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Hey all, I R A Perv here! New to the site, but I’ve been a Petlove enthusiast for years.

For purposes of anonymity yet friendly undertones, I’m going to be going by ‘Rin’ from this point on. Hubby can be “Tin-Tin”. (I know, the comedy… make it stop.)

ANYWAY! I thought I’d christen my first Blog Post on here by giving a little backstory into myself and how I came to be here with all you wonderful little deviants.


I grew up in a very traditional household. My mother worked at home, my father worked in a factory. We were Eastern Orthodox, which meant sex was something you didn’t talk about.

I hit puberty in a cyclone of confusion. I began to develop breasts before anyone, wore the first bra in class, got hairy armpits before the boys, etc., and worst of all? In the nineties, a time not well-known in the Midwest for acceptance, I found myself deeply attracted to not only the boys, but the girls.

I confessed this once. Only once to our priest – in hindsight, probably the worst person I could have told. Eastern Orthodox don’t really have ‘confessionals’, so this was in his office after a youth program. He reacted by screaming at me that I was talking about sodomy and blasphemy… how it would lead me to unspeakable acts, etc., etc. (Wow, if he only knew.) But I was traumatized. Humiliated. He agreed not to tell my parents, but he required that I worked around the church.

This led to years of shame and regret. I worked there as a volunteer for six years until he left the church. At some point, I’m sure he’d forgotten what I’d been made to work there for, but I was too afraid to test him.

The day he left, I left. I was in my sophomore year of high school, and I had a boyfriend. It wasn’t a normal relationship, but I convinced myself I was meant to be with him, even though we were pretty much doomed to fail from the start. We were young and dumb.

When we broke up later that year, the first person to come to comfort me was a close girlfriend of mine, Jill (name changed). Jill would be the person I lost my virginity to, and only a month after I’d broken up with my boyfriend. She and I dated through the rest of high school and into the community college down the road.

I hid it from my parents, like any teenager would. They simply thought Jill and I were close friends. I was beyond feeling guilty about it. I enjoyed her. I enjoyed the kissing, the sex, the company; we learned how to have sex from playing with each other.

When we broke up, it was a few months before it was time for me to transfer to a university. And it was honestly my fault. I won’t go into that here, but we were done, permanently.

Despite it being my fault, when I arrived at my new dorm, I fell into a deep depression. I had fantasized about running away with Jill. I had fantasized about dressing her up as a man and marrying Jill. (Long before gay marriage was legal). But now I was in college. Alone. And I couldn’t talk to my parents or siblings about any of this. How could I?

My roommate was a party girl from California. To this day the sound of her voice still makes me grit my teeth when I think about it. I hated her. She was pushy, nosy, and obnoxious. She was drunk more often than she was sober, and she must have had a different guy over every single night. We were in a DORM. There were no separate rooms. I got to lie there in bed and listen to her getting a new STI on a nightly basis. But she was the instrument that would lead me down the rabbit hole. She was the one that dragged me out of the dorms and to a party at the nearby fraternity. She’s who introduced me to him.

He was Bryce (changed the name). Bryce was at this college for his sixth year. He was one of those ‘career college students’ (his words). But he was also a smooth customer. He had a way of making everyone around him just stop and listen to him. He had an air of authority, confidence… and sexuality to his every action. He had his own apartment just off campus, he rode a motorcycle, and he dressed like a true ‘rebel’. He was also an incorrigible asshole. He was one of those men who picked vulnerable women out and went after them. And he certainly went after me.

By this time, he was not my first man, but he was certainly the most perverted up until that point. And I do not mean this in a nice way. He liked to guilt you or pressure you into acts he wanted you to perform. He’d even threaten to go find someone who would perform them with him. And young stupid Rin, well, she was very vulnerable to exploitation.

I hated it . . . the whole relationship. It was miserable, though at the time I’d convinced myself it was the best I deserved. He liked bondage (of me), rough sex (for me), rape fantasies (yup), biting (asshole), oral (for him, not me), watching porn (didn’t mind that as much), and especially anal. One of his regular pornos was something I’d never seen before. A Japanese movie of some kind, involving a young girl and dogs. At first, it was shocking, disgusting even. But over time, boy did it become mild compared to my disgust for OTHER things about Bryce. I got to be his girlfriend. I shouldn’t have cared, but it gave me status on the campus. True, it was not worth the trade, but I still felt powerful.

