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My story is a simple one, and like any good story, it continues to grow. I frequently have down time in the late hours of the day, and to fill that time, I’ve taken up many a hobby. The most salacious of which is attempting to spread the animal sex philosophy to curious women the world over.

With the advent of the internet, us zoos/zoophiles (or however you self identify in this wild community 😉  ) have had a much easier time opening up about our unique love interests. Chat rooms, apps and even dedicated sites like ArtOfZoo, have given us a platform to safely express our “wild” side. (forgive my awful puns, they make me chuckle, even if they make you cringe)

I distinctly remember being a lonely boy, adrift in a world that I felt detested – and often does detest – my innermost desires. Of course having porn to satiate my lust wasn’t enough. It NEVER is. A wise older woman found my lost-pup self in a chatroom and invited me to my first online community.

In an effort to bring other lost or curious souls into the fold of the pet love community, I like to think that I act as a beacon of light, shining proud and warm, and inviting everyone to love their dogs in our special way.

I have encountered mostly fakes and role players when offering “beast/k9” assistance. Such is life when you practice a kink, so many wish to watch, but never contribute or join us on the journey. But, here and there I have had some truly wonderful real women open to the idea of petlove. Talking openly, honestly, and most importantly patiently and knowledgeably with them has brought more than a few to our community. I would encourage each person who reads this, to try to be more proactive in searching for, encouraging and advocating new people to visit the site, and join our community. I’m hoping interesting blog posts and other useful features will provide all the ammunition you need in your mission of bringing new people into the beast community 🙂


As I’ve stated above, the internet is our greatest venue to bring up pet love without fear of embarrassment or becoming pariah. Any chat app that connects you with random people is a great place to start. Simple guidelines for a good venue are:

  • Not connected to any other personal data. For God’s sake don’t use your Facebook or Instagram credentials. A little anonymity goes a long way
  • Does not require your phone number to activate your account. Same concept as above
  • Make sure the app/site is open to “adult themes” don’t go posting about it on a food blog etc – the site Mods might take offense and report you to your ISP

These are just a few things I wanted to cover, that, in my experience, has made connecting with other k9 lovers and potential pet lovers much easier.

Look forward to writing more guides and tips soon!

Your humble neighborhood WolfBrother 🙂


Nice post WolfBrother, and this is exactly how our original community site grew – with a little help from our friends. Interested folks might also want to check out Promoting Petlove page. I’ve said it before, I will say it again. The best chance for everyone to meet new interesting friends in real life, is if everyone goes out and brings a few new people to the network.

Fishing for Pet Ladies on other random chats is something I used to do a lot, and it was very effective.

If you make sure your profile area is nicely completed and presentable – bringing people to the site is easy. Just tell them they can check out your profile here, and let them do the rest.

About people on non-adult sites reporting you to your ISP – exactly this situation happened to me and it wasn’t pretty – so do be careful please 🙂


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  1. blackguy56 6 months ago

    This is a great article. I’ve tried myself to get a few women into Pet love. I think the whisper app is a great place to start. I’ve educated a few women on how pleasurable sex with dogs can be & opened the minds of couple curious women:) ??+?=????

  2. er1c 6 months ago

    Same here. Mostly with GF, and for those I trained, their own girl friends … i’v trained 4 so far, or rather should i say initiated, but J. Was by far my most eager-to-learn “student” … I even had her consider making a movie on ZS

  3. k9guyntx 10 months ago

    Thanks for this article. Over the years I have found a few “normal” women who were genuinely curious and emotionally intelligent enough to allow themselves to explore. Some of these random sites are great for this very thing as long as your are kind, patient, and sincere.

  4. arottienameddiesel 1 year ago

    Adam could you elaborate on the ISP issue?
    I am a little worried about it, as I’m a lone wolf incognito in this

    • adam 1 year ago

      Ah, hehe that is quite a funny story – not so funny at the time. I have all this written out in a post that I published, then unpublished because I need to rework it a bit. I will sort that out and publish it again so you can reap the benefits of all my past fuck ups 🙂

  5. brizpaul 1 year ago

    I found the article Hunting The Wild to be very good sound advice. I will put into practise.

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