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So. After some years, someone from outside has finally found the nouse to step up and ask questions. And point fingers. I’ll let you all be the judge of that, in the comments here, and here.

Some while ago, a Member said they might like to have an interview with me. Shining the spotlight on me is not the aim generally. But, if you are interested, then I’ll make time.

There have been lots of stories, rumors and nonsense talked about me and co. over the years. I believe they call them ‘haters‘, it seems to be a common thing. You don’t set out, to make a big old target of yourself, the focus of all bullets, with a view to having no haters. I’d hope a child could understand that. Of course people are gonna hate me. I’m rattling the cages. And I’ll keep rattling until they put me down. And when they do, I trust the people I have put around me, to carry on our message. That future is yours, so I’ll leave that up to you.

In the meantime, questions. You have questions? Let’s have them. I’m not Kanye or Iron Man, I’m not going to do a preset interview. Ask me what you want. Don’t be an asshole if possible. If you have problems, grudges, issues – if you want to know what food I eat, I dunno it’s your fucken interview eh 🙂 So. As the world changes around our ears, now is as good a time as any to build, rebuild, or delineate bridges. Haters allowed. Anything. Ask away, in the comments below. Shoot.

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  1. bobby143 2 weeks ago

    Hi Adam this is Bobby, one of your old fans. I want to know more about stray x and want yo know about the insperation and feelings behind the movie with 8 dogs.what you did how you make all arrangements and specially how stray x manage to fuck the dogs one after one.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      Hi Bobby, sure – we were traveling across Asia at the time and getting ready to return to Europe, this time to Portugal. One of Stray’s fans / friends she used to chat with on the Zooskool site, was a wealthy Italian guy. He invited us to Italy, where he had a kennel of dogs where he would take Ladies for fun and games. For that visit I got a new camera especially, and we had that outfit made for Stray, the fur bikini and the pawprint long coat.

      So we stopped over in Italy on the way through to Portugal. We had no idea what to expect, we ended up in a small guest house up some remote mountain near Tirol. We were there about a week, but the guy who invited us was not around, and the guy taking care of the kennel was quite flaky he wouldn’t turn up, leaving us in the guest house with no TV, no internet, no nothing. So, when he DID turn up and we got to shoot something, we aimed to get as much shooting into a day as possible. One dog would finish, he would bring in another. And another. And another. That was an action packed day, I was exhausted from up and down and crawling around on the floor with the camera. Stray was exhausted, black and blue, and scratched from all the dogs. Out of the week we were there I think we only shot 3 days. One was the busy day. Once, the Italian guy did turn up, but was having some personal crisis so we did not do much shooting that day. On the last day, I’d made a wooden bondage frame in Asia and shipped it over and we were going to do a kinda doggy bondage / rape themed movie. Sadly the frame broke so that movie never got finished or released.

      When it was all finally, and thankfully over, we had 1 solid day of shooting, one fucked shoot, and some extra bits from the other day. When we got to Portugal I stuck it in the editing software – it was way too much material for 1 movie. One of the regular bullshit stories you hear from fake people, is ‘Oh I went and fucked 5 dogs / 10 dogs’ etc. But you never saw anything close to that. I thought it would be interesting to put it out as a non-stop doggy gangbang movie, in several parts. The bondage part never been seen. Maybe one day Stray might need a new laptop or something and maybe she will let me release that 😉

      How Stray managed? Well, she is Stray after all 🙂

      Some trivia – we found out after that all the dogs in the movie were not their dogs. They were dogs from people in the town who had kenneled them while they were on holiday or whatever. The guy in charge of the kennel got busted for hassling prostitutes, all this came out – there was a big local scandal. We were in the papers there 🙂 And, Italian Rolling Stone magazine wanted to interview us, but we unfortunately did not have time.

      Other trivia – this all happened about 2 mins after 9-11. Airports were in high security. We were traveling with all our earthly possessions in several suitcases and hand luggage, as we generally do. I had packed my cases in a hurry and forgotten I had a live tazer in my hand luggage. And they found it and pulled me up. Trying to get on a plane, in Milan airport, with a tazer, right after 9-11. Plus, a big old video camera, and a big old crate of dog porn master tapes from the shoots. I was sweating. Luckily, when they checked to see if the tazer was charged they didn’t switch it on, at the bottom. So they thought it was empty, and let us slide through. Was quite relieved about that.

      • After1 2 weeks ago

        Thank you for sharing the history. Interesting! Adam is King! I would like to learn more about summer too if possible. What was her best shoot in your opinion?

        • Author
          Adam 2 weeks ago

          I only attended Summer’s first shoot so I could not really tell you 🙂

  2. Georgemay 1 month ago

    Hello Adam, two questions. What happened to the DogsLucy member? She just disappeared. It seemed to have a future. And how to find petladys near me. Would you have any advice?

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Hi George – well, in all these years I have lost count of how many Ladies with great potential who have come and gone. Sometimes life kicks in, maybe they meet someone who ain’t into it and want to keep their pet interests under wraps. Many of those Ladies (and guys) reappear again later when their vanilla relationship ends. Some Ladies come on, convinced they will be the next big Pet Star – realize making movies is more than just ‘fucking a dog’, requires a little effort (not much, but a bit) – don’t want to make the effort, and give up. Or sell their not-quite-up-to-scratch clips to other less discerning sites. Sometimes the language barrier gets in the way of proper coaching. Some Ladies – even Ladies who never did anything with a pet and have no intention of doing anything – come on just for a bit of attention. Which is fine most people like a bit of attention – but when attention is achieved, drift off looking for attention elsewhere. Some get bored, some get busy, or have kids, or find God, or any of a hundred possible reasons. Lucy was quite active when we launched AoZ2 – then disappeared then reappeared about 2 years later with a couple of clips. Then disappeared again. It happens.

      Re. meeting pet Ladies in your area – it would help if we got our contact system repaired of course, and we will shortly. When it IS working – you don’t really want to be opening yourself up to risks by telling loads of people in your neighborhood what you are into. The ideal situation is to find more Ladies here, who happen to be in your area. The question then is, how do you nudge local Ladies to this site? Like this 🙂

  3. frankthetank22 1 month ago

    Have you lost touch with kerstin and inke?

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Oh yes. Inke retired a long time ago, after Diddel died and people kept recognizing her in the street coz She didn’t wear a mask.

  4. theVoice 1 month ago

    Hi Adam ,,Big ArtOfZoo and Ohknottyknotty fan …i read knotty used to work for you…tell us some stories about her….what was she like …is she still around ? …thanks

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Yes we worked with Knotty for many years, and she even came to Portugal with us when things got a bit hot in USA. I’m sure the Lady is still around somewhere, she is a survivor – maybe not on the pet scene – keep in mind, KK was I guess mid to late 50’s when she was with us, and that was about 10+ years ago. So I hope KK has retired somewhere with a rich gent who likes real Pet Ladies. Coz 1 thing KK was (probably still is) is a balls to bones Pet Lady. She showed me pics of her when she was 16, I think in cheerleader gear – long blonde hair, big boobs, fantastic. That was when she got into pets, and that would have been quite something to see. Obviously, when she hit 18 since those 2 years in between are the difference between me being a perv and not, and naturally I’m not a perv and neither is anyone else here 😉 But yes, blonde big boobs cheerleader KK doing doggies is something to dwell on.

