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Help needed from pic hunters and collectors with a good visual eye, and folks who know how to format an image (size, resolution, ratio etc). If that’s you, please read below…

Hi Gang 🙂

so – new Mods, new Verifiers, new Helpers, and new Blog Team. We are gradually handing over much of the running of the Community, to the Community, which is great. The bit of time we have freed up has already given us time to work on some bug fixes etc, which I’ll roll out shortly. The more help we get, the more time we have to create nice new fun and interesting things for petfans.

Our new Blog Team volunteers are doing a great job and have already put a big dent in the organizing and preparing of posts for publishing. Great work you guys (and gals) 🙂

Following on from our previous post here – we did not have quite as much luck with the Graphics aspect of the Blog Team. Thanks to everyone who applied, you put some work into those headers. Unfortunately, some weren’t quite right – others were coming a bit slow. We have a lot of posts to get through, so we need a lot of headers done well, and done quite quickly. So, we are now trying ‘Plan B’.


To speed things up considerably, I’ve stopped putting the Blog Post title into the header graphic. Although it does look nice, the title is on the page anyway so having it on the header is a bit redundant. A nice looking, appropriate image works just as nicely.


So what we are looking for, is a bunch of interested folks to create headers and send them to us on an ad-hoc basis. That way, nobody is tied down to the role and you can create headers when the mood takes you. We will then build up a database of different headers, that our other Blog Team Members can pick from. It’s actually quite a fun job, I will miss it when it’s finally handed over – the perfect excuse to sit looking through naughty pet pics. This is what we need:

Headers must be:

  • The right dimensions – 1024 x 394 pixels
  • Nicely laid out, not squished, not all pixelated or low-res
  • In .jpg format
  • The file size of the headers should be no more than 200kb

Headers can be of:

  • MOSTLY Ladies with dogs
  • Some Ladies with horses
  • Some Ladies with boars
  • Some men with dogs or horses
  • Doggyslave stuff

Headers can be created from:

  • Comics, toons, or 3D stuff
  • Artworks or illustrations
  • Softcore or erotic images
  • Hardcore images
  • Other interesting stuff you might find while searching around

Please avoid:

  • Stock or copyright images (particularly Getty Images)
  • Faces if possible (a touch of face is ok on softcore images etc)

Have a browse through our Blog to see the kinds of images we use. Here are a few more examples (not in the right size of course):

ArtOfZoo - sex with dogs

Hardcore example…


ArtOfZoo - sex with dogs

Lifestyle example…


ArtOfZoo - sex with dogs

Cartoon example…



ArtOfZoo - sex with dogs

Male example…


ArtOfZoo - sex with dogs

Composition made by adding a dog to a nice Lady image – a nice effect but requires some skill…



Members who are taking this seriously, I will likely give you some more pointers and coaching as you go along. You might want to get creative with some headers – for example you might try putting your header through the website to get some nice effects. That is fine and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

We can’t promise to use all headers, but if you do a good job there is a good chance we will get yours up. I will keep an eye on image creators and apply any Kudos where appropriate. Don’t forget, the route into the Gaia Crew and more interesting stuff is by helping out on small tasks to begin with. This is a good first step.


Please send your header images to BeastyMan via site messenger, and we will add them to our database of headers and start publishing them.

Thanks for reading, here’s hoping we have more success with this plan – and we look forward to seeing what you can do 🙂

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  1. likestowatchinnc 2 months ago

    Just a few recommendations for image creation and editing. The following software is free and generally cross platform on PCs. Give GIMP, Krita, and Blender a try. There are plenty of good tutorials on youtube for each of them. GIMP is generally a Photoshop replacement although it is presently not non-destructive like Photoshop. Krita is for the creation of images. Blender is good software for creating 3D images, cartoon type images, and also for video.

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