It didn’t mean that we were in any way immune to the inevitable fall, though. By my third year, we were fighting constantly. We were in a vicious cycle of breakups, getting back together and unfulfilling make-up sex. I knew he’d been cheating. I knew it. Hell, I could smell it on him and in his apartment. But he was still constantly having me do things for him, one item of which was dog-sitting his boxer, Cody.

I’d done it countless times before, but when that particular night came, we’d been fighting, REALLY fighting, for most of the day before up until I arrived for Cody. Which I still agreed to do because I’d ‘promised’ (Seriously, young Rin, grow a spine).

After feeding the friendly pupper, I set off on a mission. I was never allowed in his room when he wasn’t there. But today I was finding proof he was cheating. And boy did I! He had a shoebox under his bed filled with panties. (Yes, he was one of those creeps.) He also had photos on his computer of him and a few girls I knew. It didn’t help that his bedding smelled like pussy either.

I should have been furious, but it actually made me feel more defeated. This had clearly been going on for a while. And I’d just let it happen. I thought I’d feel triumphant, or something. Instead, it just made me feel nauseous.

Rather than destroy his apartment like a normal college girlfriend, I decided to distract myself from the problem. I went to grab a DVD but found that his collection consisted of The Fast and the Furious, Swingers, and the Sopranos. (Have I mentioned he was an asshole?) Other than that, he had porn.

And he had a few DVDs of bestiality fetish. I had gone from being disgusted, to apathetic, to curious over the course of seeing a few of these. But I never really got to watch them with Bryce for obvious reasons, so I plucked up the one with the most attractive girl on it, and went back to his living room, popped it into his TV, and watched it.

I was fascinated by how the dogs’ penises behaved; how they swelled, how fast they thrust, how much they came . . . it was something I never would have considered a few years back, but I was so… SO curious now.

I called Cody over, and the friendly Boxer hopped right up on the couch. I watched the woman on screen rubbing the dog’s sheath, and I copied the motion.

I should have been raging, furiously ripping my hair out, instead, I was masturbating Bryce’s dog to see what his cock would look like. I was lucky Cody wasn’t neutered or snappy- this may have just annoyed the dog or something, but Cody DEFINITELY wasn’t opposed to what I was doing.

It took minimal effort before he was panting, licking my face urgently and his little red tip was poking out from his sheath. I wasn’t ready to try oral on a dog, still too new, but I managed to psyche myself up enough to touch the exposed penis.

Cody didn’t disappoint as I lightly rubbed his tip. That tip grew, then grew more, until I could wrap a hand around it and stroke it. It was such a confidence booster the way Cody reacted, affectionately kissing me, panting heavily, swelling to such a nice big size. By the time Cody was completely out of his sheath, I was feeling bold and very turned on. This was the single dirtiest, most taboo thing I’d ever done, and I was loving the feeling.

I jerked the happy dog off for a few minutes, watching the girl on screen getting mounted, and after a few minutes of indecision, I finally made up my mind. I was going to have Cody fuck me on Bryce’s bed.

It wasn’t easy moving to the bed. Cody was all over me; kissing, humping, jumping on me. He’d always been a bit of a goofball, but WOW he was excited now.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants, though I hesitated and went to lock Bryce’s bedroom door before pulling off my panties. Cody almost made me scream in surprise. The second my panties were around my ankles, his tongue shot straight up the back of my thighs, and he was enthusiastically tonguing my ass, my pussy – whatever he could get at like he was dying of thirst and my groin was water.

I moved for the bed, but being a bit afraid and nervous, I first grabbed a bottle of lube from Bryce’s nightstand and lubed myself and Cody up but good. Bryce could wonder why there were lube stains all over his bedding later. I got up on the bed like the girl in the movie had done and patted my ass like she had done.

Cody understood that he was supposed to jump up on the bed with me, but what he was supposed to be doing had obviously been lost on him. He set straight to licking my face, my armpits, my feet – he was so energetic and excited, it took me a few moments to get my hand to his collar and guide him back between my legs.

I thought he’d just take the hint and mount. I was very, very wrong, and again nearly shouted out in surprise as the boxer stuck his big, flat tongue STRAIGHT up my ass. I should note – no doggy since Cody has been able to shove a tongue in my butt without assistance. Cody? That tongue was talented.