  5. bmwm 2 months ago

    Hey Adam,

    mit 12 Jahren bin ich das erste mal mit Zoo Sex in Kontakt gekommen ich hab am pc was falsches gedrückt und sah ein Video von einer bild hübschen Frau und hinter ihr war ein Hund! Sie war laut und stöhnte und schrie… ich war sofort ergriffen.

    Seit 17 Jahren schon versuche ich Kontakt zu Gleichgesinnten zu finden um wenigstens mit ihnen reden zu können Leute zu finden die einen verstehen.

    Mit denn Jahren wird das Verlangen ein petgirl kennenzulernen immer großer es nimmt dir jeden Gedanken!

    Es ist anstrengend und frustrierend immer auf der Suche zu sein und nix zu finden 🙁

    Liebe Grüße

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Hey BMWM 🙂 Mann, wenn die Liebe bereit ist, dich zu finden, wird sie dich finden. Es ist nicht nur die Haustierarena. In jeder Arena. Es gibt viele einsame Menschen auf der Welt. Früher hatten wir Gemeinschaften – Menschen versammelten sich zu Veranstaltungen wie Tänzen und Kochfestivals. Wenn Sie zu Ihren Leuten gehören, fühlen Sie sich nicht so allein. Das Problem mit Gemeinschaften ist, dass sie mächtig werden können. Die Behörden mögen sie also nicht. Im 20. Jahrhundert begannen die Behörden, unseren natürlichen Instinkt zu untergraben, sich zu versammeln. Selbst wenn Sie schüchtern sind – in jeder Gruppe gibt es diese eine Person, die sich um die Schüchternen kümmert. Es wird immer Leute geben, die nicht dazu passen – also gehen sie normalerweise los und gründen ihren eigenen Stamm. Ihr eigener Weg. Insekten machen es genauso. Leider Mann, Sie leben in einer Zeit, in der es für die Behörden am besten ist, dass Sie allein und verängstigt sind. Denn dann werden sich die meisten verängstigten Menschen auf die Behörden verlassen. Dies gibt ihnen Kraft. Aber keine Angst. “Sei nicht böse, räche dich!” 🙂 Also, was wirst du tun? Sitzen und warten? Du kannst ewig warten. Oder etwas tun? Das erste, offensichtlichste, was Sie tun können, ist, einen guten Hund zu bekommen. Denn wenn du eine nette Dame suchst, die Hunde mag, ist es besser, dass DU die Blume bist, dann ist SIE die Biene 😉 Aber ich werde versuchen, bald auch ein paar Dating-Lektionen zu machen. Es wird helfen.

  6. frankthetank22 2 months ago

    For every girl who is an exhibitionist and goes on camera how many have you encountered (ball park percentage wise) who contact you wanting to have sex with a dog but on a strictly unrecorded basis. Thanks

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Mr. Tank – there are Ladies, other than those Ladies who contact me, who have no problem with it, are curious about it, or keen to desperate to try it. 🙂 I’ve known… a few Ladies in my time. Out of – say, a sample of 300 Ladies, only 1 springs to mind, who actually had a problem with it. I’ll grant ya, the kind of Lady interested in me, is not a churchgoing Lady. Even so, I stick to my usual statistic, that at any given time – 2% of people will agree with a perspective. 2% will feel oppositely. and 96% of people, will believe the last thing they hear. The Kinsey statistic of 3% of Ladies, is wildly inaccurate. For any number of reasons. Ladies, like all of us, will say 1 thing publicly, and believe something entirely different in their hearts. It’s not lies, it’s just common sense. To answer your original question, about how many Ladies have contacted me wanting to try it – fuck me, I couldn’t possibly remember. But, a few yes 😉

  7. 2 months ago

    Hey Adam
    What ever happened to cupcake? Will she ever be back?
    She was the first I ever seen and got me into it

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Hehe, the eternal CupStar. “Hope is like the Sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night.” – Leia Organa. Cups is just fine. The Eternal splinter in my ass, and Eternal throb elsewise. The Lady will return when She is good and ready don’t worry 😉

  8. LadyX 2 months ago

    Will there be events like Las Vegas gala 2020 but maybe could take place in UK or other locations in the near future?.

  9. NLeung 3 months ago

    I want to say thank you for continuing the community. I remember the early ZooSkool days from the early to mid 2000s and my first purchase were the WolfTeen videos. I hope that young lady is doing well. Mostly, I’ve been in the background and watching. Enjoyed reading the posts from all the contributing members. Also, making video purchases whenever I can. What are your future plans? I’ve been following Xanadu and it looks really promising. Any chances of recruiting models from the states?

    Once again thank you for everything.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Hey NL – hehe WolfTeen. The Genesis 🙂 The Lady does still pop in now and then.

      The States? Ask the States, Man 😉 I have a feeling, the rusty ‘Tin Man’ of US Pet Production will start easing up, with those first few squirts of Vegas oil…

  10. audiopet 3 months ago

    Are there any moments in life that made who you are today or set you on this path to AOZ?
    What is your most happy memory that puts a smile on your face when things seem rough from AOZ?
    What is the most down experience you had over the years up to AOZ?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Uh, every experience, every choice in life, leads us to be who we are in the present. For me – an almost fatal upbringing. Then, Kung Fu – the changing point in my life. Then, the journey. Then, experiencing ‘The Matrix’ first hand. Then, the decision to live life on my terms, come what may. Finally, all you good people who picked me up when I fell, and gave my life purpose. All that, brings us to this point. Where we go from here, only time will tell.

      Hmm. Joy is fleeting. As is sadness. Contentment is choice. I’ve had a lot of magical moments in my life. Many horrific moments. Life is a game, and like any game, it gets harder the more you play it. The Universe expects us to grow. Get busy living, or get busy dying. Each and every fall, is an opportunity for us to learn to pick ourselves up. ILZ is learning this now. What you need to remember is, every single problem you have had in your life, that you thought you would never get through – think back. You always did. Every other problem, present, future, will be the same. Remember that, it’s important. There is a good analogy for this, in The Matrix. ‘The Jump Program‘. The leap of faith. ‘You have to let it all go – fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free. Your. Mind…’ Keeping in mind, of course, that nobody makes the first jump without falling flat on their face 🙂

      Most down experience? I wouldn’t even want to talk about it. No point in whining, or dwelling on the past. Ups, downs. Pain is the best Teacher. I’m fortunate, to have learned a lot. You will too. Soon as you get off your bum, and start moving forward 😉

  11. KnottedPleasure 3 months ago

    Adam, thank you for the respect and support you show us pet ladies. I am grateful for this site, the fun chats I’ve had and the safety (verification and other safeguards). I also love the movies. What are your biggest turnons from the films? What other beasts might make it into the movies we love so much? What ladies seemed to enjoy the pets the most?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Oo a few toughies there Knotted. Biggest turn-ons? Really, I’d say that might be those Ladies who are not 100% sure about all this, who then do it anyway, and that moment when they ‘click’ with it, and realize this is not so bad and maybe something they could get into. Something they could own. You see it in a Pet Lady’s eyes, that moment. The Change. ‘Course, a Lady on set wearing the right perfume doesn’t hurt either.

