ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


Those of us who admire the lovely Pet Lady can all agree, that Pet Ladies are great 🙂 And when we can’t chat with, or hang out with a Pet Lady – and when sitting there thinking about Pet Ladies isn’t quite Pet Lady enough – what better way to admire and appreciate the things those Pet Ladies do, than with a nice pet movie.

We love the real Pet Ladies, because no Lady can give herself to a dog quite like a real Pet Lady can. There is a special bond that goes beyond the purely mechanical and sexual. Sex is important of course, but with a real Pet Girl there are other emotions at play. Intimacy, love, tenderness, even spiritual feelings. It’s those added layers and significance, the emotional investment in the act, that makes those real Pet Girls so very magical at making love to pets. And it is love.

Sometimes we love the raw power and virility of a pet movie, or seeing a Pet Girl really expressing herself. Sometimes though, there is a detail here and there in a movie, that makes the movie quite special, even if it’s not a great movie technically speaking. Sex isn’t always all about pounding vaginas, as we know. Sometimes, a little subtle detail can spark the imagination in just the right way.

I’ve picked out a handful of scenes and moments from movies, that show the tender side to pet love. Sorry it’s a bit BFI heavy Gang, I’ve kinda misplaced a big chunk of my movie collection. I’ll perhaps do a part 2 when I track down my missing files.



ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


This movie takes me back, it was on one of the first pet VHS tapes I ever bought. From our friends at BFI. In this movie, an attractive French (I imagine, given the title) Lady is romantically attired, and ready for an amorous encounter with a large German Shepherd. Her love is observed by 2 gents, but she seems oblivious to those guys, she has other things on her mind…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


She sensuously caresses her partner and kisses him deeply. There is a lovely moment where the Lady has slipped off her underwear, and offers them to the dog. Her feminine scent, her most intimate garment; in that moment it’s like she is offering a part of herself to him. It’s all for him…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


The couple – both suitably aroused – kiss some more, and their love is finally consummated in the only way it could be…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


It’s the briefest of mounts – the rest is sucking dildog stuff which is fine – but it’s those few early romantic moments that make the movie special.



ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


This obscure little number is actually on my Top 10 all time faves. Again from our friends at BFI – the movie itself, is actually terrible 😉 The lingerie they’ve given the Lady, doesn’t fit her too well. The sound is fucked, the edit is all over the place. Nobody is giving this Lady much direction, and boy was that an opportunity lost.

This Lady was (maybe still is) a dancer. You can tell, she moves like a dancer, she has a dancers strong legs. She is quite green about dog mating, this might be her first, maybe second time trying. But, being a dancer – what she lacks in dog experience, she makes up for in self-expression. Because of course, sexy dancing, and sexy dog sex positions, are not worlds apart.


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


Hector hits his mark, the mating begins, and nature starts to take over. The Lady is pleasantly surprised. She’s liking that she has gotten the hang of it. That doggy cock flying in and out of her sex, doesn’t seem to be unpleasant either. Neither does his tongue. She is arching her back, and pressing her pussy into Hectors face. The chemistry between the Lady and dog, is quite evident…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


We can tell this new experience has moved her. The powerful thrusts seem to spark an emotional connection with the big hound (I have a theory that a Lady loves you as strongly as you make her climax – but it is just a theory) 😉

She cradles his head between her hands for a moment, as you might with a lover and not some random fuck. Yes the movie is not great, yes she is performing. But you can quite clearly see the dog love is working it’s magic on the Lady. Plus she is kinda cute, so that isn’t getting in the way either.



ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


I don’t know anything about this movie, who they are or where they come from. Again, generally not a great movie, despite being a great looking Lady, and a big horny dog, she doesn’t quite manage to make the proper mounting happen.


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


What is nice about this movie, is the intro. We often see ‘after session’ scenes with Ladies taking a shower. In this movie, we see the Lady taking the shower before – grooming and preparing herself for her k9 lover. It’s the buildup to giving herself to the dog, and she is taking this quite seriously…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


She does her hair, and makeup, puts on some seductive lingerie, and the couple canoodle on the bed. It’s kinda sexy to see a Lady’s intimate doggy courtship routine, and dressing up romantically for her pet. Us Pet Guys do love a Pet Lady who takes her art seriously…



ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


A couple quick ones – I’ve already written a bit about Linda Lovelace here. Now, despite Linda allegedly being at gunpoint during these shoots – the Lady still manages to break out non-stop smiles, some first-rate dog skills AND a few very intimate moments where the couple are hugging and kissing. There was no gun there, man. Just plenty of red rocket and 1 naughty Lady who clearly had a soft spot for doggies.


I always wanted to do a Dogorama remake with Cupstar, she would have made a great Linda, Goddam it!



ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


Another BFI number, with the awesome Spot. The dog that goes and just keeps on going! This movie is intimate in a different way. This time, it’s the intimate play between a loving couple and their pet. I’ve known Pet Ladies be quite moved at this particular scene, because it’s a nice example of how a Pet Couple should be. Loving, tender, and very dog-sexy.


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


This Lady is in a bunch of movies with Spot. So maybe she is an actress, or maybe it actually is her dog, I guess we will never know. But the couple are kissing and caressing each other as Rover enjoys the Ladys sweet sex. The session has a nice intimate vibe to it, and the Lady knows what she is doing too. So does the doggy, that boy is a Trooper.




