ArtOfZoo - Hard Beginnings - dog sex bondage

When I was a teenager, a guy I babysat for (an army buddy of my Dad) decided I would be the ideal submissive for him, he got me to his apt on the pretense of babysitting. When I walked in he grabbed me, shoved a gag in my mouth & tied me face down to his coffee table, explained to me about his lifestyle & he would have me as his submissive. Long story short, he forced me to swallow his cock then spanked me, he said I was wet from being spanked & he knew I would like being punished.

He told me that I would feel some pain (if I was a virgin) as he rammed his cock into my pussy, I froze & tried to scream, he waited a bit then fucked my pussy hard & deep. He pulled out, called his dog into the room & told him to ”eat” as his dog licked my pussy & asshole, he forced his cock into my mouth again, fucking into my throat, asking if I was enjoying the dog eating me & I was enjoying it.

He pulled my head into his groin & forced his cock deeper into my throat filled it with his cum, making me gag harder, telling me to swallow it all or I will be punished. He shoved the gag back in & told me I was now going to feel a lot of pain, he went behind me & told his dog to mount, the dog climbed up on me & I felt his cock poking me then I felt the tip at my asshole & he pushed it in.

I was trying to scream & could not. The guy was taking pictures of his dog fucking my ass, he told me if I said anything about tonight he would show my family the photos & say I begged him to let his dog fuck me, he put the camera down & began rubbing my clit, telling me that he would not allow me to be knotted this time but I would be next time.

The next day I was tied to his table again & mounted in my pussy as he shoved his cock into my mouth. I was knotted & tied for 15 minutes.

Here is where my journey began & it has not ended.

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  1. bestofbeast 2 weeks ago


  2. tainshi 1 month ago

    Love your story

  3. luvan2 7 months ago

    Super verhaal !!!

  4. dome78 10 months ago

    Mmm i would love that to happen to me.

  5. woodly7777 10 months ago

    Love your story

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