      Other beasts? Right now, I got my eye on Dolphins. We have a plan for that. Who enjoyed it the most? Hard to say, so much enjoyment, so many lovely Pet Ladies 🙂

  12. 3 months ago

    Hi Adam, what happens to youre ex-girlfriend Stray-X?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      The Lady is ok, I spoke to her the other day. She’s out there, doing Her thang 🙂

  13. Julius_k9 3 months ago

    This is not going to be a question, rather a testimony.
    For more than 10 years, I have occasionally contacted Adam by email, various projects, he’s someone who is quite open if you want to get involved.
    For some time now, I joined the team thanks to ILZ, the circumstances were specific, I never thought I would receive people from this site one day at my place.
    I must admit that the first time I had a lump in my stomach anyway, there are a whole bunch of preconceptions about the pornographic world that society is trying to get into our heads.
    However, I was quickly reassured, life at home with the artofzoo team is not easy, but participating in the life of the home has been a great help for some of my projects in favor of animals. I met a few actresses, there are girls who love the camera, who adore dogs and who experience new sensations without taking the lead, frankly had a lot of laughs, according to the evenings trying on accessories of costumes. Contrary to what we might think, apart from a joint from time to time, the majority are not drug addicts, there is a question of money, but they do it because they want to do it and not because it is is attractive, there are other ways to make more money more easily.
    Adam kept a kind of family, with very different people from everywhere, we got to really know each other and become real friends.
    I am convinced that Adam would be the first to eliminate a member of this family who would go against an animal, I know that he is attached to animals and that he found a way to satisfy them.
    I don’t know who else but him would be able to take on such a load to maintain a medium which is very attacked by ignorant people.
    In any case, he has my trust, like the one he gave me and I don’t really like attacking a member of the artofzoo family without knowing us.
    Long live our father.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      You are too kind Man really 🙂 It’s a Team effort. Father makes me sound old. I don’t do old. Brother works 😉

  14. SarahTS 3 months ago

    I ran out of questions… From my perspective there is not much to say then THANK YOU for give us a home. To share to explore to contribute and change to world to be a more open and peaceful place.

    ADAM this is just the beginning of new area… Keep you heart ❤️ beating.

    Your Sarah

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Sarah I wish I could do more for our TransWilds. I’m pushing all TransWilds etc in your direction. When you lot feel sufficiently motivated, we can do a lot more for you. So. Pls gather yourself a Crew, and I’ll build you a ship you can enjoy yourselves on, as you please 🙂

      • SarahTS 2 months ago

        Hi Adam! Now that I am back from holiday I will start the engine again… Thank you very much so fare…

        Best from the internet space

  15. DrHard 3 months ago

    I recently stumbled into the interview of a writer (won’t tell you who to protect the innocent) outraged by the SJWs that defend LGBTQ+ community and in the +, they included zoo lovers and you bet that the bigots would soon associate zoo lovers to paedophiles..

    Could it be there’s a shift on mentality in the 21st century and soon bestiality would be as casual as people who like to drink pee or eat poop ? By extension zoo porn will become main stream ? (Maybe not tomorrow but in a few years, if people elect “progressive” people in office)

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Hehe. They have been desperately trying to connect us with paedophiles, for years already. Google around a bit. It’s always ‘they found bestiality porn, with children, on his hard drive’. Very carefully written – what they mean to say is, they found animal porn AND child porn. Not the 2 together. Cunning strategies by pricks. Humanity will go 1 of 2 ways. Another Dark Ages – where everything we have learned up to this point, will go to the wind. Or, a more enlightened society. Which will understand, that sexuality is not ‘evil’. What I find most amusing of all. ‘Science’, very quick to disdain anything that smacks of superstition, religion etc. And yet. The scientism community, is controlled by the mainstream. And so, their approach to animal sex, is that it’s ‘evil’. Can’t seem to make their mind up on that one eh 🙂 Duuuurm. Well who gives a fuck anyway. It wasn’t long ago, that anal sex between a man and his wife, was illegal. I think it might still be, in some US states. Yeah – good luck policing that. Since they can’t police it, it’s a nonsense law. So, people just carry on with it. Until the law fades away, and is lost amidst the rampant racket of balls slapping against asses as Ladies enjoy a good ass fuck. Same with dog sex. You actually have to be pretty careless, to get caught doing that. The dog ain’t gonna tell, that’s for certain 🙂

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        Not saying that child animal porn doesn’t exist. An ex-producer of ours recently got arrested for it. Foolish. The mildly abusive streak in his movies, was evident from the outset, despite the many hours I spent trying to coach him to do it right. He learned. He even kept the name I gave him, after I kicked him to the curb some 8 years ago. But, continued on with dogs shitting on women, and other ugly crap. And, continued trying to get back into bed with us, but sadly that door was closed. Thankfully. Still, I understand a number of people on the scene were spending money with that guy. And that guy, was operating, on several other websites. Who continued to sell his material, sometime after he had been arrested. Sooo then. Money, changing hands over there, for that kind of thing? Hope you supporters of those, are strapped in and ready for a real good time. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉

        • DrHard 3 months ago

          Hard to give up easy money even if it’s illegal (otherwise why they would catch over and over the same guys running smack despite doing time for the same shit)

          I read somewhere that some porn addicts are like drug addicts. They start with light stuff (mainstream porn) and from there, they gradually goes to harder and harder stuff to the illegal shit (kiddie porn, snuff + fucking and the list goes on and on) and as long as they are ready to pay the price, there will always be sick individuals ready to provide the filthiest shit.

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            Ah, nice positive reply there Hard. I read somewhere, about Martians landing at Horsell Common in the 19th Century. Does not necessarily make it true eh. Take food. Start with a light salad. Progress to 24 Big Macs a day, supersized. Making some people who eat, equal to drug addicts. People who borrow a dollar to shop for Snickers, then get a credit card and end up $40k in debt. Meaning shopping should be avoided at all costs. Marijuana, the gateway drug to Heroin – not beer of course. Not sugar, or cigarettes, no. I can list that sheet, all day long. And you read it, so it must be true 😉 Porn don’t kill people; people kill people.

            Anyway, about 8 years ago, sick of reading incessant reports of ‘they were caught with bestiality child porn on their computer’, I will openly admit I went and looked into this. I looked, quite hard, Hard. Despite, apparently, Petlovers the world over being on the verge of going out raping kids, U know how many child bestiality videos I counted? I think I saw 1. Out of thousands of other videos, mostly of kids flashing their bits on webcam. And it wasn’t even all that bad, relatively speaking, it gets deleted off here and other sites quite regularly. With so many Petlovers degenerating into child rapists and serial killers I would’ve expected to see more than 1. Unless of course, it’s all a load of bollox. Which, actually having done the research, I believe that it is. Controversial maybe, but I prefer controversy over believing shit made up about us and not actually seeing for myself. Having looked at some pics here, are you managing to reign in that urge to go out and eat people’s faces off? Hope so 😉

  16. l4z2020 3 months ago

    Hi Adam, someone else already raised the issue about the illegality of this and my question is have you heard of any case in which the police have infiltrated the site to make arrests?
    Maybe my question is silly but I’m new to this and it is something that I’m interested in knowing.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Ah. You are confusing us with the erstwhile forum I was discussing with the intellectually challenged chap below 😉 That site was crawling with police, and had nobody looking out for anyone, nobody paying attention, no security policies. They would simply contact women, saying they were an owner – or vice versa – organize a meet, then bust them. Happened constantly.

