ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Interview with DogsLucy

Hi, what’s your name?

Please tell us a little about yourself. What music you like, what movies, books – what is your outlook on life?
I love the salsa music, reggeaton, mmm the latin music :), I love the Conde de Montecristo Movie, and Principito book, my outlook on life mmmm be happiest with new experiences.

How long have you been interested in dog sex?
One day I was checking my Facebook, and I saw a news of Cupcake and mentioned that she had had sex with her dog and I wanted to see the video, and something happened at that moment and I wanted to continue seeing more.

DogsLucy Animal Sex Interview

Would you say that animal sex makes up a big part of who you are, or are you a more casual petlover?
I am a girl who likes to experience the things that life offers, and this is a great opportunity to continue enjoying and experiencing.

How do you rate your dog sex skills?
6 🙂

Did anything ever go wrong when you were loving pets?
The first time we did it I had a lot of scratches on my legs and they hurt for a week.

DogsLucy Dog Sex Interview

Please describe how dog sex makes you feel.
The happiest woman 🙂

What part of dog sex do you enjoy the most?
I like the knotting.

What is your favourite animal sex story?
After watching so many Cupcake videos, and some videos mounted on pages, I decided to experiment. I arrived at my aunt’s house, and they have a Creole dog, I decided to take a walk and that night stay at my aunt’s house, after that, in that house they have the habit of sleeping with the pets so I decided to sleep with him, and I started to caress him, at first it was difficult, I think it took about two hours before I decided to do it with him, but when I decided, I was very afraid, and more when he was already inside me, I thought our relationship would last about 15 minutes, but they really were like 2 minutes, but those two minutes were enough, to decide that I had to do it again.

What is your favorite animal sex fantasy?
One time I thought to do it with a Gorilla, but they have a little penis so maybe not hahahaha.

After your first time, how quickly did you do it again?
I did it the very next day again!

Does your partner share your interest in animal sex?
Yes he does.

DogsLucy Dog Sex Woman

Do you think that animal sex has enhanced the relationship between you and your partner?
Yes it has made our relationship stronger.

How important do you think it is, to be honest with your partner about your petlove interests?
It is very important that there are no secrets and that trust is stronger every time.

Many people will read about your petlove lifestyle. How does that make you feel?
A little shy, but it’s nice to know that this community is growing more and more.

If you had one thing to tell other ladies who are considering doggy sex, what would it be?
It can be a difficult step, but when you give in it, you will never regret it. You must be clear about your sexual orientation in your mind, or your life will not change at all. Dog sex is a way of life and it is a way to enjoy life.

Anything you want to say to the readers?
Thanks to all the people that read me and join my group, for me it is a pride to have so many followers.

DogsLucy Dog Sex Knotting

Lucy’s sexy Latin vagina is a good fit for a nice dog knot…

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  1. DiegodelaVegas 9 months ago

    bravo à vous formidable merci de voir d autres vidéos

  2. 4dimplebutts 12 months ago

    It would be easy to fall in Love with you. Your profile is Awesome. Love Monte Cristo too. Have a Great Year!!

  3. bestofbeast 12 months ago

    Que hermoso!!!

  4. harrold 1 year ago

    Hallo to you.

  5. throatgagger 2 years ago

    muchas graciax por su consagracion!

  6. thalius 2 years ago

    Vaya debe ser una vida llena de emociones, sobre todo el anudamiendo que te debe volver loca ¿verdad?

  7. daleypone 2 years ago

    hermosa vagina y trasero

  8. jam1972 2 years ago

    Hallo Lucy you looks awsome hun and welcome to Dog lover, i hop i can see soon clip of you

  9. DanPalm 2 years ago

    You are beautiful inside and out I can see. No need to be shy. Your man is very lucky to have you! I’m sure you two are really nice and make the doggies feel really good and happy.

  10. ohgent01 2 years ago

    What a great attitude and ife style. Your first time must have been very exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  11. brabbit512 3 years ago

    Awesome interview. I have been into this for a while, but she happened to get into it recently, after viewing guess which video…yep…one of Cupcakes! Nice interview again

  12. rong 3 years ago


  13. 3 years ago

    Your so hot

  14. Author
    Dogslucy 3 years ago

    THX everyone One 🙂

  15. Kaunas1947 3 years ago

    Mais vídeos e fotos por favor,vc é perfeita!

  16. rocksex 3 years ago

    Me Muero Por Ver Tu Videos…. Amor Lucy

  17. Alme1425 3 years ago

    divertida, sencilla, eres grande Lucy

  18. cptnthunder 3 years ago

    Your awesome, I really want to see your movies.

  19. ArtOFZooBiggestFan 3 years ago

    I am happy to have a beautiful new Latina to join the world of pet love. I can’t wait to see your movies?

  20. Juarezr 3 years ago

    I really want to see this movie

  21. DarkCat4u 3 years ago

    ….”Dog sex is a way of life and it is a way to enjoy life”….

    ….nothing to add to that….

  22. 3 years ago

    Buena historia

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