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I have seen a lot of women asking how the can have sex with their new lover, so I have found a few tips to help the discover their new passion and out them here so you don’t have to search the internet. I hope this helps.

Oral sex is the way many women first get exposed to dog love. Dogs are naturally attracted to the scent of a woman’s vagina, so many of you have already discovered that Rover likes to sniff your panties or even your crotch. Allowing him to take it a step further is an excellent way to experience some of the greatest oral sex you will ever have in your life!

One of the nicest things about allowing a dog to lick your snatch is that most male dogs will spend much more time than a human male providing you with the most electrifying oral sex. A dogs tongue is also much longer and is able to get to many places that a man can’t or won’t. A dogs tongue is covered with thousands of tiny buds that when he licks your clitoris you will feel sensations that you did not know existed. And, how many of you have had a man give you analingus? Not many I’ll bet. Well, I’m here to tell you that having your ass licked is a great thing, and a dog has no problem doing it for you! If you have never experienced a tongue working from the very top of your slit all the way around to the end of your crack you have truly missed something grand.

There are several very good positions for you to try if you want to try this. If you decide that your preference is clitoral/vaginal only I have found one position that works very well. I recommend that you sit on the edge of a bed so that the back of your calves are flat against the edge of the bed. You then lay straight back picking your feet up and placing the on the edge of the bed. This will expose your clitoris, labia and vagina to his waiting tongue.

For those of you who would like more but want to prevent him from trying to mount you then the ideal position is reclining on your side, on pillows or cushions, on the floor. All you have to do at that point is to raise your leg a little and he will have access to all of your pussy and ass.

For those of you that want that ultimate experience you will have to give him full and total access to you. This can only happen when you are down on all fours. Now I know that staying in that position for more than a few minutes is not comfortable at all but there is one way that I have found that will be both very comfortable and very enjoying. You kneel at the edge of your bed and then lie the upper part of your body face down onto the bed, keeping your knees on the floor. You then spread your knees apart as much as you can, giving him full access to you. One very important item to remember while you are considering what position you would like to use is that if you do not wish to have him mount you this is not the position to use.

Now that we gone over all the wonderful things that a dog can do for you with his tongue, let’s talk about what you can do with yours. According to several doctors and veterinarians I have spoken with, a dogs cock is three times cleaner that a man’s cock. A dog will spend considerable time everyday cleaning it, how many men do you know that do that? So, why not try it? I find that when I am sucking off a dog, I have a tremendous amount of mental stimulation that gets me horny as hell! Just knowing that I am sucking on an animals dick will get me so horny, that it doesn’t take much to get me off. I will usually use a free hand to masturbate while I am sucking him, and I have some of the greatest orgasms this way.

Most male dogs will gladly allow you to suck them and there are many positions to do it in. I find that two positions are very good and are easy to accomplish. For those of you that are just starting out and are nervous about doing it I recommend that you have him lie on his back with you next to him. This will give you full access to his cock and be able to control all the action. But, another great method I use is to lie on my back with the back of my head slightly raised by a pillow and have him stand over me with his cock within reach of my mouth. Then he humps me and does all the work, leaving my hands free to masturbate myself with.

One important thing to remember when sucking a dog: while most men like to have their balls rubbed or fondled while having their cocks sucked, this is not so with all dogs. Before starting any sexual activity with him, touch and feel his cock and balls to insure that he does like it. The next thing that we are going to do now that we have gotten into the position that we prefer is begin to get him aroused. I find that the best way is to first gently stroke his cock through his sheath until it begins to enlarge and slip out. Once you have at least an inch of him out of his sheath you should gently take him into your mouth. You should continue to gently stoke him with your hand while you begin to slowly move your mouth back and forth over his cock. As you of the this his cock will continue to enlarge until he reaches full erection.

While you are moving your mouth over his cock you should try to place the tip of your tongue into the indentation on the head of his cock as this will cause his to reach his climax. As he gets closer to his climax you will notice that at the base of his cock there is a very large bulge known as his knot. This knot is used to hold his cock inside a female (dog or human) until he has finished ejaculating. If you are considering going further then you should make a mental note of the size of his cock and knot. The average large dog has a cock, when aroused, that is 5 to 7 inches long and 1 and a half to 2 inches wide. The knot for a dog whose cock is 6 inches long and 1 and a half wide can be two inches long and 4 inches wide.

A dog is different than most mammals as from the time they begin to become aroused until they begin to get soft they will have some form of ejaculate coming from their cocks. At first arousal there is a clear thin fluid that tastes like iron and has the consistency of water, this is his pre-cum that is for lubrication so his knot will slip into the females vagina. At full arousal is when he actually will produce his sperm and you can tell when this happens as his cum will begin to have a slightly salty taste to it. You should be aware that his cum will never be as thick as a mans but he will produce about twice as much as a man. I personally think that dog cum tastes much better than man cum.

