ArtOfZoo - Interview with Pet Girl Epsi

Hi, I’m Epsi. That’s short for Epsilon. My Master and I have chosen this name together, partly because it’s related to my first name.

Please tell us a little about yourself?
I like different kinds of music, books and movies. I like to read more romantic stories as well as those with hardcore sex in them. From time to I like to read a crime thriller. I like war movies and when I want to relax, I like to watch comedy! My taste in music is a little more complicated: To what I like to listen depends on my mood. I really like the band Muse. And I can sing every song by Charles Aznavour by heart.

My Master and I have a common outlook on life; we are really family-centred. We like pleasure and freedom. We are equally ecology-minded and concerned about our environment.

How long have you been interested in dog sex?
It all began at the end of 2011.What’s a bit strange is that I didn’t think about that before this date. For me sexual relations between dogs and women just were one kind of torture method used in war. I mean I wasn’t really curious about it. Then one day I found a picture from a movie on the net and I shyly asked my Master about it (he wasn’t my Master at this time). What I didn’t know was that he was interested in this life style. That is when we began to practice different kinds of sex. It was more fun, more intense and more diversified.

ArtOfZoo - Epsi Dog Girl

How many times have you enjoyed animalsex?
I have had three real encounters with dog cock and a lot of sexy playtime.

Would you say that animal sex makes up a big part of who you are, or are you a more casual petlover?
For a time it was part of my daily routine and very important to me. Nowadays I am a mother and have less time to think about naughty things. But I am still my master’s dirty little bitch deep inside.

ArtOfZoo - Epsi Dog Girl

How do you rate your doggysex skills?
I’m absolutely not a « pro ». I act according to my desires and have no particular method.

Did anything ever go wrong when you were loving pets?
Never. It was always fun for everybody involved!

ArtOfZoo - Epsi Dog Girl

Please describe how it makes you feel?
I think it’s mainly emotional because it’s transboundary. I forget that I am supposed to be this civilized human being society wants me to be and let go of my boundaries. For a moment there is only our animal side and it does feel good to not have restrictions.

And then it is something I share with my Master. A really intimate experience between us two, or well us three. I have to admit, physically it’s very different to sex with a man. Not better, but I have discovered some new feelings.

What part of dog sex do you enjoy the most?
My Master watching me getting fucked.

ArtOfZoo Epsi Dog Girl

Did your animal sex experiences change you or your life in any way?
It set me free in a way, and I think I’m more open-minded.

How important do you think it is, to be honest with your partner about your petlove interests?
I think if something like this is kept a secret you will only be ashamed about it. And I don’t like secrets in marriage. Communication is fundamentally important.
I never try things on my own in dogsex. It’s something we do together.

Do you think that animal sex has enhanced the relationship between you and your partner?
It brought some new attraction to it. But our relationship was already great before it.

ArtOfZoo Epsi Dog Girl

What affect would you like your words to have on people?
Maybe my words can help some of them to let go of the boundaries society made for them and live up to their desires.

If you had one thing to tell other ladies who are considering doggy sex, what would it be?
It’s only pleasure. But watch out for those claws !!!

ArtOfZoo - Epsi Dog Girl

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  1. mouloudji 7 months ago

    j’aimerai bien voir un scène de Espi.

  2. julia1988525 7 months ago

    Как это знакомо ))

  3. gzero 8 months ago

    What a beautiful girl, I already fell in love with her. When are her movies coming out?

    • fredofen 7 months ago

      I agree and fell in love with her already as well. Can’t wait to watch her in action her only downfall for me would be the mask but that smoking hott bod makes up for it. She’s a wife i would love to have forever.

  4. mendozagui 8 months ago

    Voa experiência

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