      We do things a bit differently. First there is verification. Which, is more than just a webcam check. Verifiers / regulars, are on the lookout for any ‘odd’ behavior. Because, there is actually a ‘normal’ conduct. And, conduct that drifts outside that conduct, starts to raise alarm bells. So people keep a closer eye. First sign that someone is a problem individual, they are out the door. Or, people just avoid them. Or, we put a big security warning on their profiles. Not saying it couldn’t happen. For example, Miranda was here daily – then went off on a date, and we never saw her again. But, this happens, sometimes someone meets someone and they don’t need to be here so much. But, we don’t know.

      So, I very much hope, that anyone meeting anyone from the site, is sensible enough to let someone know they are meeting, and with whom. And, reporting back that all went well, after the event. Most Ladies do that on a first date as a matter of course, they are not silly. Still, JUST in case, we will add a couple extra features around dates / meetings via the site – member references etc – to help guide Members to the good people, and to be wary of the suspicious ones. In 20 years I’ve never heard of any of our Members hitting legal trouble.

      We do have police here yes. But as active Members 🙂 And lawyers, and judges.

      Who said it’s illegal anyway? 😉 If they made washing your ass illegal, another ridiculous law for example, and you did it anyway because it’s ridiculous, would it REALLY be illegal? 🙂

  17. stoneeagles666 3 months ago

    if a fan want to a private date with those beautiful pet ladys and they are paying for lady.. will she accept?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      I’m not a Pimp, mayne 😉 However, Stray occasionally let a fan take her to dinner, if they were particularly charming or brought something to the table. We had a very open relationship. But first, you would need to get in front of a Lady. That would require setting off down any of the paths I’ve created for you. The ‘roads not taken’ 🙂 Except, seems they will be taken, a bit more in the near future by the looks of things. Party with us, anything could happen. And usually does 😉

  18. Fascinated 3 months ago

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your initative. Everyone appreciate chatting with u.
    Since i have contacted u long ago, i have noticed your narrative evolution, Much more willing to share.
    I do not say it s good or bad, just the way it is.

    These Questions knock my head up :

    A/ Have u noticed during all those years chatting, a similar caractere trait or Social Event petladies would share?

    B/ why Among AOZ, there are mostly movies a girl with an animal, almost none with the girl her boyfriend and their animal? x-Stray did one long ago. but very few release lately?

    C/ According u, comparing with 70s, are there more petladies or less today?

    D/ Do a Pet lover ladies are likely sharing their exepriences with their husbands or daughters or rather not?

    E/ How to teach Mr Dog not to jump all time to my girl even in Public? 🙂

    Thanks for your time Adam


    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Hi Fascinated 🙂 So A. I’m not sure I quite understand the question – all Ladies are unique of course. But of course, Pet Ladies have broader minds, are more adventurous, more liberated and free-spirited than your average Lady. B. I don’t remember Stray ever doing a movie with a guy? Vixen did one. I think the general consensus is, that the fans prefer to be voyeur in a private moment between Lady and dog. Also, they are paying for Lady + dog – Lady with guy, they can find in a million places already. C. I think there’s more Ladies now generally 🙂 But, with the internet, with all the access to all the movies and resources, and more anonymous communication, if I had to guess I’d say yes there are more now. D. Some do, some don’t. In both cases. E. Just training. He’ll learn. Hope that helps 🙂

  19. Lovek9girls 3 months ago

    Ok so I have a inquiry. Let it be known that you Adam are undoubtedly quite an interesting fellow. The interview Adam thread does provide some insight of the legend. However, I am significantly more interested in the lovely ladies of AOZ. I mean let’s face it, that’s what I am here for. So my question is this. Would you consider shining the spot light on the ladies featured in your productions? I mean we have seen them on film and yes some have had interviews published here along with several members as well. I think it would be nice to get a little insight of the ladies we drool over and fap to while watching them on screen. That is purely visual stimulation but for me what is missing is, having a little taste of who she is, her persona, her thoughts. A little interview along side the movie synopsys in my opinion would go a long way towards who she is. What are your thoughts on that. Oh and just to get it out there. I would really like to see the spot light on Dogwoman. Could you do a little interview of her and post it for our reading pleasure?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Ah. My Good Man 😉 The Pet Lady is Enigmatic. Annoying yes, frustrating yes, but Enigmatic She is. A flower blossoms as much as She chooses, given the circumstances. I do, however, understand exactly what you are saying. And, I have not been sitting on the domain for these long years, for nothing. Because yes we will put up a nice Temple, for each of our Goddesses. Wherein She can radiate as much as She chooses. With all kinds of bells and whistles. Cams, clips, touch tech. And who the fuck knows. So yes. Rome wasn’t built in a day mayne. Delphi, might take a few. But rest assured when we build the thing, I’m fucking first through the door 🙂

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        ps I’m just an old bloke who likes Pet Ladies. Not much more left I’m afraid 🙂

      • Lovek9girls 3 months ago

        Enigmatic, frustrating and annoying. Are adjectives one can make based on ones insight of the pet lady. I wouldn’t know any of that, had you not mentioned it and shared some of your insights on the subject. Which goes to my point. But not all people share the same opinions. That being said, I look forward to the day that we are afforded the opportunity to form our own opinions of the pet ladies we fancy the most. Thanks for answering my question Adam. I greatly appreciate it….have a spectacular day and weekend. 🙂

  20. BellaBitch 3 months ago

    Here’s my question 😉 you mentioned Gatsby but not where to find the illusive chap. If you could point me that way I’d be highly appreciative. We all know his parties are the best …

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      U looking attim Baby 😉 – u ain’t partied, til u partied with the Gatsby. Thing is, there’s a lot of Pet Peeps, and not enough Gatsby to go round. So, I am carefully grooming and training a whole new generation of Gatsbies, in each corner of the world. Such that – the party in that video? That will be our next Gaia events over the coming years. We’re going to party, like it’s 9. We will party so hard, that everyone will want to come. We will party, on a yacht on the Thames. Then, in a stately home in the UK, belonging to a friend of a friend, who is I believe an Earl who likes kinky stuff. We will party in Vegas. We shall party on the beaches, we shall party on the landing grounds, we shall party in the fields and in the streets, we shall party in the hills; we shall never surrender. And we will party so hard, that everyone wants to come. I just hope they are ready for it. Are U ready for it? 😉

  21. Random951 3 months ago

    Do you still keep in contact with knotty?? Her content was one of the best, she sure had passion for it the way she dressed up for the scenes.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      No, sadly the Lady vanished, as Ladies often do. I hope she is out there doing well and doing those dogs tho 🙂

  22. LadyX 3 months ago


    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      NAUGHTY Lady 😉 It’s an interview, not a Kung Fu lesson (or 10) 🙂 – I’ll answer a bit. 1. I knew you were going to say that 😉 But seriously, yes. And no. 2. If someone, or something, is beautiful in a forest, and there is nobody there to see it, is it still beautiful? 3. What, and precisely how much meaning you give to life. Purpose. 4. A society where all have the basic essentials for life. Which, in human history, has never really happened. Yet. 5. Time is a dimension. And therefore, measurable, flexible, and yes, has a beginning, and an end. Like all things. Now. behave 😉

  23. Gdane15 3 months ago

    Hi Adam,

    you have meet a lot of nice Petladys, which Ladys did impressed you the most and also can you say
    something about her motivations .