Finally, Andi. Andi was a very special Pet Lady for many of us and really deserves a post all her own. Another BFI Model, Andi was a real Pet Girl. She got into it as a young teenager, so she knew what she was doing. She even had the famous Andi wolf tattoo on her arm.

Now, I stipulate ‘EARLY Andi’, because as the dog movie and live show conveyor belt kicked in, she was churning out movies left and right and somewhere along the way she lost a bit of soul in her work, sadly. Those few early movies though, wow. Lust for Animals 23 I believe was her first professional dog sex, during which she brings everything she’s learned since she was a teenager. And that movie has some magical moments.


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


This story is really a love story. Andi’s admiration for the big young Hector is quite tangible. She’s gazing into his eyes, stroking and caressing him like a lover – Andi was very knowing for her age, but there was still an innocent purity to her passion…


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


She undresses seductively for Hector, slides his cock from his sheath, and gazes longingly at it. Breathing on him, brushing him with her lips, almost like she is trying to inhale his virile doggy energy. While other Models of her timeframe were groaning and dildogging robotically – Andi was doing something quite different in this movie.

Then, to top it off, she sits her lover down on the sofa, dives between his legs and gives him the most sensual little suckle on his rocket tip. It’s a very intimate scene between the lovers and definitely my favourite Andi movie.


ArtOfZoo - Intimate Moments in Animal Sex Movies


Some lovely affectionate pet love moments there, that stuff gets my heart-rate up, how about you folks? If you have any other nominations for favourite intimate moments in pet movies, please drop a comment down below thanks 🙂

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  1. bestofbeast 2 weeks ago

    Andi did it for me been hooked ever since!!

  2. thefluffiest 1 month ago

    I got hooked by that movie of the blonde seemingly American girl/woman and her german shepherd, starting out on the beach. It’s been floating around on the internet for ages and has a date prominently marked on it, setting it in 1994. When she gets him to mount her missionary on the bed, there is such tenderness, mutual need and then the wave to the camera-person to come in closer, to allow us to share just a tiny bit of the passion,as she had motioned the cameraperson to move away earlier. The fluffies here love hear her saying or rather panting hoarsely, slightly out of beath, that the GSD is a Good Boy :p

  3. c01k 4 months ago

    Poor quality of pics!
    I use to give a french kiss to dog while he knot me, not easy as it’s mainly done in dodgy

  4. tangyulu 5 months ago


  5. xiangni 6 months ago


  6. monicaanne 7 months ago

    Thank you for putting this together! I know that first movie very well. That was not the first pet lady movie I saw, but it was definitely the one that made me realize how lovely a more heart-felt movie can be. I love her white lingerie throughout the movie and I love that she is performing for an audience as well. This is a really great list of some great movies!

  7. fiorentini 7 months ago

    Who is the girl on the post photo with glasses ?

  8. curiouscd 7 months ago

    For me, it will always be Vixen in her prime. The way she obviously loved what she was doing, and how she lovingly, and playfully interacted with her lovers. Flirting with them and giggling. as she teased them to a sexual frenzy. Gently sweet talking to them before they got it on. Then passionately giving herself, moaning and getting totally into it with no inhibitions.

    And how she lovingly caressed a cock to explosion with her mouth. Not just quickly sucking him off to get it over with, but slowly and purposefully stimulating him, as to savor the entire experience, and make it last. Cooing at her mate, and using that sexy bedroom voice on him. And acting as if this is her favorite thing in the world to do.

    You knew she genuinely cared for, and loved her mates. And was happy to make them feel good. And valuing every drop of dog sperm, as a priceless and sacred substance. That must never be wasted, and must always find itself in its proper place, deep within her. Even if she has to lick it up off the floor or the mattress. Such as in Trip to Tie III! That for me is what being a Pet Girl is all about!

    Say what you will about whatever went down with you all, but those movies speak for themselves. They totally changed how I saw Pet Love and zoo movies in general. Totally raised the bar. The ultra professional filming helped as well!

    I always try to capture that pure feeling in all of my writings and other works. Such as my latest one, “My Tasty Desire.” I try to get into that loving zone. Where my lover’s needs are the most important thing. Well, that and my hot sticky reward!

  9. m0rgan 7 months ago

    strayx in sugardane! badly filmed (should have had 4 cameras at least) for me is just one of the most intimate and horny blowjob scenes ever, and i cant imagine it will ever be topped! with all the greatest noises and glances at camera it is just fabulous.

    • Author
      adam 7 months ago

      4 cameras man? I had one $200 Sony handicam back then 😉

      • bradw 7 months ago

        What year was that?

        • Author
          adam 7 months ago

          What year was what man?

          • bradw 7 months ago

            The year of the sugar dane shoot with the 200 buck camera wondered about the quality.

      • m0rgan 7 months ago

        indeed! an opportunity missed. but you were a very lucky boy to have been there! regards and best wishes to you. if you are ever in berkshire i will buy you a drink.

        • Author
          adam 7 months ago

          I wasn’t there on any of these shoots man 🙂 I had barely been born in some cases.

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