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It was spring break. Janet’s husband and daughter were on their normal schedules, so she was home alone. Enjoying her much needed respite from the relentless demands of college, she was sleeping late on a Tuesday morning when Mr. Coffee began its classic hiss and gurgle. The smell of coffee finally roused her, clearing the fog from her sleep addled mind. After lying in bed for another ten minutes, she finally pulled back the covers and swiveled around, sitting on the edge of the bed. Janet’s nipples rouged beneath the ultra thin fabric of the teddy she wore to bed. The erect buds were plainly visible lumps on her double D cup tits. The teddy was short and reached only low enough to barely conceal her cleanly shaven pussy.

As she stood, the rings through her pussy lips clinked together, then picked up a familiar rhythm as she strode into the kitchen. With nobody home, she didn’t bother with a robe. Standing before her coffee maker in her teddy, the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile as the cool morning air chilled a runnel of cum, deposited by her husband the night before, as is slowly dribbled down her thigh. Without thinking, she reached down and scooped up the slippery reminder of last night with her finger and slipped it into her mouth, savoring the flavor as she gently suckled her finger clean.

As she poured coffee into her cup, she became certain that she’d have to masturbate soon. There was no way she could hold out until bedtime for her husband to take care of her renewed desire. After stirring in creamer, Janet took her cup of coffee and settled into her favorite chair to read her third romance novel for the week. She and her husband referred to them cheerfully as chick smut. After all, most of them had just enough plot to frame a core of raunchy erotica. She wasn’t sure if these books helped stoke her lust or not, but her husband wasn’t complaining about getting laid every night, so she shrugged to herself and kept reading.

During a particularly steamy passage, Janet snaked a hand down her body, caressing her breasts, stroking her pierced nipples. As her breathing grew more unsteady, she let her hand wander down past her navel, down to the mound where she normally found a fine downy patch of pubic hair. Finding none, a shiver raced up her spine and she pushed on until she made contact with her clitoris, hidden beneath the thin skin of its protective hood. Her fingers, knowing their own way, began to gently rub circles around the sensitive nub, and then glided down her swelling pussy lips. Her arousal began to climb, her lust usurping conscious thought, and her fingers found a pattern in their dance that would bring her higher and higher. Finally she could no longer concentrate on the carnal splendor so professionally detailed by the author and laid her head back, closing her eyes.

A sigh escaped her lips as her fingers did their work. They teased her needy pussy, pulling her lips apart, slipping inside, then circling her clit again. They kept her on the edge, but never quite letting her reach her peak. Janet reveled in the self inflicted torture. Pussy juice flowed freely from her sex, bathing her loving fingers and dripping down the crack of her ass. Her skin flushed and a light sheen of sweat coated her heaving tits, beginning to darken the fabric of her teddy. Just as she was about to reach her climax, a noise at the front door startled her from her blissful trance. Janet held her breath and stilled her fingers, straining to listen. The noise came again. It sounded like something scratching.

Janet’s mind, gripped in curiosity, focused on the door. Her arousal crashed, her lust temporarily forgotten. She stood and walked to the door, her thighs slipping past one another with the ease of well oiled skin, her tits swaying slightly in time with her stride. Standing on tip-toes, Janet peered out the window in the door, trying to see who was there. She scanned left and right, but saw nobody. Even leaning over the glance through the picture window, nobody was visible. Again she heard the noise. Standing so close to the door, she could tell it was coming from down low. Feeling perfectly safe in our quiet neighborhood and having seen nobody through the windows, she unlocked and partially opened the door. On the other side of the door, tail wagging frantically, stood a beautiful German Sheppard.

As soon Janet saw him, she opened the door to greet the dog. Immediately, she assumed him lost and her heart went out to him. She reached out to introduce herself, letting the dog sniff her hand. Janet unknowingly reached out with the hand that had been so masterfully playing her pussy just moments before. The Sheppard sniffed, then took a friendly lick at her fingers, and much to Janet’s surprise, ran inside the house. Amused, Janet shut the door and began to chase after the exploring dog. It took the dog about 5 seconds to find the master bedroom, where Janet found him sitting happily on the bed, tail wagging. She laughed to herself and eased up onto the bed, reaching for his collar.

Fending off the dog’s kisses, she giggled and rotated the collar around until she could read the tag. It said “Ladies’ Luck”. While she contemplated the inscription, Lucky swiped his tongue across her covered left breast. She gasped when he pushed his nose into her yielding tit flesh and lost her balance, then fell over backwards on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. With her limbs all spread akimbo, her still soaked pussy was now pulsing in plain view of her visitor. Before she could recover, Janet felt the dog’s tongue swipe along the full length of her ripe sex.

