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Beastyman069 – I’m so thankful you’re part of my life. We do really good things together, Babe. Here’s to doing a lot more.

This is the fifth story in the Beastyman069 and Honeypot1 series.

For more stories by Beastyman069 and Honeypot1, please read (in order): Honey’s Sweet Domination, Beasty’s Revenge, Honey’s Beastly Encounter (featuring Kay9mama), and Beast and Honey’s Great Outdoor Adventure. Stay tuned for more adventures by us!

Let’s see. First, I dominated you because you pissed me off, and then you got your revenge on me. And now we’ve arranged to meet again, but this time we’re going back to Vegas. Why Vegas? Because the possibilities of what can happen there are endless. And there’s a lot I want to happen, and you do, too, but what you don’t know is that I’ve made the decision. And that’s my surprise for you this weekend.

We meet at the hotel and as usual, as soon as we’re together in the same room, we can’t keep our hands off each other. Making out like teenagers as we always do, our tongues are invading each other’s mouth and it’s like we’re trying to suck the taste buds off each other. We’re that desperate. Or maybe we’re just that horny.

We’re standing so close that I can feel the bulge of your cock, hard against my thigh. You don’t realize it, but you’re grinding against me, seeking relief. You have one arm behind my head supporting it, because I’m so lost in the moment that it’s back, exposing my throat to you. Removing your mouth from mine, you start licking and nibbling my throat and move your other hand to my breast. You find my hard nipple and start rolling it between your fingers, pulling it towards you. My eyes are closed, my mouth is open, and I’m breathing so heavy. I start making those little noises that tell you just how turned on I am. I have to grab hold of your arms just to keep myself standing.

You abruptly pull away and I’m standing there in the same position you left me in, trying to bring myself back down. As my heartbeat slows, I open my eyes and look at you. You look about as good as I feel right now.

“Baby,” you say,as much as I want to continue this right now, we have reservations in twenty minutes.”

I nod to you and move to go compose myself for a minute. You need a little adjustment, too. As we leave for the restaurant, I grab your hand, because I can’t stand not touching some part of you for the short time we have together. I crave you when we’re apart, and I crave your touch when we’re together.

You take us to a place you know I’ve been wanting to go to since the last time we were here, where the food is supposed to be great. Downhome Italian. Made to fill you up and satisfy you. Little do you know I want something else to satisfy me tonight.


You look at me questioningly, because I’m fidgeting and not concentrating on what you’re saying, and just kind of playing with my food.

Are you ok? Is something wrong with your food? Do you feel ok?” you ask.

The look on your face is so full of concern that I almost start to cry. It’s so sweet. I take a deep breath and smile to reassure you.

“I’m sorry, Beast. I was just a little distracted. Everything is great, and I’m so glad we’ve got the weekend together. Thank you.”

You give me a hard stare like you hear my words but aren’t quite convinced there’s nothing more going on. You know how I get into my head sometimes, and you’re afraid that’s what’s going on now.

“Do you mind if we leave now?” I ask him. “I just feel a little restless. I could use some fresh air.”

“Yeah, no problem, Babe.”

You take care of the check and we leave to walk around the strip for a while before we head back to the hotel.

“Beast? Would you mind if we took a drive instead? I’ve never been north of the strip and I think I’d like to see it.” I’m looking down at the sidewalk but shift my eyes towards you to see your reaction.

You stop suddenly while I keep walking and you give my hand a hard tug, pulling me back to you. My head is still down but you put your hand under my chin and tilt my head up so you can see my eyes and look straight into them, staring at me.

“I just thought we could go up there and check out some of the shops, that’s all,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

Ok. Sure. We can do that if you want.” But you’re still staring at me with a look of suspicion.

We turn around and head back to the hotel to pick up the car and 30 minutes later we’re on a street full of adult shops and theaters. We wander aimlessly for a bit until we walk into one of the adult superstores. Walking up and down the aisles, you watch me pick up some of the more exotic-looking oddities, trying to figure out what they are and how they work.

A vibrator that looks like a banana, a plug with a fake foxtail. I pick up a miniature tux, bowtie and small boutonniere included, made for dressing up a hard cock, at the same time you pick up a dildo shaped like the Eiffel Tower. We turn to each other at the same time with eyebrows raised and start laughing. There’s nothing there that we’re interested in, so we leave and continue on our tour.

