Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie

“No-one cares for you a stitch – til’ you’re a sweet doggy-bitch…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: TigerLily with Bullseye
Running Time: 23 Minutes
Price: 50 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


Ah, that TigerLily. Our leading cutepants Asian doggy orchid. You’ll have to excuse an old man and his memoirs. If you met this Lady on the street you would most likely think she was a crazy. Unless dolled up of course, then you might think something else. But, often times she will pop round wearing an old man’s tatty flat cap and jacket that She’s borrowed off some old tourist dude. She’s a bit out there. Her company is compelling, by way of her life story. I will write a book about that one day. Until then, a preface…


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


In Hindu philosophy, it’s said that everyone has their place and purpose in the general Gaia scheme of things. The Universe makes good people, bad people. Infinite variety. In that philosophy, it’s recommended to just be yourself – ‘dark side’ or otherwise – as the Universe designed you to be.

As opposed to being genuinely unpleasant and pretending to be something else. Which of course, we see a lot of these days…


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


It’s a perspective, I will leave such judgments to you. But it’s a valid point of view. We do indeed learn by falling. The harder we fall, the bigger the lesson.

Fact is, the TigerLily case file – the Universe has gone to some extraordinary lengths, to pile a fair few life lessons into this little Lady’s in-tray. Fucking horror story of a life. We’ve had some tough times ourselves yes. But no matter what shit happens – compared with this Lady’s life, anything else would seem like Disneyland. It puts things in perspective…


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


Sent to an orphanage as a child – then trafficked. Then got out – then trafficked again. Escaped, then sent to prison – broke out of prison, Shawshank style. When about 8 years old – being bussed between orphanages – leaps off the top of a moving bus to see if landing like a cat is as easy as it looks. Survived of course but landed with a thud. Her daughter kidnapped and trafficked. Then untrafficked, with a little help from her friends. More recently, Her love cuts his own throat in front of her, with the shards of a broken mirror. Yes, the Universe has really thrown some heavy shit at this Lady…


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


My favorite TigerLily story is the one where She is scared of lightning. Being the uneducated educated logical white guy, I said don’t be scared of lightning Lady it’s just loud electricity far away. No Ba. Standing at a bus stop, watching as 2 people got hit by lightning. Full on. Bang – fried, toast. She said they were both twitching, foaming at the mouth, not pretty. Now. We’ve all heard of people getting hit by lightning and surviving. The odds of actually looking at someone nearby, the moment the lightning strikes – zapped like a bug – those are long odds.


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


Imagine living in a Universe where the Hand of God is a reality. Bang. No, I’m not scared of the noise Ba I’m scared about being zapped. I stand corrected.

And yet, despite it all, the Lady still smiles and finds happiness. There is a lesson there for all of us, I reckon. Consider some of these things perhaps, next problem you have…


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie


When I met this Lady She was a broken flower. Robbed, raped, beaten, abused at every turn. A splash of pet magic later – now nobody bothers Her. Now a respected Kung Fu troublemaker on Her turf. Discovering Her inner Lady Werewolf, and the power of the Pet Pussy, really did change this Lady’s life. You kinda see why the TigerLily takes Her Pet Love so very seriously. Not many drops spilled here. It really is the Red Pill.

Of course, thanks to all you good people who supported Her movies, and wrote nice comments. I read them to the Lady, and they are appreciated. A bit of TLC from friends can make a world of difference. Good work people. Together, we do change the world, even if just a bit.

Just a basic no-frills training movie this one, fuck, knot, suck – reflected in the price. Part 2 is with Dangerous, coming shortly. It’s the Hard Dog Life for this Lady, and I expect all Her Pet Sisters around our world are thinking likewise. You go you PetGurlz you, we’re behind you all the way. All the way. Us, and those doggies. Enjoy Bullseye enjoying an exotic TigerLily, that lucky devil 😉


Art Of Zoo - Hard Dog Life: pt 1 - dog sex movie





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  1. curiouslycurious 2 weeks ago

    It’s been since February 4th since this came out. It is now May 5th and still not able to watch it… 🙁

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      It’s not yet off the Download Buffer curiously 🙂 If you would like to gripe, do please gripe at the 250,000 Members who can’t seem to pull up $2 eh. Or, the myriad assholes who wanna message me with demands for movies they’d like to see, and not spending dime 1. Be my guest 🙂

      We had the same problem on GG (and all the other sites), as we have here. When people get complacent, the bills don’t get paid, and the sites close. Then comes the whining I get, about ‘wah no new movies and please come back and do movies again’. And around we go, again. We do our part. You’ve obviously done your part. Apologies to you, on behalf of the rest. But please be patient. We do need to make at least a bit of money on movies. Because, to reiterate, we’re not everyone’s Mother. Won’t be long now. Hang in there eh. 🙂

      • curiouslycurious 2 weeks ago

        Sorry, Adam. I was out of line. I’m addicted to instant gratification anymore. Once this buffer finishes, it’s gonna feel like Christmas

  2. curiouslycurious 2 weeks ago

    LOL! I just realized it hasn’t been released yet. Didn’t understand initially what was meant by “buffer.” Been anxiously waiting for this one!

