ArtOfZoo - Hound Habit - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women

“Horny DV is totally addicted to Dog Love…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: DevoteHuendin with Rottie
Running Time: 41 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


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Okay guys, Devotehuendin (short: DV) is back with another movie exclusively for our members. Those of you that have seen the last two movies of the lady know that it is going to be a special piece of BDSM- animal porn again which makes the hearts of us pervert zoophiles jump.



DV is for sure one of the most horny depraved submissive little dogsluts I have seen in my entire life. She likes the abuse, she likes the knot and she likes to challenge herself. You can tell by the marks and scratches on her skin that her master puts this slave to the test regularly to explore her limits. And if she has been an obedient and nice little slave she gets rewarded with the hard dog cock and warm doggy juice she so desperately craves.



The movie scene jumps in right after one of those sessions in which our lady earned her reward doggy fuck. The raw set-up of the room is suitable for a BDSM-animal-sex-movie. You get sucked into the atmosphere from the beginning. There will be no foreplay, no courting or fooling around. The lady is here to get fucked and only to get fucked.



DV is already so horny and wet by the thought of a red dog cock pistoning in and out her slave hole that she cannot help but playing with her cunt and confesses that she’s yearning for a furry lover. And really when you see her gazing at the dog entering the scene you almost fear a bit for the lad’s safety. All the greed and horniness DV is putting in this stare… you know she will devour him and take as much of him into her as she can get. She even licks her lips in anticipation for this prick.



Everything DV has to do to get jumped is to show her plump ass with those suggestive scratch marks. The couple knots in no time since DV’s eager slave-hole is literally sucking in every inch of dogmeat. Unfortunately her well greased pet pussy is a bit too slick so the knot slips out before the slave has been properly knotted. Nevertheless this hungry cavern is slurping up every drop of dog sperm squirting out of doggy’s balls.



Now it is time for DV to show her cock sucking skills. Or to be precise: to brag with those skills. The slave is an excellent cocksucker and she savors every drop of dog sperm that lands in her mouth. And folks: she is doing this all for you. Her eyes find the camera every few seconds and they just ask one thing: “Am I a good slut? Am I doing this okay? Do you like to watch me drinking gallons of dog sperm?“ We should give her our approval. She does it like a pro.



As a reward DV is allowed to climax while the dog licks her pussy good. She is a bit surprised how easy she comes when she feels the doggy tongue on her clit. This shows how horny she must have been from all the sucking.

With her hole still dripping from her orgasm DV is ready for round two. And this time her experienced hole takes in the whole knot. Unfortunately the shot of the pullout is a bit blurred, but nonetheless you can see the impressive piece of dogmeat that DV took in.



Again DV wants to taste the salty nectar and gets under the dog to inhale his red prick. What follows now is dog sucking master class. DV’s style of sucking and directing the sperm onto her face and in her mouth, smiling all the time and enjoying herself hard reminds me of Stray X’s style. Don’t know if I have a bigger compliment to give for a ladies blowjob skills. DV’s energy in this scene comes really close to the legendary Stray. With this sucking scene she definitely climbed the olympus of pet love stars. It is hard to describe, folks. You have to see it for yourself.


ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women


To end the scene, DV gets another good and long pussy licking until she climaxes. Once again: the energy this lady emits is incredible.


ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women


Conclusion: This is one raw and unpolished yet shining piece of animal porn. Relentless dog fucking and sucking at its best and a slave that has been trained so well to take dog cocks inside her  that being a bitch has clearly become her second skin. And she loves it.


ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women

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  1. Sinsofman 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video. Especially since DV seemed really into things. Hope to see more of DV and Shadow in the future. 🙂

  2. 4 months ago

    der schweine film und die anderen filme gefallen mir auch.weill sie und die tiere immer alleine ist und der filmer,da kann ich mich gehen lassen. bischen sekt und so weiter brauch ich trotsdem vor den dreh

  3. yam194 4 months ago

    A superb woman whom I hope to meet soon !

  4. Qh1728400382 9 months ago

    鸡鸡 真的大 饱满

  5. a3a3a3 11 months ago

    This is an incredible movie. You can tell how much she enjoys it. So hot! Huge fan of DV.

  6. Wheels2112 11 months ago

    Awesome movie. DV was great!!!

  7. Wheels2112 11 months ago

    DV is awesome!!!! a great movie!

  8. pacman46 12 months ago

    you can tell DV is loving every second of this movie, as i did too 🙂

  9. ansaryon 12 months ago

    This has to be one of the fastest mounts I’ve ever seen – less than 8 seconds from the time we see the rottie to him starting to hump. It’s clear both dog and model have done this before!
    A good, solid pounding follows, this dog needs no encouragement and seems to have been itching to bust his nuts.

