How to blog on ArtofZoo

Starting your Petlove Blog

So you want to share some of your stories or experience with other ArtOfZoo Members? Or you want to be a bit more visible so you can make more new friends? You can now have your own blog on ArtOfZoo.

You can access your blog area through your profile area:

Approved blog posts will be listed under the Member Blogs category of the main ArtOfZoo blog. It will also show up on the various ‘latest posts’ areas around the network, meaning your post – and the link back to your profile – will get seen by most all network Members.

What to Blog About?

We have always published nice articles and submissions from our Members. Doing it via the blog just streamlines the process a bit.

Blogs are really prestige pieces, so we really want to publish only the very best posts and articles – the kinds of things that our Members would be interested in and benefit from. For example:

  • You first / last / favourite petlove experience
  • Your favourite pet movie / model, or a movie you would really like to see made
  • Experiences and tips from your petlove lifestyle
  • Security tips and advice
  • Do’s and don’ts for pet dating
  • Site guides and how-to’s, to help new Members
  • Use your imagination and lets see what you come up with 🙂

Stories, fiction and literature can be posted via the blog – however, we now plan to place all stories into their own category in the Library section. So we will likely move any stories over to there.

How to Blog

Go to your blog area (see above), and click on “Add New Post”:

Click on “Title” to add your title – click on “Tell your story”, and add your post text.

Note: It’s highly recommended to write your text in a text file first, and paste it into this area. If you do not – any hiccup on the site (e.g. we take it down for maintenance while you are writing) and your post may be lost.

You can add an image using the details button here:

However, we will contact you directly for any approved blog posts, and ask you if you have any other images you want to add. That way we can format and insert them nicely into your post.

We check for new submitted blog posts regularly. If your post is suitable for publishing, we will contact you. After that, we will tidy up your post, correct any spelling or grammar problems – add any additional images (or sometimes add some of our own where appropriate), and publish your post so other Members can enjoy it.

Things To Not Do

  • Please only submit your own content – don’t borrow / steal content from other people, it isn’t polite
  • Please only submit good quality posts of a reasonable length. Short comments, snippets etc are better posted on your activity wall
  • Please do not post photos, videos or links with no written text. The blog is for quality pieces – such things are better posted on your activity wall
  • Anything considered unsuitable for publishing will be declined for approval. So please make sure you read all of this page first, to avoid disappointment

If you have things to post but you find the blog system too complicated – you can contact Support and we will post it for you.





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