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I thoroughly enjoyed restraining myself…All those years struggling for normalcy in my modern pop twisted Leave it to Beaver relationship… Don’t get me wrong… I also simultaneously desired to know myself completely unrestrained… So ending that relationship hurt but also healed…whilst opening doors… I suppose that is another example of seeking  balance in my life….

I do tend to be dominant with my lovers, especially the females, for so often they tend to be quite exasperatingly timid. I’ll take my time with them. Make them feel safe and loved. Soft caresses…fluttering kisses…murmuring sweetness and cherry pie into every fiber, every crevice til the wanton woman or man begins grinding their hips…reaching out for me… Begging for completion as I toy and ravish their juicy parts ‘n pieces.

On the other hand, I absolutely adore a voracious passionate lover that strips me of any and all control. A lover that transcends my sensual prowess with barely a word or gesture…

Any creature is capable of this. Man, woman, animal or object can bring me to my knees with only a look. It’s all about desire. If you want me…I know…when you’re hungry for me I can sense it…smell it…taste it…. My body responds…pheromones drift…pupils dilate, breathing lowers…quickens…becomes heavier…you maintain eye contact…leaving me helpless…exactly….where…I want to be…

I gave the last of my shimmering virginity to the family dog. I was just 13 years old…On a back note I was raised religious, wholesome and virginal. However, my own yearnings began early.

Incredibly horny and without any outlet in sight…creative and imaginative…intelligent enough to observe male k9s frigging happily in the streets…By the time I realized I had a bursting desire and thus a serious problem, it didn’t take long for me to figure on how to exactly solve it!

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  1. mycockrocks 6 months ago

    Beautifully articulated. My immersion in kink, perversions and ultimate surrender to my desires too a similar course. Denying those pleasures almost drove me crazy. But submitting to them was incredibly liberating. And the pleasures experienced and shared beyond measure.

  2. Author
    knottygrrl 8 months ago

    Thank you xoxo waiting for part 2 to be approved. Any day now!

  3. Mediciman51 8 months ago

    Always be who you are and not what society/people want you to be. This is your world not theirs.

  4. z00 8 months ago

    I love your article, this discovery of you, I like to learn more about you.You are a woman who likes to go after things. Continue to move forward.

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