    Best regards

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Ah. Honestly man, I don’t like to compare Lady to Lady. It’s not Miss Universe 🙂 All Pet Ladies are beautiful in their own way. Young, old, big small. Each one has her own Magic.

      If I had to, under the barrel of a gun, point out one Lady that kinda stood out a bit, I’d have to say Knotty. Now, that Lady, and I (and Stray), did not really click, on a personal level. Call it culture clash. My fault, for bringing her over to us. We had worked perfectly well, for years, until that point.

      Still. Whatever my feelings about her personality, or conduct – one thing I can say, is she was 110% Pet Girl. Man could that Lady fuck a dog. And my God, did she. She’d pop round to visit, stay the night. Take Elvis in her room with her and fuck him. Every time. Then pop home to her 2 boys, and do the beJezuz out of them. That fucking dane. The size of that thing. Knotting. In missionary! She was not a young Lady when we met her. But she was still in excellent shape. And those dogs, could not get enough of that Knotty pussy. She’d been at it, since she was 16. And had not stopped, her whole life. So yeah. She was a good one. But as I say, there’s many others, with other magic 🙂

  24. theflow 3 months ago

    Adam, do you plan to open your own hall of fame of dog actors?

    I would like to know the story of every dog, his bio, size and shape of his genitals, his personal way of making love, count of women he pleased/satisfied, female partners recommendations, list of movies and much – much more.

  25. Author
    Adam 3 months ago

    Man, this has to be the weirdest pornographer interview I ever saw 😀 I was expecting more questions like ‘who had the best knockers’, and which Model gave me the biggest boner. Someone should pose these same Q’s to Donald. I’d love to see the look on his face 😀

  26. Strict 3 months ago

    Adam. Are you reptilian or Illuminati?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      I can answer that, if you are actually interested. But not, if it’s more silly questions 🙂 So, serious question?

      • Strict 3 months ago

        Its a semi silly question, but expect serious answer

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          Ok, you asked for it 😉 Am I a reptile, of extra-terrestrial origin? Hands up, you got me. Yes, I am. Here is the kicker. We all are. Kinda. First, extra-terrestrial. There are 2 feasible hypotheses about how life arrived on Earth. The first is the Panspermia theory. You can Google that, save me some typing. Second, is the Sumerian legend. First 20 minutes in the movie Prometheus, probably the easiest way to explain that one. Or Google it. Then, make up your own mind. As to reptilian. I was telling ILZ about this just a few days ago. Most people think we have 1 brain. Actually, we have at least 3. The ‘1 brain’ is made up of 3 layers. There’s the reptile brain. That is the oldest, core system. Like the BIOS on a computer. That deals with survival and the general running of our bodies. Built on top of that, is the mammalian brain. That gives a softer edge to the reptile layer. It deals with nurturing instinct. Since most mammals tend to their young, whereas most reptiles dump them and leave them to get on with it. 3rd layer is the neocortex. That is the ‘human’ part, with 2 halves. It deals with higher thought, abstract thought, and all the things that make us human. But, all 3 layers are what make us. In flight or fight, dangerous situations, the top 2 layers shut down. There is no time to think when you are about to get eaten. Through training, you can access it, in fights. You will also find yourself operating at that level if you get super-super tired. You’ll find yourself getting angry, aggressive. Good book about this, The Triune Brain. It’s about 4 inches thick though, so maybe Google that too unless you are a heavy reader. So yes. We are all reptile, at least in part. And in all likelihood, extraterrestrial. Not in the ‘V’, David Icke sense. Illuminati? Not yet 🙂 I’ve been invited, a few times, into the Freemasons. And declined. I was invited into Mensa. And declined. When it comes to the smartest people I know, hell-bent on changing the world, I find them here. Maybe that makes us the Illuminati? You decide 🙂

  27. safeblud 3 months ago

    Hi Adam. I have a few questions if It’s not too much bother.

    1) You mentioned above about how the world is controlled by a handful of people. What exactly do you mean by this? Thanks.

    2) You come across as very philosophical and I’ve noticed in your writings, the language used is very careful. You seem very aware to say things like ‘saner, not sane’, ‘wiser, not wise’ ‘women are… but not all’ etc. It’s very unusual. Is there a branch or philosophy or someone in particular who you learned this from? Its very interesting. I hope that makes sense.

    3) You appear to have a rather interesting relationship with religion. What are your views on religion? (Specifically on the utility of religion and its function in society, not the existence in an all powerful being as such).

    4) There’s a clip on YouTube of Jordan Peterson very briefly talking about the book ‘One Billion Wicked Thoughts’ which is about pornography searches worldwide. The findings were that men liked images (generally) and women liked stories (generally). But the stories women REALLY liked could be broken down by category, where the archetypal male hero came in one of 5 forms. In no order, they were Billionaire, Pirate, Surgeon, Vampire and Werewolf. I’m interested in your thoughts on this.

    I hope I’m not being too cheeky asking too much. Thanks Adam.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Mr Safe, I said I’d make time of course it’s no bother 🙂 1. Youtube Bilderberg, and start educating yourself from thereon. Knowledge is power, and forewarned is forearmed. 2. Language doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s a cooperative tool intended to form effective bonds between entities. It can be used as a stick, to beat others with. It can be used, to manipulate history, and time, 1984 style. As such, rules are there to be tested and broken. Bill Shakespeare made language his own, as did Kafka and every other Thought Leader out there. Some rules can be bent, others can be broken. Morpheus.

      Religion Man, is simply a group of people getting together and agreeing a common ground. All major civilizations have figured that out. Theology, Who/What/If God(s) etc, is as deep as it gets. More on that soon. But like any Rabbithole, the deeper you dig, the more you tend to find. The choice to dig is, of course, up to the individual. E.g. it’s much easier to say ‘Religion Bad’, and suck on that Starbucks straw, than actually doing the homework. But it doesn’t matter. God or not. He/She may or may not believe in You, regardless of whether you believe in Him/Her. There is lots, and lots of magic, down that road. 🙂

      Jordan, we should probably have a coffee sometime he seems a sensible Chap. But yes. Ladies do enjoy the Bad Boys. The Wild Bunch. Who wouldn’t? Who would you rather, Scarlet’s Black Widow? Or Hillary ‘pretending to be good’ Clinton? No prizes for guessing the answer to that one 😉

      • safeblud 3 months ago

        Thank you so much. 👍

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          PS: if you want a REALLY good example of ‘language bending’, you should listen to some Dockerz: – those guys are nuts. Complete disregard for convention. They’ve invented completely their own language. You’ll spend hours, trying to decipher what the fuck they are on about. It does all have meaning, if you understand it. Not to everyone’s taste. They make the Happy Mondays look like Mary Poppins 😀

