“La Femme Nikita tries her first real doggy style…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Nikita with Kuryakin & Tango
Running Time: 46 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)



I don’t know where Dachat meets all those stunningly beautiful Slavic pet girls but I am grateful he does. I want to thank Dachat in the name of the community that he is mining tirelessly for those gems he presents in his movies: All those lovely and talented slavic pet girls to dominate our petlove dreams. And the most wonderful about his work is that all those ladies are not only beautiful but also exceptionally talented in the ways of animal love. And trust me: Nikita is no exception.



The movie starts with the lady’s arrival at the train station where she puts on her mask and does some guerrilla marketing for our community. The mask she wears grants anonymity and so the lady is audacious enough to show her ass and tits in public and play with her tasty little slit while other travelers pass her by.



Because being naughty makes her horny she decides to masturbate a little bit more in the car that picked her up to get her to her breeding by her canine lover. Her perfect flower is wet by the thought of getting a big knot later that day. She stuffs her pantys in to soak up a little of the juice.



Finally in the apartment the lady dresses up for her doggy date and puts on a video of dogwoman to get in the mood for a nice big dog cock. Watching the couple on the screen knotting, Nikita reaches her climax rubbing her wet fuckhole and pushing two fingers in and out the wet slit. Watching Nikita being good to herself is a very sexy sight, believe me. She masturbates with a gravity that is both, innocent and dirty, at the same time.



Then it’s time to try out all those nice and naughty things she just watched dogwoman do so she calls for a dog to fulfill her needs. She wants something big and pulsating in her flower badly. But doggy wants to cuddle first and get a taste of this wonderful juicy flower.



Nikita being horny as hell has no time for foreplay. She gets on all fours and begs her furry lover to jump on her. Now it pays off that she got herself wet before because Rover’s red rocket slips into her hungry pussy in no time. And how Nikita likes this: a thrusting dog pecker in her womb squirting dog sperm deep inside her. And then there is the knot. You can tell by the moans that Nikita really digs the experience of being stretched out to the max by a growing ball of dog meat. The knot stuck on the entrance to her pussy is a sight to remember.



Of course the lady doesn’t fail to show how much sperm he put inside her. And he filled her up to the brim with his semen. She pushes it all out and cannot help it but to lick and taste the salty white stuff that dripped on the mattress. Since she loves the taste she doesn’t hesitate longer to wrap those full red lips around the squirting cock. It must feel heavenly to be stuck between those full lips of her. She is a bit shy though and needs some practice in sucking a dog cock. So it takes some time for her to accustom herself to the unfamiliar thing in her mouth.



Nikita is so pleased with her experience that she wants another dog immediately. And Dachat and his team are happy to grant her this wish. Her stockings are a bit battered from the first encounter but her beauty remains flawless. She opens her tights to let her new furry friend lick her flower to make it wet and ready for his cock.When she is down on all fours, the dog fucks her well. You can see the cock and knot pistoning in and out. Unfortunately he is a bit impetuous and he doesn’t get his paws on the ground because of the lady’s long legs. Therefore there is no tie and no pull-out-scene. Other than that it is a perfect and raw fucking.



To compensate for the missing pull-out, Nikita shows what she learned in sucking off the first dog. The second blow-job is much more natural. Obviously our model got used to closing her lips around a squirting dog pecker by now. And she is enthusiastic about showing to the world what she can do with this lustful mouth of hers. She takes the red rocket as deep as she can. Her red lips are literally overflowing with dog juice and the white sperm mixes up with the red lipstick color. And lying under the dog, nursing on cockmeat she drifts off into a dog sex trance.


ArtOfZoo - Hell Yes! - Dog Sex Movie


Conclusion: This movie is (again) Dachat quality at its best. An outstanding model, experienced dogs, great action and professional camera works. Those who don’t get horny watching this movie must be dead already. Just buy it and see for yourself.



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  1. kinkfan 2 months ago

    This is a great movie! Actually, 2 movies in one. The first part we see the really gorgeous Nikita play and fool around in public, showing us her hot body doing some kinky things.
    Then when in the hotelroom, after really enjoying herself while watching a dog porn movie, she also starts to play with her own dog.
    Oh boy, so hot, a nice fuck with a big knot, nice dogcum dripping our of Nikita’s pussy and then dog sucking of the higher level. I really recommend this movie!
    Thanks Nikita!!