    He then stays atop DV and pumps a steady stream of doggy juice into her. It looks like some of it trickles out, too, with a suggestive wetness adding to the scene. He’s not in there for too long and after a happy jerk of his leg he’s out… as is his thick, creamy sperm. No pre-cum here, it’s the real deal. The rest of it then gets pushed out, then the angle changes for a sucking-off session. The rottie enjoys himself here, while DV’s experienced tongue delivers some pleasure for him – flicking the sensitive end of his dick and running down the long shaft. (Rotties have stubbier cocks than other breeds, and we get an excellent view of that here). The session is thorough and the rottie’s glistening cock is sucked dry.

    With the sheets still wet, the rottie licks her snatch, in his mind no doubt sealing the deal on having pups.

    However, he’s not finished yet… clearly he wants to make certain DV has his pups! He gives her a good licking then, with a flick of his tongue, hops aboard for round two. He drills into her with a determined look upon his muzzle, driving his jizz deep inside… he’s one horny stud dog! He cleans DV up and then sets to going again, thoroughly enjoying himself. His hips swing back and forth with each powerful thrust and this time his both hind paws come off the ground, it’s as if he’s running a race… a race to ejaculate as much as possible!

    He quickly ties and, with tongue lolling, happily stays on top of his bitch, filling her up with his juice. After a while he slips out, but he’s still going – his jizz shoots down the side of DV’s thighs. It doesn’t do much good there, so she moves onto sucking him off. That’s better – now his jizz is in her mouth and trickling down her face. We see lots of this, too, as he stays hard for quite a long time…

    He finishes off by cleaning her up, an intense and enjoyable mating session.

    A hot movie!

  10. genericc616 1 year ago

    Another amazing movie.

    I can’t get enough of DV, the sounds she makes are almost worth getting this film on its own.
    Also, the subtitles help any non-german speakers know just how much DV loves getting fucked by her wonderful four legged partner.

    Great movie

  11. howdyho89 1 year ago

    Devote I love your movies keep making more.
    That pussy is amazing just wow. The way she takes the knot yummy and juicy moist a favourite on my list.
    A rottie is the perfect direction. I think the next movie a bigger dog like a dane or a mastiff etc nevertheless 5star movie x

    • art30 12 months ago

      That’s a great idea I would also like to see DevoteHuendin with a mastiff and a grand danois

  12. 1 year ago

    bộ film tuyệt vời nhất từ AOZ….sẽ mua nó sớm trong thời gian tới

  13. juggygales 1 year ago

    Dog ball buster here, is what she is.. Knows how to drain them and loves it. Horny straight up for dog cock. No way to get around it. It shows in her work and this movie. She has great hunger.

  14. Sergg 1 year ago

    Super! What else can I say

  15. max343434 1 year ago


  16. Allure 1 year ago

    I love DV she is the best and so hot. I hope she gets a gangbang scene one day 🙏

  17. dizzy22 1 year ago

    Mmmm I hope Devoteheundin does another boar movie but just with pure Anal

  18. dbeast 1 year ago

    Why is DV having some “bruises?”

  19. 1 year ago

    Perfekte! Ein Traum!!

  20. Adam 1 year ago

    Devote really knows how to play with pets. The rottie can’t get enough of pounding that Lady – and the Lady can’t get enough of that sweet doggy jizz. With the pounding, and the drinking of all that nectar, ended up with quite a boner 😀

    • art30 12 months ago

      Oh yeah you can clearly see that devote is the real deal when it comes to animal love

  21. Alcapone79 1 year ago

    I love this girl. A True Gem. This video is GREAT!!! Great Camera angels too. Hat off to the camera person too. I love the fact that she actually enjoys what she is doing. The dog fucks he pussy and she loves it, she sucks dogs dick and she love it. Towards the end, The dog is enjoying her pussy so much that he make her cum 2 to 3 times. The dog licks it all up and continues licking that pussy and this girl is enjoying every minute of it. I’ll say it again, A true GEM. Honored to add this great video to my collections. Keep up the great work baby.

  22. art30 1 year ago

    That pussy looks amazing filled up with dog cock and yummy cream 😆 your boar movie really was excellent and this one looks just as good but please don’t stop making boar movies you loked so hot while the boar was fucking you best regards to you dv from art30

  23. montet 1 year ago

    Yep… agree on that. She is the perfect dog bitch for a Gangbang with a couple of dogs… and dressed with her “Fuck Boots”
    That would be epic.

  24. 1 year ago

    Yep indeed amazing. Next for devotehuendin I hope a big doggie gangang with at least 5-10 dogs at the same time one after another and to top it off with a boar.

    • art30 1 year ago

      That’s a real super idea dv is just the right girl to make it happen we need a new record on a gang bang please dv 😃

    • Gustinfx 1 year ago

      That suggestion is perfect, having at least 5 dogs fighting for the right to fuck the girl. On the other hand, many fans hope that in this 2020 we can watch some wild boar sex movies.

  25. NDS1980 1 year ago

    What a horny girl! Made for dogs….


  26. art30 1 year ago

    Oh my dv you truly are a beautiful pet girl this movie looks amazing 😃

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