We wander around a bit until we come to a hall that leads to a theater. I stop in front of the posters of movies and a schedule of what’s playing when.


“Yeah, Babe?”

I turn and look at you.


You turn to me so we’re face to face, a look of surprise on your face. You know exactly what I’m asking you. We’ve talked about it from the beginning, and you’re aware of my apprehension. I’ve made it clear that I’m not sure if I could ever do this.

“Baby. Are you sure you want this?” you ask gently.

“I’d like to try.”

You gather me in your arms and hold me close and whisper in my ear, “Thank you, baby. I’ll take good care of you. You know how much this means to me.”

“I know, Beast. I want to please you.” I also want to test myself, to see how far I can go.

We walk the rest of the way in and scope it out. The movie has already started, and there are a few men scattered around, most with their cocks already out and rubbing them up and down. We decide to take seats in the middle section, front row, where there’s a small landing in front of us. The more room for maneuvering the better. Some of the other guys turn to look at us, trying to get an idea of if we’re open to playing or just curiosity seekers; rookies from out of town finding out if the Las Vegas porn scene is real or hype.

As we settle into our seats, you look at me again with the unspoken question in your eyes.

“It’s ok. Really. Let’s do this. And if I say no, ignore me. Do it anyway. And Beast? Don’t be gentle.” I say and wink at you, a genuine smile crossing my face. The look of relief and happiness that crosses your face is priceless.

We sit down to watch the movie and almost immediately your hands are on me. You’ve been wanting this for so long, and I was the one who kept saying no, but Baby, tonight is all about yes. One look at your groin and I can tell just how happy you are.

We turn our attention to the movie, where five guys are gangbanging a petite brunette chick. She’s on her hands and knees, straddling one guy and taking his big cock in her pussy, while another guy is behind her, fucking her ass slowly, and a third is face-fucking her, making her gag and cry. Two more guys are on the sideline, waiting to take their turns and stroking their cocks. They have to be at least nine or ten inches in length, and at least 5 or 6 inches in circumference. Their cocks are glistening with oil, which just emphasizes every thick vein on them.

I’m fascinated by what I see. I’m not sure why – I’ve seen plenty of the same thing online, but this – this is just captivating me. Maybe it’s because this is the first time we’ve ever watched porn together, or maybe it’s because we are where we are. I look over at you and smile because you’re also staring at the screen.

I can feel my pussy getting wet and it clenches as I watch the movies. I gently place my hand in your lap, right on top of your hard cock. You look at me in surprise, like you forgot I was next to you. You have a little smile on your face as you slouch down a little in your seat to give me easier access to you.

And then your hand is on my thigh and slowly inching its way up. Now it’s my turn to smile because I know where that hand is headed, and I know something you don’t. I purposely wore a long skirt tonight. On the outside, it looks perfectly respectable paired with my cowboy boots, but it what’s underneath – or what’s NOT underneath – that counts. And you’re about to find that out.

I reach over with both my hands and lower the zipper on your shorts. You raise your butt for me, and I drag your shorts down, and I can see how hard you under your briefs. Reaching in them with my hand. I grab your cock and straighten it, lowering your briefs under your balls. You’re fully exposed to me now, as well as all the others in the theater. I have a feeling we’re going to draw a crowd in a few minutes with our own little show.

I lean over to you a little more and lower my mouth to your cock, taking your length down as much as I can. You can tell I’ve been practicing my deepthroating on all those bananas I told you I’d been buying. While I’m sucking you, I start rolling your nuts in my hands, fondling them and then tugging on them. Your cock is going in and out of my mouth and I grab hold of the base of your cock to hold you still so I can swirl my tongue over the head and around the rim, paying attention to your slit, which is leaking precum at a fast rate.

While I’m blowing you, you’ve been slowly dragging my skirt up my thighs to expose me. You finally get it high enough that it’s out of your way and you can access my pussy. Reaching towards my thighs with your hand, you finally realize that I’m not wearing panties. I look up at you and see a little smile on your face.

Taking my mouth off your cock, I smile back at you. “Surprise!” I whisper and lower my head once again.

You take advantage of the situation and start running your fingers up and down my slit, spreading my pussy juice around. I’m starting to hump your hand. I want more of this. You can tell what I’m wordlessly asking, and you happily oblige by pushing a finger deep in my pussy and then adding a second one. I’m blowing your cock and fucking your hand and I want more. With a pop, I let go of you and pull myself into a sitting position.

