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Today’s blog post is regarding as always, finding pet love people but today we will be discussing covert ways to signal to other pet people around you that you are into pet love as well. We all know the tattoos that certain (absolutely gorgeous) people have in very intimate places ( I’m looking at you wonderful knotty ladies on this site) The Paw Prints, the heart shapes with dogs and and whatnot. These are all fantastic things and great for showing your knotty love without being too overt.

But what about something a little less permanent? now yes, people who are into pet love tend to be in it for life LOL but it’s pretty permanent. In this regard I’ve been thinking about a pet love Memento if you will. Something that you could innocuously put on your keychain or hang from your car window that would not raise any questions but that pet love people would be able to spot and go ”  aha this person “loves” their dog”.

Now with that in mind I actually have a hobby and I think I’ve put it to pretty good use for us. One thing I’ve done here is I’ve used the Celtic knot of eternal love along with two paw prints. The Celtic knots of Love is perfect for our community to Rally behind as we all know what little pun I’m playing on here (LOL). And the Dual paw prints are self explanatory. Now I was wondering what you all might think about possibly displaying this for yourselves. Me personally? this one is going on my key ring as soon as possible.

ArtOfZoo - Wild Signs - zoophilia

With all this in mind I’m taking feedback for possible petlove mementos things that we could  wear day to day that would give people a little signal about our deeper desires. We are after all in a “civilized society” that rather unfairly makes us a pariah, so safely displaying our true desires is a must. Any and all feedback is welcome regarding the design or possible decoration or other things that we could do. please please please leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this my other blog post got a good bit of views and comments back and I’m very happy to help the community in any way I can especially in growing and meeting and setting up a safe Network for people. Happy hunting,


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  1. aarona 3 months ago

    New member here, formerly on BeastForum dot com which is set to shut down mid-February. I haz a sad over that.

    I’m all for recognizing fellow pet lovers. On-line forums were and shall continue to be very useful offering instant connectivity. Forums have the problem of distance. So many of the persons I knew on-line lived far, far away.

    Secret signs to acknowledge or introduce each other face-to-face would be great. Many have been tried. Simply whispering “zoo” near the young lady at the Pet-Mart in the dog food aisle works only if she is aware of the term, or is willing to expose herself to a stranger, or is actually a pet lover. Secret signals also avoid getting a fist in the throat when asking aloud, “Do youse screw dogs?’ of a non-lover.

    The problem I’ve always had with secrets signs is that they don’t *stay* secret. They have to be secret as long as there is oppression. Recognizing each other is only half the battle. Lifting fear of persecution is the flip-side of the mixed metaphor. I still have no answers for that one.

  2. nolan 6 months ago

    necklace charms, or how about some leather dog collars / chokers

  3. bacozoo 7 months ago

    I want o send a option for this memento. Adam

  4. Author
    thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    If you would like a pet love memento or have any design ideas, send me a private message or comment here (may be slower than the pm option) 🙂

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