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Hi Everyone 🙂

thanks for joining us on the new site. We have not had a proper community site since ZooSkool around 10 years ago. All that time we had been working towards setting one up, unfortunately the movie side of things took up 110% of our time. A bit of a change was needed.

At the close of Gaia Gold and associated sites, I had just separated with StrayX, and the movie operation was becoming an unpleasant headache. A short break and a shot of clarity later, and we decided to get back to our roots. It’s where the fun is after all 🙂

ArtOfZoo V.2 / ZooSkool V.5

Like the original ZooSkool, this site is built on 3rd party software. This approach has it’s benefits, but there is a small price to pay in that some areas are not entirely perfect. And as the site gets busy, we will probably need to keep upgrading our servers. Still, there are a lot of new features for you to play with, and general site use should present you with no problems. I am sure you will quickly get used to the various little quirks of the network. We will get those things tidied up later, as we move ahead. Thanks for your understanding.

If you do spot any major issues or bugs with the new site, please pop over to the Architects’ Group, or contact Support and let us know so we can take a look.


I have imported all our existing users from the old network – hopefully all anyway. We have managed to maintain all your various Kudos – verifications, payment history etc. Hopefully you all still have your login details, you can just carry on using those. And now at least, being verified has some purpose too (and benefits).

This time we will try to cover the running costs of the site without relying entirely on movie sales. We have a few ideas up our sleeves. We’ll look for some Patrons, maybe do some advertising, and other bits and pieces. We’ve added some benefits to being a network Patron, to encourage support. If you enjoy the site, we hope some of you will become a site Patron. Let’s see what happens.

A handful of GG Members had Beans left over at the closing of those sites, and kindly donated them to this project. So a huge thanks to all you folks who helped out with that. I had to get a few bits built custom, such as the Library, privacy settings, and buy a bunch of server software. The missing funds I added myself. There are a few bits we have yet to add, such as the new lessons, and the chat room. We have the software for that but I will need to get it tweaked a bit. We will add that next, though.

Rebuilding our community site was really the #1 request from petfans over all those years, so I hope the new features lead to many new friends, and lots of new and exciting pet adventures.

We have a ton of other content yet to add – all the old articles, our past movie portfolio – we have a substantial collection of books prepared and ready to upload. We will add all the additional stuff as we go along.

Welcome back to everyone. Please play nice, have fun – enjoy the new ArtOfZoo, and I look forward to seeing you around the site soon 🙂



ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies - Pippa and Domino

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  1. jasminzoo 9 months ago

    excellent job i really need a place like this
    thank you artofzoo team 🙂

  2. laojunpin 11 months ago


  3. jeepster 1 year ago

    h. just joined site with GF SUE..looking around its a great site but looking for different animals from dogs and horses… please send links names…. xx

  4. cramberry 1 year ago

    Good to see the classy site back again thanks

  5. mesa66 1 year ago

    great to see you again and all the sexy ladies with dogs, boars etc. 🙂

  6. splash7 1 year ago

    Thank you xx

  7. splash7 1 year ago

    Are the original zooskool lessons available anywhere? I found those more exciting and erotic than the porn. Would love to see them again x

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi Splash

      it’s a shame, the original lessons unfortunately have links in them, to a site that was nabbed by a competitor from my partners just after the original Zooskool went down. So unfortunately I can’t publish them on this site. Sadly I lost the source files for those a long time ago. All 5 lessons, and the flash sex game “Dogger”.

      I’m sure the old lessons are around the web if you look.

      As soon as we get things set up and running nicely around here, we will start on the next new things. New lessons is one of them. We can’t use flash any more but we have a nice idea for a free video series if things pan out according to plan. 🙂

  8. bicool4u 1 year ago

    Great to see u again Adam 🙂

  9. chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Awesome ?

  10. kinky12cu 1 year ago

    Great to see you back!

  11. intellectualbadass 1 year ago

    been waiting for a long time for you guys to come back
    I’m ecstatic <3

  12. zlep 1 year ago

    So glad you are back Adam!

  13. heytherebigboy 1 year ago


  14. heroe1206 1 year ago

    hola, Adam y equipo, estoy muy contento se verlos o tenerlos de vuelta.


  15. roxyboy666 1 year ago

    How can i watch movies

  16. okwalker 1 year ago

    glad to see, AoZ is back! i’m waiting you for a year

  17. gzero 1 year ago

    you should put trailers because it will generate more customer curiosity in the movies, causing them to have more subscribers

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi, customer curiosity is not really something we have ever needed to worry about 😉 But we may start putting out trailers again in the future.

  18. maxpainanimal 1 year ago

    Nice to see the hot petgirls from Art of Zoo again

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