensar y estar lucidos y atentos, pero sobre todo tenemos que actuar. Nuestra forma de vida sufrirá reveses en todas partes del mundo, y es nuestra obligación como comunidad estar unidos. A pesar de esos reveses y de lo que pueda ocurrir en un futuro próximo, no tengo la menor duda que nuestro estilo de vida terminará triunfando, por el simple hecho de que no hace daño a nadie. Siempre que se respete y cuide a los animales, y siempre que nosotros seamos cuidadosos, discretos y consecuentes con esta vida.

  4. Frogman 2 weeks ago

    Dark times over here indeed, and not only for bestiality…
    Thanks for this great article Adam!

  5. frenchzlover 2 weeks ago

    Dark Times in France… thanks for your words Adam. The verification of my pup IS an act of résistance and it IS possible thanks to you and all your crew. Good job ! Long life to AOZ !

  6. LadyX 2 weeks ago

    Right to liberty and freedom of movement. Plus I think move aside or i let my k9 on you.

  7. Beastyman069 2 weeks ago

    So true Adam. It all comes down that we are all one. No one is better than the other. We are all equals.

  8. LibertineNL 2 weeks ago


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