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In tonight’s installment I’m going to cover the pitfalls of attempting to be the shepherd of lost pet lovers online. While many of us real Wilds like to ‘hunt’ our fellow petlovers, we are not the only ones hunting. Some might hunt you for your media and a cheap thrill. Others might hunt you so they can stalk you. ‘Pet-unfriendly’ straight sites will hunt you and ban you if you are not careful.

Firstly, posting wildstuff openly on ‘straight’ sites, so that pet lovers can find the light and feel safe, does put you at a bit of risk. Posting on such sites, you risk being banned, or worse, them complaining to your ISP. You should really avoid openly posting on platforms that unfriendly to pet love. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc are all intolerant to petlove. Another that I’ve noticed lately is Kik. I have seen multiple accounts banned for sharing pet love and hosting pet love groups (I had my personal Kik account blocked as well). So please be careful about conducting your pet love lives in ‘the outside world’.

Protect Yourself

If you must use these ‘straight’ apps to play, there are some things you can do. App cloners allow you to use an app without risking losing access to it should you be banned, or if you are targeted by someone who wants to attack you for your pet love lifestyle. Use a pseudonym (alias), because you never want the tables turned and to become the hunted. Use coded language, “knotty” or “petlove” are good, “k9” can be a little on the nose but it usually doesn’t draw attention. Keeping it discreet and non vulgar are your best bets for avoiding a ban.

Be Careful with your Pics!

Generally speaking, people who message you looking only for pictures and videos are usually just tourists, and not the kind of people this pet love community needs. People within the community usually know that people post pictures and videos when they are ready. We all enjoy the gorgeous pictures and videos, but the real petlove community is relatively small – whereas the number of people interested in getting off to your media, or sharing your media, is very large. Also they may not have your best interests at heart. So please proceed with caution, especially since media is more likely to get you banned  than words.

In lighter news I would like to add a fun picture and say welcome to the Ladies who’ve join us here from the wilds of the internet. Enjoy ladies and great to see many of you getting verified 😀


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