“Babe, I want to fuck you,” I tell you.

“Honey – are you sure? We’re going to attract an audience if we do that. Are you sure you can handle that?” you ask with concern in your voice.

“I can if you can. This is your fantasy and I want you to have it. As long as no one records it or take photos, I’m good.”

“Ok, I’m not going to argue if you’re that sure about it. But I do have a little surprise for you,” you reply with a little smile on your face. “I had a feeling you had something up your sleeve, so I brought something for us, just in case.”

You reach into one of the pockets on your shorts and pull out a couple of half masks for us to wear. I smile and can’t help but think how lucky I am that you know me so well and predicted this would happen and have the foresight to be so prepared for it. Thanks, Babe. I owe you one!

We slip our masks on, comfortable with what’s going to happen now that we know we have some protection from social media. Grabbing my skirt to keep it held up, I stand in front of you and turn to face you. Looking around, I can see some of the men in the theater turn in their seats and start paying attention to us. The thought of being watched is turning me on. I put my legs on either side of yours and straddle you. I look around and watch as some of the men have started making their way over to us, anticipating a show. I place one hand on your shoulder to balance myself grab your cock with my other hand, rubbing it up and down my pussy, getting it nice and lubed up. Holding it straight up, I hover my pussy over it and slowly sink onto it.

Ohhhhh, you feel so good, filling me up the way you do. I could pull my skirt over us and cover-up, but as I see more strangers coming over to watch us, I decide to be bold and show myself to their eyes. I brace myself on your shoulders and start riding you. Some of the men start to reach out to me, but with a few sharp words, you stop them.

“HEY! NO touching, And no phones out. If I see any of you recording this, we’re going to have a problem. And you’re going to have a broken phone. No questions asked,” you say in your very bossy and authoritative tone. Mmmm – I love that tone of yours. It’s hot!

The guys hold up their hands signifying they understand and several of them take a step or two back. You go back to concentrating on me and start pumping into me. I’m grinding onto you, making sure my clit is rubbing your pubes. The sensation is like nothing else. I can already feel an orgasm starting to build.

“Babe,” you say to me. “Do you have any idea how hot this is? How hot you are? You’re my living fantasy. You still have all your clothes on, but this is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, let alone be involved in. I don’t think I’m going to last very long.”

My head is in the crook of your neck and I whisper in your ear. “Beast, I don’t think I’m going to last either. I never thought I’d be so turned on by fucking in public, but shit! You’re right. This IS hot!”

Some of the men surrounding us are whispering encouragement and suggestions to us, but we’re pretty much lost in our own world and ignore them. Your hands are on my hips, guiding me not just up and down, but forward and back so I’m grinding on you now. Your hips are thrusting your cock into me harder and harder, slamming me up and down.

You reach your hand forward and start rubbing my clit and all of a sudden, I’m flying over the edge and you’re right behind me. I thrust my hips forward and grab you around your neck and freeze. I’m in the throes of a massive orgasm and I can’t move. Your hands are holding me around my waist, and you give me one last, huge thrust of your cock and I swear I can feel it all the way up in my throat. You’re shooting your cum in me and I feel like it’s heating me from the inside out. I can feel my pussy convulse around you, holding your cock hostage and milking you dry. I’ve never had an orgasm so strong before. I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a few seconds.

We sit there for a few minutes with your cock still in me, unable to move. And when we’re finally able to, we notice some of the guys around us have taken their cocks out and have stroked themselves to completion. Noticing that we’re finally coming out of our orgasmic stupor, they start whistling and applauding us. Oh my god. I’m a little embarrassed by what I just did. But at the same time, I can’t help being turned on by the whole thing. And I’m so glad I can help you cross this fantasy off your list.

I’m smiling as I recall what we just did. And I murmur in your ear, “I’m going to go clean up a little bit. Don’t go anywhere!” And then I give you some kisses up your neck to your jaw and finally on your mouth.

I sit up and back off of you until my feet are firmly on the floor and my legs can hold me up. I can feel your cum dripping out of my pussy and running down my legs, so I hurry to the bathroom to take care of that. As I’m walking down the central hall to the ladies room, I see a woman with a dog walking towards the door leading to the theater. She looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t seem to place her. I go into the ladies room, take care of myself, and head back to you.