  2. sissou16 4 months ago

    Très beau film. Nikita est très belle et aime sucer la bite des chiens.

  3. Dtarian 5 months ago

    Wow, this is great
    Will be buying this ASAP

  4. Berrytfox 10 months ago

    I ´ Replay 3 month ago but will say …Thx for good movie she is fotomodel in my book, no question about that. And glad you not fake scream like other movies, moaning is ok but not fake screaming it is, it is only ridiculously and not trustworthy…thx Nikita and wait for next (boar yes yes yes) 🙂

  5. DrHard 11 months ago

    The fucking bod she has !!!! Even if her tits are fake, she’s not like the freaks you see in the US porn industry. Luscious lips, very classy. Wonder how Dachat get these girls (OK they mostly do it for the cash but then he must lure them with loads of cash LOL)

  6. Misanthrop 12 months ago

    hi misay here i got a Question: why is here in this movie no english subtitle file? would be really nice to see the movie with subtitle

    • Adam 12 months ago

      I think it’s just because there isn’t much talking in this one.

  7. MannyQuinn 12 months ago

    Exellent sevice thank. Great movie. Well worth purchasing!!

  8. a3a3a3 1 year ago

    Very sexy lady. Nikita is a knockout and I love the scene of her watching other movies and playing with herself—working herself up.

  9. dnedry 1 year ago

    DaChat provides another excellent movie, this time with Nikita. She has a great body, slim and slender with long legs and nice, round, firm breasts and then, of course, there are those lips (as you can see from the pictures). The movie takes a little bit (a good twenty minutes) to introduce the first dog but then the action progresses swiftly with a nice deep tie (without help from DaChat!) and a hot oral scene. In the text it is mentioned that for Kuryakin there is no tie but one clearly sees the knot buried deeply in her. It is over rather quickly followed by another hot oral scene.
    Although Nikita performs flawlessly and is very pretty, I still would consider her one of the weaker heroines in the DaChat universe. She is quite professional and for me it just did not click. My impression was that everything is a bit more for show than for real; whether she plays with herself or ties with a dog, the moans sound very similar. And she did not seem to like to be licked or kissed. Still definitely a great movie and worth buying.

  10. leesuschrist 1 year ago

    She is amazing , the intro , her body , the sex and the blowjob to finish off, superb . Missing out of you don’t grab this movie

  11. purespirit 1 year ago

    Wonderfull girl.
    I love this movie.

  12. chronzononnew 1 year ago

    OK, now that’s a blow job that’s almost TOO good.

  13. Berrytfox 1 year ago

    Nikita yes, the second WOW !!!

  14. ansaryon 1 year ago

    A great two-dog movie!

    After getting herself warmed up, she’s introduced to Tango. Nikita may be new to this, but Tango isn’t; you can see what he wants by his glancing at her crotch, not to mention his wagging tail! It’s not long before he gets to work, with some solid humping action (as usual with AoZ, from several angles). He ties for several minutes and there’s a wonderful view of his tail and balls bouncing in turn – we all know what that means is going on!

    A close-up view of the knot follows and out it pops. Nothing much happens, though, and it takes a while for Nikita to push out his cum – he’s buried it really deep inside! Tango then comes over to lay down on the bed, with Nikita giving him a good sucking-off. The camerawork here is exquisite, showing his throbbing cock and Nikita’s eager sucking in excellent detail, with sperm oozing out from her mouth from time to time.

    We then cut away to meet Kuryakin. Some people are scared of pitbulls, but this one’s keen to make sure he’s not perceived as scary. He jumps up, face-licking, with his tail wagging into a blur. He has a good old sniff and lick and both dog and woman are getting revved-up. The action then cuts to him humping away like wildfire, all four paws in the air and his hips pumping away like anything… he’s clearly making sure his puppy juice is getting in as far as possible! His hind legs are ablur as he goes on and on, with Nikita’s moans showing she’s enjoying herself just as much.

    As per the description, there’s no tie and we move onto the oral portion of the scene. Nikita works his dick well and the pitbull twitches and shudders ecstatically, delivering copious amounts of jizz into a most receptive mouth (that’s not how you make puppies, but I don’t think Kuryakin minds!). We see his butt pulsing as more and more sperm pumps out.

    A great introduction for Nikita and two very happy dogs.

