ArtOfZoo animal porn Model Tiny having sex with dog

“Teeny Tiny goes to Toytown in search of some shiny red K9 candy…”

Producer: DaChat
Models: Tiny with Gunner
Running Time: 37 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


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Art Of Zoo animal porn star Tiny poses reading a dog magazine and starts to feel horny


If dog porn wasn’t controversial enough, our next movie is in the BDSM theme of DD/LG. This usually stands for Dominant Daddy/Little Girl, however, in our case DD stands for Dominant Doggy. There is plenty of mainstream porn on this theme so no need for anyone to get their panties in a bunch. The only person who need get her panties in a bunch is new Pet Lady Tiny, on account of her deep craving for doggy candy. That craving will have the most focused of Ladies squirming in their seats…


Zoo porn Model Tiny finds a woman dog toy in the toy store


Tiny is playing with her dog sticker book and starts to get ideas. She gets a hankering for a sweet, shiny red doggy candy cane. She heads off on an adventure to the mall, to see if she can find some.

Of course, they don’t sell that kind of candy in stores. Instead, she has a wander through the toys, to see if anything there might distract her. There’s some interesting toys alright – the woman-with-dog toy catches her eye. Dachat points out that there will be plenty of woman-with-dog going on very shorty, so maybe she should pick a different one. Tiny opts for a doll with long smooth legs, and heads off to the changing room to dildo her tight young pussy with the doll. Just in time too, she nearly gets caught by the Ogre. Or it might be the store manager, it’s hard to tell with Ogres these days…


Art of Zoo dog porn star Tiny kisses the dog and presents her pussy


No luck in her quest for doggy candy so far. She returns home and makes a wish with her dildo. That tight little button is sure to produce some magic if she rubs it enough.

Sure enough, her wish comes true and Gunner appears. Tiny is delighted – she is throbbing with desire by now. Maybe Gunner has the candy she’s been looking for? One way to find out…


Art of Zoo animalsex star Tiny shows her boobs and tongue kisses the dog


Deep canine kisses are a perfect prelude to delicious dog sex. Tiny takes her time, letting Gunner smooch her and woo her. She knows what he wants, she wants it too. Still, it’s every pet girl’s dream to be romanced by a dog, knowing that behind the romance is a wild beast waiting to take them…


Dogsex girl Tiny gets in position ready to have sex with the dog


Tiny finds herself responding physically to Gunner’s advances. She can’t help herself, this masculine beast is pushing all the right buttons. She instinctively gets into position, pushing her ass high, making that precious little pussy available for whatever the dog might have in mind. Gunner has one thing on his mind – to show this young Lady what real dog fucking is all about…


Animalsex star Tiny takes a good hard dog fucking


In a flash, Gunner mounts and transforms this girl pussy into sweet sweet dog pussy, our favorite kind. Tiny feels the change happening – it’s the first dog cock she’s ever felt inside her, but it fits just right. She likes the way he holds her, she likes the way Gunner makes her his bitch. Most of all she likes the sensations she feels as the dog fucks his sharp cock into her, knowing her pussy will never be the same again. She never thought sex with dogs could be so amazing…


Closeup of dogsex newbie Tiny with dog cock tied in her pussy


Gunner is loving Tiny’s brand new Pet Pussy. After giving her a good dog fucking, he slips a knot into her, and lets Tiny’s tightness take the strain. It’s a tight fit, Tiny can feel it swelling and stretching her inside to better accommodate him. She can feel him throbbing and twitching as her hot little pussy starts bringing him off.

Tiny is quite vocal, as many (pretending to be) teenagers can be. Being knotted is a big step, and she cries ‘Ooh Daaaa’. We don’t need any subtitles to get the gist of what this Lady is feeling. Those droplets of dog cum suit that little flower very nicely too – ain’t she pretty with a doggy inside her? 🙂


Dog porn star Tiny has a big dog knot stuck in her pussy


During a second scene, Tiny and Co. attempt the trickiest of all dog sex maneuvers – the turned tie. We know this Tiny pussy can take a knot very nicely, but a turned tie? That is a difficult move for the most experienced Pet Girl.

There is an ass to ass scene, but it’s not entirely clear if Gunner is still tied – honestly the way the Lady ISN’T having a hard time, as we would expect from a new young girl being dragged across the bed by her vagina – my guess is that the couple aren’t tied. But, he is still in her, and still shooting that dog cum into her. Don’t let any of that put you off, there’s still plenty of yummy in this dog porn movie.


