Interview with Bine68 dog sex woman

Please tell us a little about yourself. What music you like, what movies, books – what is your outlook on life?
Pop, Elektro, Techno, The Story of “O”, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Despicable Me, Being happy, with everything positive, that happens in my life

How long have you been interested in dog sex?
I think, it was 2003, when my Husband told me, he would like that and he showed me some Pictures and short Clips

How many times have you enjoyed animal sex?
It must be between 20 and 25 Times

Bine68 dog sex woman

Bine takes a strong mating from one of her 25 K9 lovers…

Would you say that animal sex makes up a big part of who you are, or are you a more casual petlover?
It’s one part of my sex life. There are so much more things I like and do

If you had one ’dog sex brag’, what would it be?
I am good with the pure penetration and the knotting , so I always try to get everything of that. Hubby always says, that he has such a hot wife

How do you rate your doggysex skills?
I am not inexperienced, but also far away from being very experienced

Do you dress sexily for your dog before sex ?
Sure! I always love to dress sexy, so why not for a dog, who wants to do good things to me?

Bine68 dog sex woman

Bine shows excellent technique, the knot locking the dog penis in her vagina…

Did anything ever go wrong when you were loving pets?
When I have been new to this, I had a dog, who didn’t know what to do. He scratched my legs, pressed his nose very hard in my pussy and bit in my lips. It only was a pain, nothing else. We ended this after some minutes

Please describe how it makes you feel. Is it only physical? Or emotional?
It´s more, than only sex. It’s the knowing, that this is not human sex. Plus, I love to be used. When a dog mounts me, I get what I love

What part of dog sex do you enjoy the most?
I looove the part of knotting, when he pumps everything he has, deep in me

Bine68 dog sex woman

Another lucky pups shows his approval…

What is your wildest animal sex story?
One time, we went to an Owner from a Rottweiler. After the dog has finished, we went back home. We were about 10 Minutes on our way, when my husband parked the car in the fields, came around, to my side and licked the dogs cum out of my pussy. He got me out of the car and took me from behind. He came immediately deep inside me. That was sooo hot

What is your favorite animal sex fantasy? Is there anything you would very much like to do?
I am in a room, and one after the other dog comes in, and takes me as his bitch. When dog three has finished, I realize, that I am on a stage and many people see, what I do. My fantasy says, I would do that for hours. But…really fantasy? Or better …..wish?

Please tell us a little about your first time. How did it happen?
We got an invite to a Dog-Party. I wanted this so much, but I also have been afraid much more. We went to the party. The hours went by and at least there was one dog, and me and the question…yes or no. I did it…but it was not very nice. I haven’t really been ready for this

How quickly did you do it again?
I think, I took the next invitation, 4 Weeks later and it was much better now

Did the experience change you or your life in any way?
Over the months, the Experience got better and now I try more often new things, even they don’ work good the first time

Dog sex woman Bine68

Naughty Bine is all kinds of kinky…

Does your partner share your interest in animal sex?
Yes, he really does. He was the guy who got me into this

Do you think that animal sex has enhanced the relationship between you and your partner?
Absolutely! Our horizon is much bigger now

How important do you think it is, to be honest with your partner about your petlove interests?
It’s very important and we always talk about new things, even they sound funny or impossible

Dog sex woman Bine68

Bine willingly accepts another load of fresh dog sperm…

Many people will read about your petlove lifestyle. How does that make you feel?
I am proud, that I can do this and I feel very good. And maybe a little bit excited

What affect would you like your words to have on people?
They should accept, that people have sex with dogs. It’s not normal for all the vanilla people out there, but it’s pretty nice for me

If you had one thing to tell other ladies who are considering doggy sex, what would it be?
Ladies…try it out. Do it, if it is possible. It’s so hot, what can you lose?

Anything you want to say to the readers?
I want to thank all People, who like my pictures and the story I have uploaded. I also want to say “Thank you” to all, who follow me and leave a comment

Dog sex woman Bine68

The mark of dog dedication…

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  1. k9cumdrunk 5 days ago

    Her husband did the right thing, lick her clean and cum inside her!

  2. 000q 6 days ago

    Nice, very nice interview 🙂

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  4. mirror9 2 weeks ago

    Gratamente sorprendido por los relatos, soy nuevo,excelente entrevista a una persona sin prejuicios

  5. lubyrose 2 weeks ago

    Very nice .. thanx for sharing xx

  6. mikejade1 2 weeks ago

    So nice…

  7. mrknotts102917 3 weeks ago

    @bine68 You are beautiful and your husband is a lucky sob.. I’d love to date a woman who shares this fetish.

  8. robert 3 weeks ago

    Great pics and interview! Seems more interest in Europe compared to North America.

  9. kingkris317 3 weeks ago

    That’s so intriguing, just being a solid, durable woman. You bless the community with interviews that are worth every second, i cant wait till further members stroll along🤙

  10. beddog 4 weeks ago

    yes very revealing, am very interested in how it gets its start, the more you read the more informed you are , thanks

  11. Author
    bine68 4 weeks ago

    Thanks a lot to @lucienom, for this Interview

    Thanks to you, @rob1994, for your Comment. I think, he is 😉

  12. rob1994 4 weeks ago

    Great interview, your husband is a very lucky man.

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