As I walk down the aisle to my seat next to you, I notice the woman with the dog has taken the seat two down from me, right on the aisle of our row, and her dog is lying peacefully by her side. She moves aside to let me in the row and as I pass her, I take another look at her face.

“Babe!” I whisper urgently. “Did you see that woman sitting there? Did you notice anything about her?”

“Umm, I saw her sit down, but I didn’t pay any attention to her. Why?” you ask me.

“That’s Kay! As in Kay9mama! The one who gave me my first experience with her dog. And that’s Marco sitting next to her! What are the odds that we’d see her again, and here of all places? I’m going to say hi to her,” I tell you.

I lean the other way and softly call her name. “Kay! HI! It’s Honeypot! From a couple of months ago? I’m here with Beastyman. What are you doing here?” I ask her.

“Honey? And Beast? WOW! I didn’t think I’d see you guys again so soon. Especially in this place. I’m here on a pretty regular basis. Marco and I have kind of a routine that we like to perform for the guys. Stick around for a little bit and you can see for yourself. I was just about to start. And if you feel up to it, feel free to join in!” she says to me with a wink.

Oh, hell yeah! There’s no way we’re going to leave before we see what Kay has in store for everyone. I look down at Marco and notice, for the first time, that he has a service dog vest on. Huh. I wonder if he was certified before when we first met him, or if this is something new. Or just a costume so he can gain access to public areas.

Just then, Kay stands up and leads Marco to the front of the stage and then up the steps. Someone has put a chair in the middle of the stage, and Kay sits in it. Music starts playing in the background. A mic lowers itself from the ceiling and stops a couple of feet above her head.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m Kay, and this handsome boy next to me is Marco, and we’re here to have some fun,” she says to the crowd as a way of introducing herself. “I have a feeling some of you have seen us before, and for those of you who haven’t, welcome. Now – let’s get this show on the road!”

Kay is now sitting slightly slouched, and parts her legs a little. “Marco! Sniff!” she commands softly.

Marco knows the routine well and puts his nose between her legs. The mic picks up the sound of him sniffing at her crotch. Kay grabs her short skirt and lifts it higher to her hips. Floodlights suddenly light up the stage, and a couple concentrated spotlights highlight Kay and Marco, and the areas that are going to be of the most interest to the audience.

“Marco! Lick!”

Marco pushes his snout forward into Kay’s crotch, and thanks to a couple small, discreet cameras aimed from the ceiling above the crowd, and a couple of tv screens that somehow lowered from the ceiling of the stage without being noticed, we all have a front-row seat to seeing Marco licking Kay’s pussy, and Kays reaction to it.

The resolution of the cameras is so good that we can see pussy juice flowing out of Kay and Marco’s tongue licking it up. And the mic very nicely picks up the sound of Marco’s licking. I look around the room and the audience is hyper-focused on the action taking place. Whether they’ve seen it before or not, Kay is commanding their attention. Babe, even you’re staring at what’s going on. Your breathing is deep and slow, and even though you and I just had a nice round of public sex, you’re getting into this. I put my hand on your crotch, and damned if you’re not hard again! And you’re always telling me you have a slow recovery time. I’m calling bullshit!

Kay sits up in the chair, hunches forward, and drops to her knees on a yoga pad neither of us noticed before. On her hands and knees, she flips her skirt up towards her head, sticks her ass in the air, and wiggles it.

“Marco!” she says sharply.

Familiar with their routine, Marco gets behind Kay and starts licking her pussy again. We can see long swipes of his tongue and hear her moans of delight. Seems like getting her pussy eaten by her dog onstage is a real turn on for Kay.

Kay is lifting and lowering her ass, essentially fucking Marco’s tongue with it. Her eyes are closed, and her head is resting on the mat. She’s in her own world right now, enjoying what Marco is giving her. Until suddenly, she shakes her head and rolls over, stopping the action. She stands up and calls to the audience.

“Boys, I know some of you have seen me and Marco perform before, and you know what to expect. For those of you who are new, I’m sure you can imagine what was going to happen. But I want to try something new today. I have a couple of friends in the audience, and I’d like to invite them to join me. Beast? Honey? What do you say? Would you like to join me on stage tonight? What do you say, boys? Do you want to see a different kind of show tonight?”