Good old screwing that’s what this is all about, well not quite. There are a number of things that differ from sex with a man other than the dog can’t get you pregnant.

At this point I will assume that you have made the decision that you are going to have sexual intercourse with a large dog (75 pounds) and that you are there by yourself . I will be your companion and you may visualize me there. The first discussion is how are we going to do it. There are two prime positions to use, the old standard doggy style and the safer missionary style.

If we choose the missionary position you can prevent him from getting his knot inside you and we can be in control the whole time. Ok, you want to try the missionary position, you are sitting on the edge of a chair, a towel under you to prevent his and your cum from staining the chair, your ass at the very edge legs spread wide apart. Here comes your lover he sees your warm and wet pussy and at once begins to sniff and lick it. You call him up to you so that he has his front paws on the chair his body between your legs. (I like to put some socks over his front paws so that he can’t scratch me accidentally.)

Then you take his sheath in hand and begin to stroke it gently and as he begins to swell and extend you guide the end of his cock into you. As he feels the wetness and warmth of you he begins to hump, slowly at first then faster and faster until you feel his knot at the mouth of your vagina. As his cum slowly fills you up you too reach climax. If you allow him to put his knot inside you YOU WILL be together until he gets soft which usually take 15 to 20 minutes but can take up to 45 minutes. The major benefit of the missionary position is that if you do not want to have his knot inside you can, in almost all cases, prevent it by holding it in your hand. I find that the most satisfying and arousing sensations I feel are caused by the knot being inside me. I try to have my dog put his knot in every time we make love, but whether or not you want to is up to you.

Doggy style is just that, you are down on all fours with him. This position will allow you to fully experience the pleasure of having a canine lover. He will at first sniff then lick you and after the tastes and smells begin to arouse him he will move to a position to mount you. A dog will usually come up directly behind you and mount you that way. Once he has mounted you he will begin to hump trying to get his cock into you, if this is something new to him then you should guide his cock to where it should go, he will do the rest. As the two of you continue he will move faster and faster with his strokes until you feel his knot begin to swell and rub at the lips. At this point we have decision time, if you want it inside you should totally relax and allow him to slide it in. If you don’t want it in, you should reach back with your hand and try to hold the knot with your hand. A simple note of warning, if you use this position and then decide that you don’t want his knot in you may not be able to prevent it from happening. If his knot is in, you WILL have to wait until he gets soft. I do not recommend you trying to remove it as unless your vagina is very large, it will hurt and may even injure you. So if you have any doubt’s at all I would stick with the missionary position.

Well, we are now mated and as his knot continues to swell inside you begin to feel this warm feeling inside you. I have been told that a dogs body temperature is higher than a human’s and that his cum is even warmer, and as he cums deep inside you can feel that warmth. His knot is now fully expanded, his cum is flowing into you, your juices begin to flow mixing with his and at this point you begin to feel his knot begin to throb. I found that while doing it doggy style as his knot pushes against the inside walls of my vagina it also pushes against the inside of my clitoris and that the sensations of that happening drive me wild. I have reached orgasm up to seven times in a row while this is happening.

There are some things that you should consider before you attempt allowing your lover to mount you for the purpose of anal sex. You should be experienced with anal sex, by this I mean you should have no difficulty taking your human lovers cock into you. You will not always be successful with achieving penetration and if you do you may wind up with his knot inside you. If you now still want to try it well lets go. In finding a good position for male canine/human female anal sex I have tried dozens of positions and found many that work and many that didn’t.

I have found that the best position is one called a modified doggy position. To get into that position you should first find an open space, very private of course, inside your house or wherever and place a soft pad on the floor for you to kneel on. You then kneel on the pad and get into a normal doggy position. To achieve the correct position you now bring your knees forward and tuck them up into your stomach. Now that you have done that you rest the front of your body on your elbows. Great you have mastered getting into the proper position, now there are some other things you have to do before you call to your lover. We have this little problem with lubrication that has to be solved with something otherwise this will really hurt. I have found that natural oils such as olive or corn oils work best and will not hurt your lover. NEVER NEVER use Vaseline or that like as they will make the dog sick or even worse.

Well now we know what lubrication we are going to use we must now apply it. It is not enough to just smear a little oil on the outside of your anus for this to work, you must lubricate both outside as well as inside. The easy part is the outside and I leave that until I am in position to do. To lubricate the inside I have found that if I lubricate as much of the inside of my anus as possible I have no discomfort at all. I use a large eyedropper, that will hold about an ounce or so of oil, to get the oil inside and when I have done that insert one finger to spread the oil over the muscle.

