ArtOfZoo - Idle Dog Sex Daydreaming

Note: I’ve never had an experience, but this is a hot fantasy of mine. Enjoy!

The day is sunny and warm. Sunlight filters into my little apartment as I lounge on the rug, reading. I hear the door open behind me, but before I can turn around, I’m pinned and blindfolded. I hear the door being shut and locked as I’m held in place, a hand over my mouth. I hear the click of nails on the wooden floor, until they hit the rug. Panting and sniffling before a cold wet nose presses against my bare, hot pussy.

I struggle, whimpering, as I realize what’s happening. The dog is growling low and possessively. I tense as I feel his rough tongue rubbing against my sensitive cunt. I try to break free, but his Master holds me in place as the creature takes position to mount me.

My struggling only succeeds in putting me in a better position to be taken like the bitch in heat that I am. I feel the large mutt mount and press it’s full weight against me and it starts humping. Before I know what has happened, I feel the burning heat of his cock spreading my pussy wide. I try to scream, but the hand on my mouth keeps me quiet as the animal fills me to a capacity I did not think was possible. I scream again as I feel his knot swelling inside me, tying us.

I focus on my breathing as he stills, then without warning he begins humping again. After what feels like eternity, and an unknown number of orgasms from me, I feel my womb flooded with his hot seed and I am left lying on the floor, his semen seeping from my abused pussy. They leave as quietly as they came. I’m left abused but hungry for more.

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  1. slicky54 4 months ago

    I so want to dothat

  2. shinelover 6 months ago

    Great Fantasy-Hope it comes true for you !!

  3. maryesk9 6 months ago

    Similar dreams with the added surprise of how eagerly the invading dog licked me clean after, turning me into a completely satisfied bitch.

  4. fredofen 7 months ago

    Very nice fantasy

  5. petlust44 8 months ago

    How is everyone?

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