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Good evening animal sex friends and ArtOfZoo knotty community! WolfBrother here, continuing the theme of “Hunting the Wild” – aka navigating the bestiality scene, and making new friends into zoophilia, sex with dogs and other animals. You can read my other posts here:

Tonight I have a different kind of post. My others have been about keeping the pack safe, finding others, and most importantly, real-life meetings with new friends interested in animal sex.

Along with those things, another useful skill is figuring out if a lover/partner/potential partner is comfortable with animal sex. Lots of people react very badly to people having sex with animals, either due to personal taste, because they favor social norms over thinking for themselves, or some other reason (such as having a phobia of dogs).

While a LOT of people don’t like it, don’t be blinded to the fact that an equal number of people WILL like it very much. And – more importantly – the VAST majority of all people will not care either way, will have no strong or conditioned reactions to it, and are therefore open to new ideas.

This means that the number of people interested in animal sex – in the world, or even just in your life – is entirely down to you, and the approach you take.



Although many people are open to new ideas, they may still have heard the ‘popular opinions’ about sex with animals. E.g. that people have sex with animals because they can’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend, that animalsex people are weirdo freaks with no social skills, etc. While these examples may be true in some cases, it’s important to remember that people in all walks of life are interested in animal sex – doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, professionals, students, tradespeople – just about every demographic you can imagine. Also remember that being single and weird is by no means unique to the animalsex arena. You will find such people in ANY walk of life…



Weird can be a bit offputting for the opposite sex, on account of weird people occasionally trying to eat you. Weird is unpredictable – and by weird I don’t mean a bit quirky. By weird I mean long greasy hair, staring eyes, carrying a stuffed raccoon around Walmart, and sniffing all the milk cartons kind of weird. The inability to function in the real world is not really attractive to anyone. So, you will want to make all reasonable efforts to not be that.

Instead, try to be an attractive partner. Funny, reliable, dependable, thoughtful – all the good stuff. You don’t have to look like a catwalk model to be attractive, people place importance in all kinds of things.

Being the best person you can be, and having confidence in that, is THE best endorsement of what you are into sexually. If Brad Pitt endorses Nike, chances are lots more people will buy Nike. If Nike is endorsed by the Unabomber, probably less so.

So, how people react to YOU, and you being into sex with animals, is, again, entirely down to you.



When scrutinizing someone as a potential partner, some standard groundwork is sensible. You’ll want to ‘X’ out any unsuitables as quickly as possible, so you can move onto the next potential. Are they heavily religious or conservative? Are they racist or bigoted? Do they cling to normal/vanilla like Kate Winslet to a floating door? Do they respond to mild sexual topics by screaming and jumping out a window? Are they straight-up SJW? None of these are particularly encouraging signs.

Inversely – do they have tattoos or piercings? Do they listen to punk/rock/techno or other counterculture music? Do they ‘think differently’, or think for themselves? Are they into exotic foods or places? Are they comfortable with mild sexual humor? These signs are more encouraging.

While not all animalsex lovers fit into a specific template (yes we do have zoophiles who are entirely vanilla in every other aspect of their lives), the point here is to steer yourself more towards those who will accept your interests, and away from those who won’t. A spawning salmon is far more likely to get laid in a pool of other spawning salmon, than in a sinkhole full of shopping carts.



By ‘picking your pool’ carefully, and surrounding yourself with others into, or more likely to be into animal sex, you are more likely to meet someone who shares your interests. Sites like ArtOfZoo are important because most of the work is already done for you. Such meeting places are overflowing with other animalsex lovers, so please do what you can to support the community.



Back in the ‘real’ world, you’ve met someone potentially interesting, and you are keen to find out how they feel about animal sex. As QUICKLY as possible, you should aim to drop the question ‘are you into anything kinky?’

You won’t want to drop this question during your local church fete, or Chamber of Commerce meeting. It’s best to ask this question in the afterglow of good sex – so you have some work to do!

The answer to this question will speak volumes. ‘Kinky? What are you some kind of pervert?’ is the sign it’s time to move onto the next potential. ‘Not really’ is ambiguous, it might be that they just haven’t had the opportunity to be kinky yet. ‘Sure, I’m into pissing/bondage/etc’ is a wide-open door for you to walk through. The invariable follow up to this response is ‘how about you?’ – to which you confidently reply ‘yeah, actually I have a real thing for dog porn’.