I literally squeezed his tongue out, whining in embarrassment and disappointment. I patted my lower back now. “Cody… please… Up. Come on.” Cody stopped to sniff between my legs, and then, at last, he mounted. He didn’t need help finding the right hole either like many of my Pupper Partners have needed. No, Cody was up, pressed himself against me, then SHOVED IT IN.

It was much better than I’d expected. I expected pain. Immediate pain. But instead, it was oddly . . . pleasurable. Not as long as a human’s cock, but moving at SUCH a high speed, it was almost like a perfectly sized vibrator, and luckily for me, it was pounding not my cervix like most human men, but my G-spot.

I was done being nervous or ashamed in minutes. Literally, minutes. Cody was such an amazing stud. He was too light to be too rough but had enough energy to really work that doggy cock.

It was probably only a couple minutes before he locked his knot in me, but it seemed like longer. I was loving it – the taboo of it, the revenge element, the amazing feeling, and Cody’s friendly, kind behavior was adding to that bliss.

When he knotted, I panicked. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I knew they did that, but frankly, I thought the actresses in Bryce’s movies were just overacting. Nope. Cody was nowhere near the biggest knot I would take, but it was painful.

Luckily, ever the gentleman, Cody stopped thrusting almost immediately after swelling up. I was whimpering and tearing up over the enormous pressure inside me and didn’t even notice the jets of doggy cum shooting into me until I adjusted to it. Even the videos had not prepared me for how much this pupper was filling me up. I felt like my uterus was waterlogged. Cumlogged? Flooded with dog sperm.

Cody also took mercy on me in not pulling out right away. As the pain subsided, I reached back and rubbed his muzzle affectionately. He responded by lapping at my hand. I didn’t really relax until his knot had (finally) reduced, and he slid out of me with a wet *pop*. I laid down and on the bed with a relieved sigh, rubbing my belly with a relieved and satisfied smile to my face. It grew wider when I noticed the puddle of sex fluids on Bryce’s pillow.


I never told him, though looking back now, I doubt I was Cody’s first human. He was too well-trained. I actually think Bryce thought he was ‘grooming’ me for playing with Cody eventually, but we’d gone off-track.

I wish I could have adopted Cody, taken him away, but I was living in a dorm and Bryce would never let me take his beloved Boxer. Instead, I left the panties in his bathroom sink, left the pictures open on his computer, and left a note on his bed that simply said. “Welcome home, cheater. Sleep in this. We’re through.”

I never told him who I fucked on his bed.


Years later, I’d become somewhat of a petlove deviant, digging through message boards for fellow wilds, digging up fantasy stories and testimonials, and even pirating some naughty videos and pictures. But I was petless, and the fantasy was all I was enjoying at the moment.

Until I met Tin Tin. Hubby had never been a wild. He didn’t own any pets. But we hit it off right away. I remember the first night we had sex. We were lying in bed together afterwards, and he told me he wanted to make my fantasies come true. (I love you babe, but that was such an eyeroll moment.)

I asked him, “All my fantasies?”

He nodded. And all I could think was “You just wait for what I have in store for you.”

Poor Tin Tin, he was a good boy once. Then Rin came along and made him a pervert.

We own two puppers. Drago is my Dobie. Viola is his German Shephard.

Not to give away too much, I plan to put in future stories, but long story short? Viola’s a bit of a slut.

I hope you enjoy! Leave comments to give me some ideas on what to write next. I’ll be releasing a few real stories, a few fantasies, and maybe even some guides if I’m in the right mood.

Thanks for reading! I love you all, and can’t wait to get to know this community.

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  1. Bluemoon2208 3 months ago

    Wow thanks for sharing your amazing first time experience i loved every bit of it. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. mydoghasabigcock1 4 months ago

    oh wow , what a great story , it was really to the point and sorry for Bruce , but as they say pay back is a bitch and what a wonderful pay back it was.

  3. Thylacine 5 months ago

    интересно но из за перевода ,чуть смысл размивается

    • Author
      IRAPerv 4 months ago

      Этот блог был написан на английском языке. Я не рассматривал другие языки. Мне жаль.

  4. CuriousCD 6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing. I am sorry to hear you had to experience a scumbag like that. But live and learn I guess.

    • Author
      IRAPerv 4 months ago

      In the end, it was just that- a learning experience. I learned to take value in myself… and about myself sexually.

      In the end, it was a positive thing

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