  15. art30 1 year ago

    This lady is superb really looking forward to see more from her in the future please 🤪

  16. Qh1728400382 1 year ago

    这个感觉也太好看了 赞赞

  17. juggygales 1 year ago

    Love this one, what a hot sexy lady. Starts out very seductive. She is new but learning really fast. Great shots in this one.

  18. cesur 1 year ago

    nikita yı kim düzmek ister .? ben 🙂

  19. nomis 1 year ago

    La mejor de todas una rubia muy especial y sabe lo que realmente quiere su amigo peludo

  20. SummerBoy 1 year ago

    I’m very jealous of this dog

  21. mzer11 1 year ago

    Where does Dachat find these beauties?? They could be runway models! Another great video, though, not as exciting as Fantazi’s movie.

  22. 1 year ago

    Crazy sex and a very gorgeous girl! This content is very hot!)))

  23. genericc616 1 year ago

    Another Amazing Movie, Great Model, Great Action, the build-up was almost as hot as the action.

    Hope we can see more of Nikita as I honestly think I could watch her luscious lips wrapped around a dog cock all-day

  24. AoZLover 1 year ago

    Nikita clearly enjoys being fucked by the 2 dogs and she is a blowjob expert with those gorgeous lips which is a sight to see! I would have preferred a better close-up view of the humping and bigger dogs would be nice, hopefully something we can enjoy in the future!

  25. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    This film is wonderful, another beautiful lady dachat has brought to brighten our hearts. So much talent and beauty in girls that you can hardly believe. This movie almost reached my fantasia, 2 dogs enjoying those beautiful lips just in different scene, I would like to see blowjob 2 dogs at the same time. Thanks dachat and all the artofzoo team

  26. AoZLover 1 year ago

    Ordered mine today, can’t wait!

  27. wwzo 1 year ago


  28. art30 1 year ago

    I gonna keep this short the girls and the hole movie is hot like fire 😃🤤😉

  29. nivr 1 year ago

    Too bad missed that second knot pull out on that last scene :..( But damn what a sexy lady. That first part where she is posting her flyers in public places is sooo hot.

  30. Quicksilver 1 year ago

    Well, what can I say? The movie is amazing! The dogs can’t get enough of her, and she can’t get enough of the dogs. Perfect matches. As all the other movies Dachat came up with so far, she is a real beauty and really good with dogs (if you know what I mean 😉 Many thanks to Adam, the entire team and of course Dachat for that hopefully endless supply of beautiful women and happy dogs.

  31. K9corp 1 year ago

    God That is hotter than hot . Love to dive into that creampie !

  32. yeagerorama 1 year ago

    yeah would great to see ball play or rimming

  33. KKKAIMANO 1 year ago

    Wonderful nana

  34. misterioso 1 year ago

    she take all the knot in mouth?

  35. harryharry6969 1 year ago

    Ohhhhh yessss sexy horny Lady 🙂

  36. art30 1 year ago

    I guess the order lines are gone go hot again 😆

  37. Quicksilver 1 year ago

    Oh my God – these lips… these boobs… these legs… Adam, I hope you accept rush-orders? 😉

  38. HornyToad420 1 year ago

    I am speechless, another goddess gracing us with her beauty!

  39. cambrotwo 1 year ago

    Seems like the Dachat/Russian team will have to get bigger doggy lovers since these ladies are tall gorgeous specimens!!!!

  40. Chekkonen 1 year ago

    AoZ and Dachat providing us some more of those ravishing Russians, very nice! Need to have a serious conversation about getting these gems with my wallet. I’m also a little bit worried about these ones though, since it seems that some of those rotten tomatoes have once again striked against our community.

  41. art30 1 year ago

    Dachat I really need to thank you for making this excellent masterpieces of movies this girls are so beautiful the lingerie and the exclusive rooms and the way the girls performs are extraordinary it really makes it all breathtaking 😃 I pleased an order on both of the new movies imminently can’t wait to receive 🤤

  42. juggygales 1 year ago

    Wow those lips.. !

  43. mittomen 1 year ago

    Ilz and Adam. WOW !!!!! Yessss. Incredible!!! The wait was worth it ! Yes! 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽

  44. 1 year ago

    Nice, looks good. Any ball play in this video?

    • cambrotwo 1 year ago

      Hi five! I’m also hoping for a lot more ball play in the near future! ESPECIALLY from these sexy ladies!

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