  3. Cameron1 2 weeks ago

    Happy to be apart of this committee!:)

  4. shadowdragon72 2 weeks ago

    would love to see tigerlilly take on some pigs……

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      The pigs say, they would like to see you spend 1 dollar, before coming with what it is you would love to see 🙂

  5. a3a3a3 1 month ago

    Very sad and interesting backstory. Whatever we can do to help this beautiful woman out, we definitely will. She has a huge fan base, I’m sure. And we want to keep her happy…just like the dogs do.

    Great movie, btw! Another gem. Love how playful she is with Bullseye. 🙂

  6. Gdane15 2 months ago

    Great Adam Thanks

  7. Gdane15 2 months ago

    Hi Adam,

    i just wanted to ask if we can expect soon an Interview with Tigerlily, i know it is on your list and i
    think you are pretty busy i dont want to nerve you so i just wanted to ask you.

    Best regards

    • Author
      Adam 2 months ago

      Ah – yeah ok man I will see what I can do this weekend 😉

      We have a bunch of nice TigerLily pix we haven’t used that could go in there.

      • Gdane15 1 month ago

        Hi Adam could you already do something regarding the interview

        • Author
          Adam 1 month ago

          I got about 34.6% of it done GD, and ILZ did some very nice photos to go with it 😉

          • Gdane15 4 weeks ago

            Good , thanks for info we hope for 100 percent

  8. Q1786154168 2 months ago


  9. H3llH4mmer 3 months ago

    It’s a sad story, i am glad that it ended happily.
    It’s a nice Move, i am waiting for part 2 ,
    Keep up the good work TigerLily

  10. samaelloki1992red69 3 months ago

    Muy buenas películas y muy buena mujer pero creo que sería buena una película que también muestre detrás de cámaras o después de grabar una película 🤔

  11. 3 months ago

    I would love to know more about TigerLily, she’s a true Asian beauty, glad she is having so much fun with the dogs 😁 I would love to meet this lady someday

  12. Jewels 3 months ago

    Another lovely video from my current favorite pet lady who showed she gives as good as she takes with loving kisses to her partner. Side note after reading this tale of Tigerlily it shows she has earned her name and i wish her nothing less than total love and respect.

  13. Gdane15 3 months ago

    it is an nice little movie with much action and love , Tigerlily looks so sexy,and Bullseye it is so funny he cannot wait this young lover , great an well done movie

  14. Wantedces 3 months ago

    Harika bayıldım

  15. CaneCordial 3 months ago

    Since the crowning Jewel of her First Dance, she remains authentic and dedicated to her craft. Bringing Joy not only to dogs, but to her fans around the world. I look forward to a whole new level of intensity with that stud Dangerous!–cant wait.

  16. Artofzo0 3 months ago

    please do an interview with this goddess in person,…. in the next films, close this wonderful body that Tigerlily has

  17. Andreu90 3 months ago

    Very sexy lady, this movie 10

  18. Gdane15 3 months ago

    what an strong and brave Lady she had my greatest respect , and now she is
    the goddess Bullseye you really an lucky dog

  19. Cheekymonkey2018 3 months ago

    One of my favorite petladies…she shows alot of compassion.. intensity and dedication to being the best petladies. You are awesome! HUGS…🤗💖

  20. stardog 3 months ago

    I love Tigerlily’s movies and look forward to seeing this one.

  21. Mangue 3 months ago

    i love it

  22. doggystyle69 3 months ago

    Tigerlily , ILZ and bullseye thank you for another movie and I love you all can’t wait to purchase this movie.

  23. LadyX 3 months ago

    TigerLily is probably one of my favourite petpussy AoZ stars. I love how she shows her passion in the k9 lifestyle and fully submissive herself to k9s.

    Just beautiful to see how she has blossom in many ways with her life. Now I understand the name ‘TigerLily’ and very suitable to her.

    Bullseye is a very lucky boy.

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