Animal porn star Tiny turns tie ass to ass while having sex with a dog


Having been wooed and kissed, then dog fucked deeply, her vagina injected with Gunner’s canine cream – our Hero withdraws. Finally, Tiny gets the sweet red candy cane she wanted from the start. Seems our young Petster has a sweet tooth, the way she is suckling on that doggy candy getting all sticky and juicy. Hell I do believe she even has a little drink here and there. Well you know those Pet Girls – they all want candy 😉

A great little movie with a great little Lady – a naughty idea nicely done, more great work from our Russian friends and hardworking Producer Dachat. A sweet movie indeed – you might want to brush your teeth after watching – have fun with Tiny and her candy 🙂


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Dog porn star Tiny wanted candy, now she happily sucks a sweet dog cock




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  1. etardk9r 1 month ago

    I feel grateful, that we were able to inspire a new shoot idea. Can’t wait to see this!

  2. Ptharu 1 month ago

    Model ගොඩක් ලස්සනයි. ස්තූතියි Adam

  3. zanp 1 month ago

    Vsi so zelo lepi filmi

  4. 9xzoned00 1 month ago

    Tiny gets some really enthusiastic mounts from her K9 partner,some really good shots of his ball deep knot and tie with a lot of pumping action and great oral,like to see her either paired with two dogs or a bigger one.

  5. mrkgnp 1 month ago

    When I buy movies from this site they always ask for a review, This review applies to all movies from this site.
    Buy them all !!! Every one of them are superb . Thank you AOZ ,you guys are hitting it out of the park.
    SUPPORT THIS SITE !! I have been with these guys since the DVD days and I can tell you with some veteran expertise that AOZ is at a new level.

  6. femaledogy 2 months ago

    would be better with bigger dog

  7. 1peterpan 2 months ago

    We just got the movie and it is beautiful, with a beautiful wiling little Russian “schoolgirl”
    This is a most have for everyone with those fantasies, great fucking, suckling and kissing.
    It is very provoking.
    A master piece from Dachat

  8. a3a3a3 2 months ago

    This is a great movie. Tiny is beautiful and really looks into it and wants more. Hope to see her again. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  9. salimg1263 2 months ago

    Just a a great movie. A must have for collectors ! The last part is the best with all the kissing and passion. I hope we get more of Tiny.. maybe outdoors at a playground just saying 🙂

  10. purespirit 2 months ago

    So great movie, and so wonderful girl !
    Thanks for that, please continue like that 😉

  11. juggygales 2 months ago

    Tiny is amazing and horny. Nice to see that schoolgirl look. One of my favorites lately. This girl is naughty and really loves her partner. She has no problem with that big boy. Her oral shots are incredible and she has great hunger for that juice. Her size is small and works perfect doggystyle mount , a perfect pair.

  12. jack3x 2 months ago

    i just dream when artofzoo will make legendary movie like calvista Amy

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      You must be new 😉

      • jack3x 2 months ago

        i watched that old movie and i don’t have any idea about artofzoo’s old work so if i compare that old movie with 2020’s movie then Amy wins because of hard action 1 hour and also aoz wins because of good quality 1080p… but i don’t know about other user’s opinion but my desire to see hard action 1 hour again…..hmmm you make movies so you know everything better than me….i am just user who just said about his desire 😉

        • Author
          Adam 2 months ago

          ZS / ArtOfZoo are both us, just different sites. But we never made 1 hour movies. Filling 1 hour with enough action would need about 10 sessions.

          • jack3x 2 months ago

            Linda’s movie is not 1 hour….just 17 minutes but still can blow anyone’s mind….and that’s an art and that’s called legendary….

    • AoZLover 2 months ago

      That was indeed monumental and still an example of how it should be done: hot schoolgirl look, long humping sessions with excellent viewing angles and leaking cum, an inexhaustible dog, and (the hottest of all) a girl who never stops screaming in delight while being pounded over and over again. If only that could be redone with today’s technical possibilities!

  13. solid666 2 months ago

    Amazing video. A lot of kissing. We need more kissing like this in the videos. This is a great movie.

  14. ansaryon 2 months ago

    Another good movie and it’s great to see Gunner’s getting better at what he does too – I’m sure he’s been enjoying the practice!

    After the usual intro showing off the model, in this case Tiny, we get to the action. Gunner has a good long lick and sniff session and as you’d expect he likes what he sees. As usual he’s keen to get humping, so much so that he misses the mark a few times.