  28. theflow 3 months ago

    Hi, Adam! According to popular conspiracy theories (and practices!), humanity is on the cusp of a powerful, controlled depopulation guided by a global predictor (financial International / globalists / Bill Gates / US Democratic Party / Greta Thunberg / and all those who consider that the Earth is overpopulated). In this case, bestiality is in trend and should be supported by “shadow” structures. Have you ever felt such kind of support or got in contact with such kind of persons? What do you think about that?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Well Flow, it’s inevitable. It was always easier to kill us off (wars, etc), than to simply come to a worldwide agreement about birth control. They did it with the bomb more or less, it would be pretty easy to put a license structure around having kids. Put a birth control in the water, within 20 years the population is well under control, it’s not that difficult. Sadly, when you have that kind of money, you are so removed from the average man/woman/reality that we become basically livestock, to be slaughtered. Well, Mother Nature is perfectly capable of depopulating without any help from bloodthirsty psychopaths. And, given the information you’ve related, is now widely open to the masses, first sign of that will likely set off a chain of events that results in an immediate depopulation of elites, French Revolution-style. The Person Upstairs tends to look out for His/Her own. Personally, if it helps the greater cause I’m up for being depopulated, if that’s the price, it’s a fair one. But that’s not really Shepherd, more Butcher. Dunno what, 40 years and all the money in the world, and still can’t come up with a decent OS? Like ants, raging against the thunder, really. What happens happens. Re Shadow Structures – my closest friends know, that the Darkness is an ally, when She’s molded and so lovingly and meticulously attended to you from Day 1. Like Bane. A regular lesson for my KF students is that you should not fear the Dark. There comes a point, where the Dark fears you. Aka “I AM the Storm”. At that level, you are truly free. We are the Shadows, all of us. Me, us, you, and all my Dark, Dark friends worldwide. And that, my friend, is the scariest thing in the world, for cornfed hicks living in privilege whilst little kids go without all over. The stuff of nightmares, in fact. The fact, we are there, every time they simply close their eyes. Hell, in that position I’d wanna depopulate too 🙂 But it won’t help. It never has. Never will. Let’s see eh.

  29. svertzs 3 months ago

    Queria muito saber do Adam se algum dia vai ser filmado um vídeo especial em raio-X ou gravar seria impossível?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Ah, o raio-x só tira fotos, meu amigo 🙂 Para obter um vídeo de raio-x, você precisaria de 30 raios-x, por segundo, por vários minutos. Você receberia mais radiação do que o Incrível Hulk. Raio X, não. Mas, ultrassom, sim. Estamos investigando isso 🙂

  30. likestowatchinnc 3 months ago

    Adam, would you care to share your short term, medium term, and long term plans for Art of Zoo? If you are open to sharing that information, whether in whole or in part, what are those plans?


    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Man, that, would be a long old reply. 🙂 Short term, obviously getting this place fixed up properly, adding all the new features we have planned, seeing how far we can bring the noise, and showing the world that us degenerates can do a better job of sheet, sitting in our pants, than they can with all the options in the world open to them. Oh, and hopefully, slipping into bed with Angelina finally. 😉 Long-term – I don’t really like to reveal ideas too much, on account of folks doing a very nice line in guzzling down my ideas like a pack of hungry seagulls fighting over half a leftover box of McD fries. But, some of them are quite wow, and fingers crossed, you’ll be able to say you were there, when it all happened 🙂 No peeking at Christmas presents before Santa turns up man, just sit tight, keep fingers crossed, and keep arms inside the vehicle during the ride 😉

  31. Thewolfbrother 3 months ago

    Whats the best way to find trustworthy pet lovers in your experience?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      You talk about us like we are a different species man we’re not 🙂 We’re all people. With all various skills and talents. I haven’t got a fucking clue what a music sheet is. I’m desperate to learn. People are looking at that shit and seeing music, and I have no idea what’s going on there. I’m a retard in that department. But we don’t judge fish for their ability to climb trees. People are people, Pet or not, and the ability to form interesting interactions with people is a skill that is easily learned. It just takes a bit of practice. You don’t go running up to a Rottie going ‘grrrrrrrrrr’ at it. That would be silly. We’re a lot smarter than we give ourselves credit for, if we put in a little effort. You would be amazed. Man seriously I was so rubbish with the Ladies my first fumbled kiss at 15 was like a royal fan panic attack shaking the hand of the Queen. I was rubbish. But I got a couple of tips, and like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow just went at it. You get out of relationships what you put in, generally. Making friends, you just need some common ground. Anything will do. You like their shoes, or their perfume or cologne, what takes your fancy. You always take a chance meeting new people. There are some bad people out there, serial killers, undercover cops, crazy perverts, get good at it you’ll start getting stalker Ladies. Those are a bundle of fun. Because they are pissed off and can say basically anything they want and people will believe them coz you’re a bloke etc. I won’t get into Gender politics boys vs girls we can both be assholes. I quite like an asshole Lady. The one that doesn’t give 2 shits about you will always be the one that breaks your heart. Love, lust, anyway. How to find them, first we need to fix our search fucking system which have just started now so great. Then, verified of course. Guys without pets, those guys will struggle a bit I’ll grant you. Because a Pet Lady is usually looking for a nice stud and if you don’t have one, or can’t find one for Her, well what’s the point of you then? 🙂 I’ve been there. I’ve always got a dog, now. Fucking hell. Usually a big one. I very much appreciate the moral support my chaps put in, when I’m busy and a Lady needs entertaining. Sometimes a bit too much support but you can’t blame them we all love Ladies I hope. Your Mother was one. Not suggesting you’re loving your Mother in that way, but yes, I’d hope we can dig the Ladies. They write lots of songs about them and stuff. Dogs sometimes nip a Lady when licking, yes she is that yummy. I couldn’t eat a whole Lady, but I’ll have a good go, and I know where I’ll start. Or maybe over there. Uh, fucking Ladies. They will drive you mad. Obviously 🙂 I’ll do you a dating crash course on the new Zooskool soon. You’ll get results and see what happens. Then you’ll have to Tom Cruise the hell out of it. Why wouldn’t you? Watch that movie it’s a good movie. It paints the picture of experience, very well. Just don’t be an asshole with it, because then it stops working. But re. Trust, it’s always an issue. Every top level government has spies in it. If they are hiding shit. There’s a good bit in Quantum of Solace, where likely everyone in the room is on the other team. You can’t trust anyone really. But, like any animal, if you feed it, look after it keep it safe, then 8 times out of 10 it’s your friend. You just gotta keep practicing learning about people. For example. If ‘hi’ didn’t work yesterday, it’s unlikely ‘hey there’ will work today. People aren’t deaf they are just not interested. So make it interesting. And the more interesting you are the more likely people will want to stick with you. Relationships is a deep topic, but the summary is just keep at it until you figure out how to spot the good from the bad. And what you do about it in that event. Pick up some books on body language, Dale Carenegies Winning Friends. You’ll be Gatsby in no time 🙂

  32. leakyguy 3 months ago

    how does sucking a fart out of a garden hose relate to bestiality?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Your Uncle gone and got you stuck down the hosepipe again mayne? Fucking hell. How many times will I have to come and squeeze you out of that tube you call a life? Do lay off the meth, man.

