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This is a re-print of the outline I published elsewhere here on this site, telling how I started my life with the Dogs;

My Father raised and bred Dobermans on the side, and during the summer my kid Brother “Gene” (3 years younger) would stay with him, as my parents were separated at that time. My Brother and I had been having gay sex for several years beforehand, usually we would blow each other but he liked finishing up in my ass, as did I! I was 16, he was 13, and when Dad would put one of the two Studs in with one of the Bitches and we’d both watch with raging teen hard ons, then when they’d finished up we’d go “do some chores” or go back to one of our bedrooms to “play”, and “Gene” would “breed” me quickly, because after watching the “show” it didn’t take either of us long. Sometimes one of my friends would come out for the weekend, and he’d end up in my ass after watching the dogs screw too.

Dad went to town to his regular job 5 days a week, and he’d be gone from 6am to 7pm, so of course I got the bright idea of letting the Studs have a fun time on me. I tried by myself, but they’d be all excited and just jump on my back, jab in, then jump off again, or worse, get half-way knotted in me then pull out with a VERY painful pop. The next day I shamefully asked my brother “Gene” to help me getting mounted and to my surprise he said “Yes”! Needless to say, with him to guide the horny Dogs cocks into my ass and then hold, calm, and steady them on their harnesses, I was mated to both of them several times a week. “Gene” never wanted to get fucked by me or the studs, so I got all the glory, and I could have never taken my first dip in the vast pond that Canine sex became for me. The bonus was that he’d be so horny watching the dogs fuck me, he’d either reach around and beat me off while i was firmly knotted, he’d suck my flowing with teen precum cock dry, or better still add his thick sperm to my sopping wet with dog cum asshole. That went on for several years, and certainly was not the end of my adventures with dogs or my kid brother, nor was that all the ‘knotty details”; those, and my first experience with women and dogs awaits telling another time.

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