Congratulations, you are now ready, you have done your inside lubrication and are in the proper position and here comes your lover. You should now take your oil and rub some on your anus and the area around it. After he has mounted you will probably have to guide him into you. Once he is inside he will hump just like an vaginal sex. The same precautions concerning his knot should be used here as well. I do not recommend those just starting out to try having him insert his knot. As there is not as much stimulation with anal sex you may want to gently masturbate while he is in you. There is one way to increase the stimulation and that is place a dildo into your vagina. This will transmit his movement inside you to you clitoris and help you reach climax.

Just a few footnotes about the fun of canine human sex. You can do all of these things while a human lover, male or female is present and in some cases the experience is more enjoyable.

As I said these are a few tips I have found and want to share with the community, I know some have been doing this for a while but there are those who are starting and discovering there new found passion, So I feel that it is only fair that we share the knowledge and make their first experience a memorable one so that they continue with their journey.

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  1. nancytwins 1 week ago

    One thing I did not mention is that, when you are in your period your friend will smell that with enthusiasm. I hardly could keep mine off my crotch. Always snuggling at it for a lick and a dip in the red sea. He will lap up every drop of it. The first time he pulled out my tampon and ate it. Now I know to remove it before hand. It is the scent I presume which makes him horny. Not even my boy friend does not go down on me when I am on my period. As we know we are very horny at that time. Somebody licking my pussy at that time is a god send. I am writing this as this is an open form. Thinking about it makes me horny.

  2. nancytwins 1 week ago

    There are two things I find useful. It helps enormously if you are fully shaven. The licking strokes are more enjoyable. You could spray some Eue D Estres (bitch in heat spray from dog breeder shops) to get the natural attraction. The dog will go wild and be very, very interested. He licks my pussy all over with great enthusiasm when I do that. Personally, I do not find anal as much fun and it hurts a lot when the knot is stuck. Not a good position to stay in for a long time. In the pussy is fantastic if you are in to it

  3. Glandosline 1 month ago

    Good documentation for novices. Thank-you

  4. ks020304 3 months ago


    • Author
      Beastboy4444 3 months ago


  5. AnimalLoverPaar 3 months ago

    Wir haben einen äußerst nervösen Hund, er will aber ist zu wild und hat keine Ruhe. Wir haben schon sehr viel versucht. Habt ihr einen Tipp?

    • Adam 3 months ago

      Hallo – ja, bitte lassen Sie sich zuerst verifizieren. Dann kannst du einen Lehrer finden, der dir hilft 🙂

  6. madgic1978 4 months ago

    спасибо большое очень позновательно!

  7. anusha22reddy 5 months ago

    nicely put

  8. Hippiegoddess666 5 months ago

    Thanks for the info 😊

  9. GabrielAngel 5 months ago

    Z partnerką posiadamy rocznego owczarka niemieckiego kiedy możliwy bedzie z nim stosunek?

    • Author
      Beastboy4444 5 months ago

      you can start teaching now , by having sex with him in the room and letting him sniff and lick, and once he is confortable things will naturally take there corse. Dont force him as he will become stubborn and it becomes more difficult, you want it to happen naturally so that both you and him enjoy it together as lovers.

  10. NaughtyKnotter 5 months ago

    How do you train a young dog to mate? do you let him hump your hand when he’s a puppy ?
    Thank you love your instructions…

    • Adam 5 months ago

      Training dogs is kind of an urban myth. You don’t really train dogs you train people. Dogs fuck, or they don’t. Yes some dogs have more experience than others and are better at it, that is what people refer to as Training, but it’s not really training just experience. But yes, the way to get a dog interested and comfortable with sex is to treat him well, make sure he is healthy with plenty of exercise, and don’t scold him if he starts showing sexual interest. If you choose your breed wisely then most of this happens naturally.

  11. Janina1904 5 months ago

    Sehr gut

  12. warflash 5 months ago

    Please add a guide with a horse and a pig.

    • Author
      Beastboy4444 5 months ago

      I am looking into that , and compiling info as I find it. Information with those two species is limited tho we know it is happening.

  13. sXaBeast 5 months ago

    Thanks. So despite all my [email protected] I am doomed to second place…..:(

    • Author
      Beastboy4444 4 months ago

      No be patient and take your time and things will happen naturally. Don’t force it and you will be well rewarded.

  14. gionny80 5 months ago

    ottima descrizione

  15. Oleg1212 5 months ago

    Chic and good

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