    When he finds the right hole he shows what a muscular beast he is, pounding his cock into Tiny’s willing hole, legs flying with every powerful thrust. Yes, he’s a happy pup! He soon ties and the view switches to his swollen balls. He twitches in ecstasy, pumping his seed deep into Tiny and yes, there’s a lot of it! So much so that some dribbles out, making Tiny groan with pleasure.

    When the knot pops nothing happens at first (Gunner’s been ejaculating with such force his sperm’s deep inside), then *splort* – Gunner’s creamy jizz splats messily on the bed. Gunner, obeying his instincts, then licks Tiny’s snatch, sealing the deal.

    Tiny’s response is, as you would expect, to suck him off. If his balls were full before, they’re still not quite empty for there are some powerful blasts of hot cum – a good deal of which ends up in Tiny’s receptive mouth.

    You don’t see much of the second mount, but you do see Gunner acting naturally – literally, as he’s butt-to-butt in a tie. He towers over Tiny and deposits his load calmly and contentedly. Ever the gentleman, he cleans up afterwards. As before, his reward is to be sucked-off, and Tiny’s more accomplished, holding his engorged rod in her mouth for much longer.

    Some kissing / licking rounds off the movie.

  15. Rubics 2 months ago

    Great video. She takes what the dog gives her and likes it. Whether its some sloppy kissing or taking him on wide opened all fours, she gives an enthusiastic performance!!

  16. littlemerju 2 months ago

    So amazing 🙂

  17. bonk20166 2 months ago

    WOW still a student from Moscow

  18. nivr 3 months ago

    So damn good movie. Drooling over Such young pussies being so naughty these days. Fuck I wish I was younger. The kissing is so hot. Too bad couldn’t see that knot in reverse tie. But man this is a hot movie

  19. HornyToad420 3 months ago

    What is the big deal about this beautiful model? Have you guys ever seen mainstream porn? They always make the girls look way younger than their age. (Look up Little Lupe) Same with movies, they always make the actresses look younger than their actual age. Plus this is ROLE PLAYING people. Anyone with a common sense would know that. Get a grip guys, you’re making more than what it is.

  20. dnedry 3 months ago

    I am starting to believe that DaChat’s movies are bad for my health. Every time a new one comes out my jaw drops so hard that I have problems chewing food for days. “Tiny” is a most aptly chosen name for the model since she clearly stands out as the by far smallest one among the many really petite models of DaChat.
    It is really great to see how willing Tiny is. She gives Gunner complete access to her willingly presented pussy and mouth. And Tiny is eager for him to make use of it (accompanied by many “Da”s and moans) – yet seemingly more to please DaChat than out of her own pleasure. One just has to wonder how he manages this. Even the actresses that are into pet love are not really eager to kiss.
    The mounting scene is truely amazing. Tiny presents herself prostrately, Maxim manages to mount her (all by himself), and she takes the knot and keeps the tie in like a pro. This scene is shot from two different angles – one focussing on Tiny and the other with a mobile camera. After the knot slips out Tiny pleases Maxim orally – though this is clearly not her strong suit.
    And afterwards we have a second mount which ends in a turned tie – really great, again some oral action and a long scene of Tiny willingly and repeatedly making out with Maxim.
    There are two aspects of the movie that I am not so fond of. The first concerns Tiny’s costume. Of course, being so small she looks very young, but her costume has many elements of how really young girls, I mean, very young girls, say five, six, seven year-olds dress. Now this is all role play and that is fine – but role play of a kid having sex is just questionable for me. This is a sensitive area. Who imagines this? And I also think that this could be bad for our community. If somebody points to this movie and comments: “See, they are not only into animals but also into kids.” – this does not help.
    The second aspect is a technical one. Something went wrong with the filming of the second mount. Okay, things happen. So to fill the gap footage from the second camera angle of the first mount was used (you can see the difference because in the second mount her tits are bared but not in the first one). This type of thing happened a lot in the old BFI days. Just cut creatively – the (stupid) viewer will not notice. This did not really add to my pleasure of watching the movie.

  21. genericc616 3 months ago

    There’s the expression, Good things come in small packages, only in this movies’ case Great things cum in Tiny’s package.

    I’ve recently developed a soft spot for GSD’s and seeing Hunter in action with Tiny I quickly developed and hard spot too.