Not expecting that, you and I look at each other with eyes wide open. Communicating silently, we can tell when the other one has made a decision. We stand up at the same time and make our way to the stage, quickly joining Kay and Marco.

Kay gives us each a quick hug. “Why don’t you two get comfortable and join us!” she says with a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her face.

I take off my boots and take Kay’s place on the mat, hiking my skirt up to my waist and baring my pussy to the audience. Damn! I look good on the big screen! You’ve taken off your shoes and kneel next to me.

“Marco! Lick!” Kay says to Marco. You pat my pussy and Marco comes over and lowers his head to me and starts doing his thing.

While Marco is doing that, you help me shed my shirt and bra, baring my breasts to everyone. You lean over and take a nipple in your mouth, sucking it and swirling your tongue over it. You take my other nipple in your other hand and start pinching and pulling it. You and Marco are making me feel good. Really good. So good that I forget where I am. Now you’re helping me out of my skirt and suddenly, I’m bare-assed naked on a stage in front of strangers. And I don’t even care.

Kay comes over and kneels on my side opposite you. “May I?” she asks. I can only nod in response.

She leans over and gives me a gentle kiss on the lips, then lowers her head to take my nipple in her mouth. She grabs it gently between her teeth and gives it a little tug, then swirls her tongue over the hardened nub. I’ve never done any girl on girl action, but I’m so turned on by being naked onstage with you, and Marco licking me, that I seem to have lost most of my inhibitions. I wiggle a little, trying to get more of my breast in Kay’s mouth.

With a pop, Kay releases me and starts licking her way down my stomach. I look up at one of the screens and watch her progress, and then look over at you to find that you’ve taken your cock out of your shorts and are stroking its hard length.

“Babe – I want to suck you,” I say, giving you a lusty look. You don’t say a word but lower your cock to my mouth and feed it to me. I can taste myself on you and damn if it doesn’t make me wet. Wetter than I already was.

Kay has licked her way down to my pussy which she’s now sharing with Marco. I force myself to open my eyes and looking at the screen, I watch them share me and occasionally tangle their tongues together. WOW! That’s hot! I swear I can feel more pussy juice leak out of me, and Kay and Marco double their efforts to lick it all up. And now, to up the ante, you reach down and start fingering me and rubbing my clit with your thumb. Oh my god. I’m hurtling towards an orgasm and I don’t think I can get off this ride and stop it.

I turn my head away from you so I can pop your cock out of my mouth. “Babe – I’m gonna cum!” I tell you and all of a sudden it hits me. I arch my back and my mouth is frozen open in a silent O. I can’t move and Kay and Marco still have their tongues on my pussy. You’re thrusting your finger in and out of me faster, hitting my g spot and prolonging my orgasm. I finally get some air in my lungs and scream.


My body bucks a couple more times and Kay and Marco finally release me. You, however, seem to take great delight in pumping your finger in and out of me a few more times, just to remind me who’s the boss before you relent and let me come back down to earth. My eyes are closed, and I feel like a limp noodle. Kay makes her way up my body and gives me a quick kiss on my cheek.

“You were spectacular,” she says, “but we can have even more fun if you think you’re up to it!”

I look up at you “Why the hell not? In for a penny, and all that. One more thing crossed off both our bucket lists!”

You’re a little surprised that I want to continue. You’ve never seen me so bold, and you’re getting into it. Just like me. I nod to Kay, and she tells me to get on my hands and knees and put my weight on my forearms and spread my legs. I do as she asks, and then she makes her way down to my waist and pats my pussy with her hand.

“Marco, lick!

And being the awesome dog he is, Marco gets behind me and snakes his tongue onto me. Ooooh! The texture of his tongue is exquisite. The feeling of the fur on his snout and his long whiskers both rubbing on me is already making me so wet. And still being sensitive after just having a massive orgasm? I’m going to cum in no time. And at that very second, Kay pulls Marco away from me.

“Not so fast, Honey! We still have some business to take care of,” Kay says, smiling at me.

“Marco, mount,” she says to the dog.