Stunned, she could only lay there through three more licks, before she finally came to her senses. She lifted her head and saw two beautiful brown eyes staring into her own. Lucky licked her pussy again. Janet wanted to push the dog away and close her legs, but she couldn’t. It felt too good. The lust that disappeared when she first heard the noise at the door returned with a vengeance, and her arousal skyrocketed. With each lick, her pussy would contract and squeeze out more of her lubricating honey, and her will would crumble further. Lucky had no interest in stopping as long as she kept rewarding him with her delicious juices. “I can’t believe how good this feels,” she thought. As Lucky worked his magical tongue along her slit, from puckered asshole to her hooded, swollen clitoris, Janet trembled and unconsciously spread her legs further to allow him better access. As she built toward her first orgasm of the day, all she could say was “What a tongue!”

“Ohhhh, Ahhhh, LICK ME!” Janet’s orgasm smashed over her, searing through her throbbing pussy up her clenching abs, over her bouncing tits, and on until she saw stars behind her eyes. Her legs too were caught in the blast, kicking up and out, ending with toes curled sharply over. Her whole body convulsed again and again until her thrashing finally loosed the dog from the source of his treat. Only when Lucky’s tongue left her pussy was Janet finally able to come down from that spectacular high. She had never come so hard in her life. Her legs fell limply to the bed, her eyelids closed, and she slipped into a blissful sleep.

About fifteen minutes later, Janet awoke to the feeling of a cold, damp nose in her armpit. Immediately a smile graced her lips and her eyes fluttered open. Her neck was stiff from hanging off the bed; it took great effort to lift her head and then pull herself into a sitting position. Lucky licked her face, then her neck, then her face again. Laughing, she reached out and hugged the dog to her. “Thank you,” she whispered into his ear. She clung to the dog, eyes closed again, breathing slowly in and out. Just as she released her hold on the Sheppard, something hot and wet brushed her leg. Without thinking, she reached down to find out what it was. Her hand brushed the object and she encircled it with her fingers.

She felt it pulse in her grip. Leaning back just enough so she could get a clear view, her eyes took in Lucky’s massive red cock. It’s tip was oozing precum onto her upturned wrist. Mesmerized by his tool, she began to gently stroke the living dildo. Janet couldn’t believe that she was doing this. It seemed like just a few nights ago that her husband had told her of his fantasy. After reading so many stories about women and their dogs, he had wanted to see it happen. And now, here she was, stroking the cock of a dog that had just given her the most intense climax ever, thinking about all the things she could do with his super heated man meat. While her imagination ran wild, Lucky began getting impatient. He had a raging hardon, being caressed by his new friend, and he instinctively new he needed to mate.

Much like he had before, he gave Janet a push. Only this time, she went down sideways. Giggling again, she struggled to get up, getting her knees under her, thinking she would crawl off the bed before things got really out of hand. That was all the opening, so to speak, that Lucky needed. Janet’s upturned ass put her pussy on display again, presenting Lucky with the perfect target. Before she could move even part way across the bed, she felt the weight of the dog press her down. Her arms collapsed and her face hit the blankets as she felt Lucky’s front legs grip her mid section and pull on her flared hips. Janet didn’t even have time to struggle before she felt the tip of Lucky’s engorged phallus begin poking around her nether region.

He was remarkably well aimed and found the mark after only three near misses. Feeling the heat of her horny pussy envelope the tip of his cock, Lucky gave a mighty push, and slid his entire length into her welcoming depths. Lucky paused then, dancing his hind legs around to gain better purchase, and Janet braced herself for the coming onslaught. Once his prick was firmly lodged inside her delirious cunt, she had not a single thought of escape. Instead, she allowed her lust to consume her, giving herself over to her most carnal cravings. Now settled, Lucky began to fuck in and out of Janet’s dripping pussy. Faster and faster he pounded her with his huge cock, pushing her to ever greater heights. A low, long moan escaped her lips, punctuated by the jolting rhythm of her lover’s rapid fire cock hammer.

The moan broke into a scream, “Ahhh, AHHH, OH FUCK ME!” Without warning, another powerful orgasm ripped through her. Janet’s pussy clamped down on the rampaging cock it possessed, as if willing it to stay forever. One after another, her climaxes came and went, until time slipped from her mind entirely, and she ascended to a new plain of sexual bliss. Her eyes closed, and she was gone. Lucky’s new bitch remained unconscious for several minutes. She never felt the knot as it began to swell. Nor did she stir as Lucky’s pace faltered, making the tie complete. Her body was running on autopilot, still cumming, but not at the same fever pitch.

It wasn’t until Lucky began to flood her needy pussy with his doggy seed that Janet came to again. Exhausted, the newly indoctrinated doggy slut could only lie there, riding out pussy tremors, until Lucky was finally spent. Finally, his knot shrank enough for him to pull free of her well fucked pussy. Janet collapsed on the bed and with Lucky’s spunk forming a puddle on the comforter, drifted off to sleep once again. Just before noon, she awoke to the sound of the phone. “Hello?” she croaked into the handset. “Hi Honey,” replied her husband. “Just calling to see how your day is going.” “Just great!” she said, smiling. “We have a new dog…” She glanced over her shoulder at Lucky. “And he is so well trained.”

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    I would love to have seen that..

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    Geiler fick

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    I hope the daughter gets to join the fun!

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    Prachtig verhaal.

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    wish i had a wife like her .

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