    I loved seeing Hunter go from Licking Tiny’s pussy and then Tiny opening her mouth and kissing Hunter. I also loved seeing Tiny turn and kiss Hunter while he was knot deep in her and finally sharing some more kisses at the end. A wonderful performance from Model and Stud that I can highly recommend.

  22. art30 3 months ago

    Yet another masterpiece from dachat this little cutie really gets a good pounding from gunner witch must be stud of the decade

  23. HornyToad420 3 months ago

    Can’t wait to get this video!! 🙂

  24. QQ1786154168 3 months ago

    太美了 受不了了

  25. Grover7383 3 months ago

    Excellent, excellent, excellent video. Did I say excellent as well? Tiny is a very lovely and enthusiastic girl. She has a subservient style that gives off the vibe of a bitch in heat that surrenders to her master and takes the knot in a matter of fact way. Her facial expressions give the viewer the knowledge that she knows her place. And, that place is to be dicked down hard by her stud hero and take his mating like a good little bitch. Great new girl. Hope to see more of Tiny.

  26. K9corp 3 months ago

    Hot , Hot , Hot . I have to keep entirely away from any venue that has any toys leading to the pet department . I am scared to even think about it , walking around Wally-World with a cheesy-azz smile and a hard-on is not exactly uniform of the day ! For sure .

  27. erosei4 3 months ago

    Does this film contain dog cum dripping out of the girl’s vagina scene? To me that’s the deciding factor.

  28. sXaBeast 3 months ago

    Ooh a debate on mad, sane, crazy!

  29. Iamdemon 3 months ago

    Tiny, I hope your reading this. You own it and you know it. So sexy!

  30. fralio123 3 months ago

    why not do a vr video, and where is nana? Do more pig please.

  31. Author
    Adam 3 months ago

    Yes folks Tiny is actually not the youngest Model we’ve ever had. We’ve had a few Ladies freshly 18.

    • art30 3 months ago

      I don’t think artofzoo wold use underage models but by nature some people looks younger than they are and they also did all that they could to make hear look extra young when I was 17 I looked like I was 30 because of the bearded face and my friend was actually 21 and had to show legitimate to buy alcohol because he had a baby face 😂😉 don’t let a small body small tits and cute face fol you I have seen a lot of girls who locked like 18 plus but in reality was 16

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        Yes Art, we may be mad, but we are not insane.

        • art30 3 months ago

          Just as I thought 😂 adam please make more movies like this don’t let the skeptics ruin it

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            No skeptics Art I think folks are just curious 🙂 But yes we will.

          • art30 3 months ago

            It’s indeed understandable but as said before you fellas are a bit crazy but not mad 😂

    • sam155 3 months ago

      Just wondering, who was your youngest model?

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        I know we’ve had at least 1 Model who turned 18 shortly before shooting but I can’t remember who. We’ve had quite a few 18 year old Models though, Sabrina etc. And yes, all our Models are 18+.

        • frankthetank22 2 months ago

          sabrina from sabrina and pippa? she looks around 30?

          • Author
            Adam 2 months ago

            Sabrina was 18 and 2 months when she worked with us. Her boobs defied gravity.

          • frankthetank22 2 months ago

            She is packing a lovely pair of papis!!How old was pippa at the time?

          • Author
            Adam 2 months ago

            About 27 I guess.

  32. hank1990 3 months ago

    Looks like a very Nice movie 🙂
    And perfect with a kissing scene! No movie without a french kiss scene 😉

  33. Turintuss 3 months ago

    Very hot

  34. art30 3 months ago

    Gunner you truly must be the most lucky dog in the world 😉

  35. harryharry6969 3 months ago

    Sexy Sweet Dog Girl …. geillll hoot

  36. dppkk0294 3 months ago

    Amazing movie

  37. BrazilianWifeFuckDogs 3 months ago

    will there be subtitles to this movie?

  38. 3 months ago

    We’ve never questioned the age of any of your models until now…

  39. art30 3 months ago

    I thought I wasn’t buying anything this month ok until this little girl shoved up I’m sold Adam just take my money I have never seen anything like this in dog porn before 🤤 just keep those movies rolling out 😉

  40. 3 months ago

    She will never forget that cocks feeling amazing Model.

  41. HornyToad420 3 months ago

    She sure is pure candy! WOW!! This movie looks very delicious!

  42. Ptharu 3 months ago

    Wow.Another gem and convey my thanks to artofzoo for making such a great video with these young ladies. This lady is amzing and knotted well. How ild is she? Wow incredible.

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