Marco gives a little jump and puts his front paws on my back. I lower myself to give him easier access to my pussy, and you reach over and grab his cock, guiding it to my opening. He gives one big thrust and all eight inches of him is all of a sudden in me. Fuck! He’s so big that it’s almost painful. Almost, but not quite. I’m so stretched and full of cock. It’s hot and big and intrusive. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marco starts thrusting like a jackhammer, each thrust pushing me forward, and every time he retreats, I get pulled backward. In and out, forward and back, Marco and I hit a rhythm. I can feel his spurts of precum shooting into me and I can’t hold it all in. Every time he thrusts into me, the cum gets forced out of me. It’s dripping down my pussy onto my legs and the mat.

You’re on your knees in front of me with your cock in my face. I automatically open my mouth and suck you in, swirling my tongue around the head and under the rim. You withdraw from my mouth and lean over me, presenting your balls to me. I take them in my mouth, one at a time, and suck on them before letting go of them and licking each one, over and over again.

Marco is still fucking me and between his balls slapping against my pussy and his cock hitting that spot inside me, I know I’m not going to last much longer. You reach down and start playing with my tits, which stimulates me even more. I can feel the pleasure building, driving me higher and higher. And all of a sudden, it takes me by surprise and hits me, and for the third time in just a couple hours, I’m cumming again. I can feel myself pulsing and clenching around Marco’s cock, and his cum is shooting so far into me.

Kay has grabbed his cock to prevent him from knotting me. She doesn’t want me tied to him while I’m on stage. And she knows how tired I must be from all the play I’ve had tonight. I’m grateful for her consideration since I’m so wiped out. Marco withdraws from me and a river of cum follows his cock. It puddles onto the mat and Kay actually lowers her head and slurps some of it in.

“It’s full of protein and good for you!” she whispers to me with another wink.

You’re still up near my head and are stroking yourself. Wordlessly, you walk behind me and in one big thrust, bury yourself deep in me and groan as you feel Marco’s hot cum surround your cock. I can tell you’re so fucking turned on by what’s taken place tonight. You’re thrusting and grunting, and I can tell the exact minute your orgasm hits you.

“Fuck! Babe!” is all you can manage to get out of your mouth. You lean forward onto my back and grab me around my waist so you don’t fall onto the mat. I can feel your cock spurting cum into me. You give me five big spurts before you withdraw, and your cum joins Marco’s on my pussy, legs, and the mat. You pull out of me and sit backward on your ass while I drop to the floor and roll to my side. You and I are exhausted. Marco is in a corner cleaning himself off, and Kay is standing next to the chair waiting for us to recover.

Stumbling a little, you and I gather our clothes and proceed to get dressed. I make my way onto the chair to compose myself and you’re right there by my side. Kay walks to the middle of the stage and faces the audience, most of whom have made their way down front.

“Gentlemen,” she addresses the men, “I think our show is over for the night. How about a little show of appreciation to tonight’s guest stars, Honey and Beast!”

The men start stamping their feet and clapping and there are several whistles thrown in. A couple of them even call out their thanks to us. It’s nice to know we were a hit! Being the funny guy you are, you grab my hand and pull me upright before putting our arms in the air and taking a deep bow, drawing more noise from the crowd. We turn to Kay and give her a quick hug, thanking her for tonight and promising to keep in touch.

“Time to exit, stage right!” you tell me, pulling me to the stairs and making me jog to the back of the theater and out into the hall.

I head into the ladies room for a quick clean up and then join you again to make our way back to the car. It’s time to go to the hotel and we both need a shower. You turn to me from the driver’s seat.

“Babe. That went so far beyond my expectations. You were fearless and so magnificent up on that stage. I know some of that was hard for you, but you were a true star tonight. I’ll never forget tonight. Thank you.”

“Beast, you know I’ll always try to make your fantasies come true. There’s no one else I’d ever do this for. You mean everything to me. Now – can we go back to the hotel? I think we need to clean up. That shower looked awesome. We need to try out those double heads!”

And with that, we head out, back to the strip to our room for some more private fun.

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    honeypot1 3 weeks ago

    @beastyman069 – thanks for hanging out with me & being my other half ❤️

  2. BellaBitch 3 weeks ago

    Woohoo! Fantastic blog ❤🐶 cheers to y’all

  3. Monika221 3 weeks ago

    Sexy 🙂

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    Congrats to Honey and Beasty for publishing the first blog post in a while 🙂 And of course, thanks to Lucien for handholding everyone during the handover. Let the blogs commence! 🙂

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