      • leakyguy 3 months ago

        Noone has to be on meth to point out your odd behavior. I combed the beast forum for years on end. None of there mods or admins ever sounded as ingorant as u.

        • leakyguy 3 months ago

          At least some people in life have an excuse for how they behave, whats yours?

          • leakyguy 3 months ago

            Oh im not the man adam

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            Or A man, even.

          • leakyguy 3 months ago

            U trash talk beastforun

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            I just did John. Guess u can’t read OR spell 🙂

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            U got me. My distasteful enjoyment of bathing in your copious tears. How ’bout you? 🙂

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          Probably wanna head back over there then, instead of clinging to my every word like Tom Hank’s raft in Castaway. “Wilsoooon!” 🙂 Right mate, you’ve had your 2 mins of attention per 20 years. Had your chance to actually make a point. 2 decades to come up with something. And all you’ve managed, is to make me feel slightly guilty about spanking a grown man in front of all these peeps, when I appear to be the only friend u got in the whole world. Well mate. Love u, but the short bus just pulled up and it’s time for you to head off. When ur bum stops stinging, and you wanna do something, I’ll be round cho mom’s having a grand old time. Here’s a bit of parting info for you, as you sail off into the distance, face pressed up against the back window of that bus, and the unbearable pain of loss ringing in your fat gut like the bells of St Pauls… Leaky

      • leakyguy 3 months ago

        Those were my children stuck in that toothpaste tube. And are u still buthurt about sites playing your movies for free for getting out of line?

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          Lol don’t pretend u ever got near a bird Squeaky 😀 You mean one of the 10,000 sites using our creativity to feed themselves? And still can’t pay the 100 dollar for their server bills? No, mate. Too busy looking good, and hard-arse-railing cho mom 😉

  33. xoxolat 3 months ago

    Te saludo desde República Dominicana, toda mi admiración por el gran trabajo que realizas por la comunidad. ES MUY ACTIVO EL PET LOVE EN AMÉRICA LATINA?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Mi amigo 🙂 ES MUY ACTIVO EL PET LOVE EN AMÉRICA LATINA? ¿Lleva el Papa un sombrero divertido? 😀

  34. Mn42as 3 months ago

    Hey Adam, my first and most important question to you, how do you see the future of petlove?

    My vision isn’t that great on it, for the most part of the world it’s made illegal sadly, I do think a lot of people are interested or curious about it but are being hold back because off the illegality of it.

    Petlove is around the world as long as people are, what could we do to convince people it’s not wrong and we do love our animals and treat them right?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Good question Mn, thanks for asking 🙂 Nobody can truly predict the future. That is not an exact Science. But, we can form likely scenarios. And prepare for each. The ‘World’ as it stands, is operated by a handful of people who don’t give 2 fux about us. Any of us. Wild or otherwise. They would like to imagine they own us. If you need references, want to start learning the truth about our planet and our world, ask me. I won’t tell you what to think. I’ll let you make up your own mind. Yes, the establishment all over, would prefer us out the way. They don’t need us, making waves in their plan to enslave us all. But. Most all major religions, are waiting for someone. To turn up, and do something. Who, and what, I dunno. You be the judge. Most of us Western folx have been forced into a box that is ‘survival of the fittest’. That, is not the natural order of things. In nature there is competition, but also cooperation. LOTS of cooperation. We can continue killing each other, hating each other. Or, we can decide to love instead. What they don’t tell you, is we are part Chimp, part Bonobo. Chimps are ready for action and are warriors. Bonobo operate cooperatively. We are built, from both those bricks. Which wolf we feed, is the one that wins. Coming out of left field, is a military strategy. Sun Tzu, Art of War. There is no candy, playing a game with rules concocted by the House. Any Gambler knows that. So. My strategy is simply to appeal to the humanity that underlines us all. Without playing their games by their rules. Every single person we’ve brought on side, is one to us, one less, to them. Mathematically, statistically, when everybody is A OK with something, then the job is already done. From the root. It’s why I don’t do things their way. I see a world, where we are all brothers and sisters. And our little rock. It’s achievable. We can get back to Eden. Previous Adam got us all kicked out. Well come on. He had some things standing in his way, else he may have made better decisions. This Adam’s trying his darndest to get us back in. Maybe we’ll win, maybe we’ll lose. That’s not up to us. We go, by the grace of God. Whichever God you choose to believe or not believe in. But once, homosexuals were sick perverts hung drawn and quartered, for being just who they are. Yes the gay crowd have gotten a bit carried away sometimes, but man they changed the world. A lot of it anyway. So, I got a lot of time for my Gay friends. They opened the first door. The rest, is up to the rest of us. Don’t be despondent man. The darkest hour is always right before the dawn. The actual vision, the paradigm shift we require, that will be hard to explain. You’ll have to see it for yourself. If we get there. If we don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be, and so be it. But, it’s a war, it’s always been a war. And it ain’t over ’til the large Lady sings. We only lose, when we stop fighting. So, let’s keep fighting eh. 🙂

  35. xd40caliber 3 months ago

    I got a question for ya. Do most of the models enjoy having sex with the dogs or is it all about the $$?

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Uh, Excalibur you fukka 🙂 Always sharp and to the point with the tough questions. Good man. So, very philosophical that one. This question, digs at the very root of male/female reproduction. A Lady, is built to create the future generations. She is different from us Chaps. Same, but different. A Lady, wants to produce the offspring most likely to succeed into the future. Not always, accidents happen. Lots of abandoned kids everywhere. But for the most part, a Lady wants to procreate with the strongest Male she can find. She is drawn to it, it’s in her nature. Money, is a system of exchange. A Male who can provide for children, is more attractive than a Male who can’t. So yes, Ladies are practical. All Females are. They want the biggest tusks. The shiniest feathers. The strongest claws. The most scars. Not all, but generally. They want you to be their rock, so they can focus on creating the future. It’s our job, to die protecting them. Charming, I know. But I don’t make the rules. It’s why, typically, for most animals the Male is the pretty one. The loud one that draws the attention, away from the Female. So she survives, with the kids. Blah blah blah. So. What else does a Lady do? A flower, opens it’s petals and kicks out color and scent, to attract. Females dance. By dance, I don’t mean Ballet. Though some do. Every Lady’s dance is different. Because, every Lady is seeking a different mate. So dances vary. Any creature, wants it’s dance to be the best dance possible. To have the strongest, most desired effect. For stage performers, it’s applause, flowers and offerings of appreciation by way of ticket sales. That is how a Lady can gauge Her prowess as a dancer. So. Appreciation is good, and yes some of our Ladies do make movies for free, just for the love of the dance. Not many, but some. Most Ladies, have bills to pay. Families to support, etc. They must use what they have, to get what they need from life. Hence, the Dance. People somehow frown upon Lady treasure, in exchange for money. Well man, the more value you place in a thing, the more valuable it is. Diamonds are the same. So, please don’t get the idea, that money, and love, are 2 separate things. They are actually the same thing. Money, is the love shown for our Pet Ladies. They do wonderful things for us. It’s fair we take care of them, no? They carried us and risked their lives bringing us into the world. No-one gonna begrudge a Lady a bit of money to eat I hope. And, the better her Dance, the more money she might accrue. There are of course, Gold diggers. Because, lovely as Ladies are, Ladies are people too. And people can be assholes or not. It’s a spectrum, always. There are Ladies who will trick guys into parting with money, then break their heart and fuck off. Some will just break your heart and fuck off. It’s why I don’t do girlfriends. One love was enough. That’s some heavy shit. Powerful shit. So yes, some guys get duped, happens to the best of us. So understand the eeeeeek re. Ladies, and money. But not all Ladies are like that. If you are smart, it’s not a problem. So, hopefully to answer your question. Ladies are built to dance. The Dance of the Pet Lady, is the Pet Dance we all love. Our Ladies, do it very well. We all enjoy doing what we love, and we usually love what we are good at. Nice big juice dog cock in vagina, pushing all those magic buttons, knowing that probably hordes of Males will be adoring her Dance later? This is power. Put yourself in a Lady’s shoes. Not literally, those things are fucking dangerous I dunno how they do it. But if you could Dance like that, and have that power, would you enjoy it? I’d think so. So yes. We only work with Ladies who know how to dance. Otherwise, you end up with movies a la 1980s, with Ladies looking like they want to vomit. That’s not a good movie. We don’t do that. But actually, on a shoot, a Model is Princess of the moment. They have a wonderful time. Dressing up, having a drink, and working their magic. So yes of course they enjoy it. Thank fuck for that eh 🙂