There is no law against saying you like something. As such, you can be as honest and open about this as you like. Don’t start mumbling, or looking away embarrassed, and give the impression that there is something wrong with your interests. If you spin it as ‘wrong’, your partner will of course get the idea that it’s wrong, or ‘weird’.

Don’t start hinting at it – others will either not pick up on what you are ‘selling’, or they will think ‘why does this person keep going on about animal sex, that’s a bit weird?’ Because you are ashamed of what you like, you are essentially saying you are ashamed of who you are. Which basically paints you as a weirdo, and we know not to go down that road.

If instead, you spin animal sex with confidence, as something naughty, exciting, cheeky, or interesting and exotic – then that is how your partner is likely to perceive it. There is a good chance your partner will give their honest opinion about it, and you will have a much clearer view of the situation.



Being funny puts people at ease. Women particularly enjoy men with a sense of humor, take rabbit-bonking Jessica as an example:



While being ‘weird’ is a no-no, being ‘a perv’ is quite amusing and can open many doors. There is an honesty about being a perv that puts people at ease. The right KIND of perv, of course…



Being ‘Pervy Simon’ or ‘Pervy Sally’, with a sense of humor about it, will likely attract in your direction any others in your social circle who feel likewise. Sure, you will occasionally get sour looks from religious weirdos, etc – but those are a vast minority, and deterring/repelling those types is really a good thing. Us animal sex lovers don’t like to be around weirdos as much as anybody else.

Having developed and perfected your ‘funny, pervy, and generally easy to be around’ vibe, you are already 90% of the way there. The last 10% is usually when your chosen partner is still uncertain about sex with animals. In that event, you can lean on media, jokes, fairytales, Greek legends – really anything to get the point across that animal sex is actually a lot more common than people think. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be on TV or in movies as much as it is, right?



For this one there’s a smorgasbord of options. Almost everyone has heard about dogs and peanut butter…



As the mainstream media struggles to find increasingly shocking topics to titillate audiences, so the topic of animal sex crops up more often with each passing year. Dog fucking jokes are a regular mainstay of animated sitcom Family Guy, barely an episode goes by without some reference to bestiality or dog sex…



From The Muppets, to Game of Thrones  – Empire Strikes Back (“I’d just as soon kiss a wookie…”) to Clerks 2 – mainstream TV and movies are overflowing with instances of different species getting it on…







Any of these is an opportunity to ‘sell’ animal sex as something funny and fun. Keeping it light and humorous will put your partner at ease and make animal sex not such a ‘big deal’.




There are tons of references to sex with animals in risqué comics and even cheeky “normal” comics than one would ever think…

Animal sex comic - 2 women joke about sex with dogs


Animal sex comic - dog licks womans vagina at pet store


Animal sex comic - woman being fucked by bull


Animal sex comic - young woman enjoys sex with a gorilla


Animal sex comic - woman on phone being dog fucked



Moving beyond the ‘foreplay’ of joking and flirting, a good way of turning people on to animal sex is to show them beautiful animal porn, with attractive people doing sexy things with pets, and clearly having a wonderful time. People are often surprised at how aroused they get seeing animal sex done well. Of course, don’t start breaking out the dog porn until you have done all the other groundwork first!


Alright pack, you have some work to do. Sniff out the people who are kinky and vivacious, the fun free-spirited people who can join us on this journey. The more we each do our part to expand our ‘pool’, the more animal sex lovers we will be around, and the better our chances of meeting that special someone into animal sex. Don’t forget, “The strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf“. Have fun and happy hunting!

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  1. honeypot1 5 months ago

    Congratulations on giving us another outstanding read! You rock 😍

  2. likestowatchinnc 5 months ago

    If the partner enjoys reading I’d also suggest erotica that includes petsex. The higher the quality the better. Women in particular aren’t as visually oriented as men.

  3. TheFluffiest 5 months ago

    I have a new favorite quote, ty TWB for this one: ,, Do they cling to normal/vanilla like Kate Winslet to a floating door?” <3 :p

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