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Good twilight to you all. In tonight’s installment I delve into the ancient stories and legends of our wild lifestyle. History tells us that wolves and man became inextricably intertwined somewhere around 15,000 years ago, likely earlier. Once we stopped moving and set down roots our leftover food began to attract scavengers and hunters alike. Gather round and let me take you back to when the wilderness was wild and the beasts that roamed it were even more so, to what I imagine was a first that would change the paths of human and canine history….

The forest deep and dense, home to friend and foe; gods and magic….no inkling of which might lurk beyond the next bush or river bend. Hunters on 2 legs and four stalk the same prey. The fire bearers scents fill the packs with unease and curiosity. With no claw or tooth they take down deer and elk, they wear the hides of beasts but are some otherworldly beasts themselves…. The furred ones pad through the twinkling night towards the scent of fire and two legs. Hidden under the umbrage of the trees they crept towards the dens as their fore bearers had taught them; for the two legs often left their kills outside their dens, an easy meal for the pack. With the ease of stealth and prowess honed by generations they wrapped jaws around discarded bones and sinew, the sweet scents of slight decay meant the two legs had no interest and as always they would soon make more for the pack, a welcome source of food in a harsh world. A scene like this had played out thousands of times, echoing across generations of man and wolf in countless settlements across the planet. This night however one of the two legs was nearer than any pack elder had said they would be. A she by her scent, and unafraid…. curious…..the furred one’s hackles rose slightly, and he kept a keen burnished gold eye on her.

In a moment that would shape both their packs for eternity, the she extended a bone with her other worldly naked paw. He tested the air with his nose. This she was alone, unafraid, and offering him food. By inches his soft paws crept closer. The she held fast, and as he took her proffered meal, their eyes met. He could see the wild in her, and she could sense the kinship in him. The she extended a furless paw, and his snout filled her soft gentle scent. The she stroked his fur as he broke the bone and licked the marrow, if this two legged she wanted to share with the pack a stroke of the ears seemed like a fair trade. Moonlight spilled into the world, the umbrage under the trees holding wolves who watched this strange scene, they would tell their pups of this. The first friendship of the two legs and the pack……

A scene like this was probably the beginning of wolves domestication and in short order the dawning of the pet love community.  Much as cats began to close the distance between themselves and us as we harvested grain, so too did wolves as we harvested deer and fish. It wouldn’t have taken long for the first human to take this woodland god into their bed roll. In fact, early man saw sex with animals as an act of divinity, for the natural world was their god and the beasts of the wild the emissaries of the god if not the gods themselves.

The earliest examples of zoophilia are cave drawings some 40,000 years old. Showing us that not only have humans been engaging sexually with animals since the dawn of civilization, they have been documenting it and even celebrating it.


The history of the world, its religions and its cultures are a history full to bursting with man and woman locked in ecstasy with our wild brethren.

Even into the medieval and modern era we have zoo sex being something akin to godliness an excerpt from antiquity regarding Alexander the Great.

“…. elsewhere in medieval literature, being the child of an animal could actually be considered a good thing. Well, if you were Alexander the Great it could be. There are multiple legends of how Alexander was conceived; for example, according to Plutarch in his biography of the leader, suggested that while his father, king Phillip of Macedonia, was descended from Heracles, his mother Olympias was a member of a snake-worshipping cult. Now there’s some in-your-face phallic symbolism! Indeed, Plutarch states that one night

“[…] a serpent was once seen lying stretched out by the side of Olympias as she slept, and we are told that this, more than anything else, dulled the ardor of Philip’s attentions to his wife, so that he no longer came often to sleep by her side, either because he feared that some spells and enchantments might be practiced upon him by her, or because he shrank for her embraces in the conviction that she was the partner of a superior being.” [11]

How’s that for a full-throated endorsement for ladies to take an animal lover to bed? Have yourself mind blowing sex and the next Alexander the Great, lol.

As for other historical examples I could fill many a book with them a brief list if you want to avail yourself of them:

  • Joan of France said to have been with a lion
  • Katherine the Greats death (probably propaganda but it’s a hell of a story)
  • The Greeks and Romans fertility rituals and in the case of Rome, Colosseum entertainment
  • The Egyptians
  • The Marquis de Sade.

More and more just ask Google.

With all that history you now know, don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re abnormal or weird for being into zoo, knotty, k9, pet sex or however you define it.  You’re closer to the Gods and nature than anyone in our modern world.

Happy hunting, packmates!

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  1. MartinReisa 1 day ago

    “La luz de la luna se derramó sobre el mundo” (“Moonlight spilled into the world”). El albor de un tiempo primigenio que no se perdió y continúa en nosotros, animales amantes y amantes animales…

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