  36. Author
    Adam 3 months ago

    Oh ps. Q11. Who has the bigger dick – Adam, or the combined ‘force’ of your entire ‘community’? A11. Well, I have told you who I am. I have told you, numerous times, where I am. I continue to do so. How many of you big talking tough wankers, have turned up to face me? With all your guns bombs and big FUCKING talk? I’ll tell you how many. Zero. How much support is needed, for a ‘community’ to kill itself? Zero. Mathematically speaking, making you, and your pals, what exactly? You guessed it. A big, fat, doing nothing but talk ZERO. Meet me cunt. Bring ALL your pals. I’ll bring maybe 5 of mine. Or maybe none. Coz Zero, vs Hero, don’t stand much of a chance. Ask Xerxes. In case you forgot who I am, lemme reiterate:

  37. Author
    Adam 3 months ago

    Seriously. Nothing? Mr Leaksinyourpants? After all your inane posturing and bollox, given a sincere opportunity to have your say, you say nothing at all? So, just a load MORE fucking talk then, obviously. Or, are you and your girlfriends all out there circle jerking and rubbing your collective 4 braincells together trying to come up with a retort, or what?

    While-u-wait, here lemme answer a few of your own questions for you.

    Q1. Does Adam do anything other than reference the internet? A1. You mean, the internet with all the references on it? I would guess I do, yes. Ask around. Do I use various pop-culture references around the site? To introduce different people of different cultures and genererations, to each other such that they might get on a little better? Such that they might find us people they can identify with, and feel comfortable with? Such that we aren’t the ‘freaks’ you seem to want us to be? Yes, I do reference the internet. If you don’t like it, why are you here looking at it?

    Q2. Did Adam destroy Policeforum? A2. I had nothing to do with Visa or Mastercard decision some 15 years ago to terminate all billing connected with animal sexual material. I warned EVERYONE at the time, that if they did not keep supporting – us and whoever else – without needing a credit card to do it, thus taking up 2 more minutes of their time, that facilities such as shitforum would end. That, as soon as the money dried up, the exploiters would leave you high and dry. Was I wrong? You tell me. I didn’t, though. I kept going, with 2 fucking dollar in my pocket and nothing but shattered dreams to show for it. And here we are. I offered, in Portugal, to work together properly, with Caledonian. I left the door wide open. They didn’t want. They said they did, as they high-tailed it off up the street hoping desperately to be awake in their hotel beds the next day. Which, they were, of course. But after that, carried on stealing, lieing and exploiting. And that champ, is the reason for their demise. If you had a community there, it should have put a fucking dollar in their pot. And they would still be here, wouldn’t they. You didn’t, so they aren’t. I make that, clearly your own fault.

    Q3. Do you think zoosexuality online was much much better before Adam came along? A3. What, a load of people doing nothing and going nowhere? A load of dudes jamming their cocks into poor little dog’s vaginas and calling it love, wondering why outsiders hate us? Abusing animals, read the various police reports. Doing fuck all to protect each other, and the ‘community’ you so loved? That’s not a community mate. I don’t know what that is. Personally, I like what we have done with our sexuality, and so do all our MANY loyal Members, fans and friends. Which is why they are here supporting us, and not over there supporting you. Obviously. Though as I said in my previous response – you lot are happy to ride off ‘what we do with animal sex’ and pay your bills with it. Like a spoiled 4 year old sucking at Mom’s tit and squealing coz whatever. I think that answers that question.

    Q4. Is leader A. better than leader B. by prevailing, while leader B. does not? A4. I don’t know who your leader is / was or what they did. Unlike you they never had the balls to come and talk to me. But. Was Mr Hitler a better leader than the combined Allies? Is an ant a better leader than my boot? They might be a nicer person, a more intelligent person, a wonderful wonderful ant. But if they fail to lead, then friend, history is written by the victor. So, I’ll let everyone else decide who the better leader is, provided with some of the facts, now.

    Q5. Does X do a better job than Adam? A5. ‘lol’. Any questions.

    Q6. Do I shine? A6. Ask Cho Momma. But sure, I am damned pretty I’ll give you that 😉

    Q7. Should a leader in Zoosexuality only talk about Zoosexuality? A7. If they don’t know anything else, then yes. If they do know something else, then each one teach one, and we all grow better as a people. Community is about inclusion, to do that you need to give ALL zoosexuals things they can relate to in their world. That is why our community be this big. And others, not. See the previous response, re referencing the internet for further info.

    Q8. Am I desperate? A8. Desperate for a shit, and some sleep, right now yes. Otherwise, no. Quite content thanks.

    Q9. Are my poorly written monologues poorly written? A9. Others don’t seem to think so. Did you read them? You clearly did. I didn’t read yours. So, they worked, then. However quirky my writing style. I can write perfect English if I chose, but then I would alienate everyone. So I keep the tone informal and fun, so that more people can kinda understand some of the points I make. Hope u can dig it.

    Q10. Did I destroy ‘the bollox that you lot took 20 years to fail to build’? A10. See above. You didn’t support it, you killed it. Your pecker felt too small to come to me for help even though I offered it. Some of my haters, have actually come and spoken to me personally, and found me to not be who they thought. Eh Gary. Even apologized for being unkind to me for all those years. Any of you could’ve done the same. You didn’t. Your fault. You killed it. End of story. There’s some spitting for you. I’ll save the rest of my spit, today, for continuing to get the job done. Any other questions, the interview remains open. Have at it.

    For everyone else, sure, any questions about this or that, feel free. Have a nice day 🙂

  38. Haverdaisy 3 months ago

    Well, I am always learning something here. Today I learned the word nouse exists and it means gumption. Still not sure if this is a British thing or just you having a large vocabulary. I am guessing both.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Hehe Daisy, it’s a Northern UK slang word for balls, spunk, chutzpah. Gumption, fire, and yet more balls. Plenty of balls, around here. Hope you’re getting your share of nice furry ones 😀

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