“Santa Baby… I’ve been an awful Good Girl…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Fantazi with Gunner & Zanta
Running Time: 35 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


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ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


As we know Gang, Christmas is a Pagan Tradition stolen by the Church, and kinda stolen back again. It’s that end of year feast where you say, fuck me, made it 1 more year. It might be colder, sometimes not (Go Gov!). But the ending of a year, and being alive to look at some of this stuff, is probably worth celebrating. So funk it. Santa and Krampus it is. Fairy lights, tinsel, happiness and basically having a good time. So let’s go…


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


This year, Santa’s Little Helper is not the dog on The Simpsons – though one look at this Lady I expect he wishes he were there… No this year, Santa’s Little Helper is a very naughty, very sparkly, very bubbly and intoxicating, very tasty young Elf, of the female variety. And when you’ve been a VERY good Girl, working your fingers to the bone day in day out all year long to put presents in front of spoiled horrible little earthlings, your 1 day off per year is of course, Christmas. So, clocking out on Christmas Eve once Santa has set off – what will you do?…


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


You might pop into town – secretly of course you’re a fucking Elf – see what the earthlings are doing. You might have a look around their shops, enjoy some of their festivities. It’s all very spangly. Kinda makes you want to get naughty. And fuck it, being an Elf, you can become invisible anyway. So, who’s to know? 😉

Who should you run into, but Senor Dachat. What a stroke of luck for us. “What do you do, young Elf? Toys, you say? Well, I have a nice toy right here. Do you make these in your factory?” “Not like that! It looks fun, can I play?”. “Depends, have you been a Good Girl? Yes? Okay then…”, and off they adjourn to the nearest changing room…



“This is fun!”, cries the little Elf. I wish Santa made fun toys like this…”. Well, we have a special Santa, just for young Elves who are good at being naughty. “We don’t usually get to meet Management” squealed the Elf with delight. So off to meet Secret Santa, they go. Petlove Santa, asks our Elf what She would like for Christmas? “Santa Baby… stick something furry, under the tree for me?” Petlove Santa always delivers – and grants our delicious young Elf Her Christmas wish; a big, horny doggy, naturally 🙂


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


Christmas morning arrives, and an excited young Elf dashes down to see if her wish has come true. Sure enough – a fine furry lover, ready to fill Her with Christmas spirit. “Wow – this is really going to happen! I hope this doggy has enough love to douse the K9 ache I’m feeling in my tight little Elf Flower…”. Apollo does not hesitate to woo our Heroine. Kissing Her deeply, to get Her warmed up. Then, in a flash, he unwraps her special gift.


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


Our Hero is keeeeen to show the Elf what he can do with a vagina. She takes the doggylove, deep and hard… “Uh… it’s the first time I’M the Christmas Gift…” thinks the little Elf, as that knot swells up tight inside Her – taking her to places She has never been before. “Oh my…” says the Elf, “I’ve stuffed a lot of presents into wrapping – but it’s the first time I’M the wrapping!”. That dreamy, faraway look in Her eye as doggy owns Her and pumps his festive cream into her sex, tells it all. It pays, to be a Good Girl, sometimes 🙂


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


With an Elf pussy dripping with dog love, Rover withdraws but is still rocking. “It’s so red and shiny – looks like a candy cane! Let me taste…”, and the little Elf takes that fat dog cock between her sensuous lips, and returns some of the pleasure he’s given her this Christmas morning.


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


But a day off comes but once a year, for Santas Elves. The clock is ticking, and our Hero points out that – unlike Christmas, HE can come more than once. Especially when the Pet Pussy is so delightful. So, back into position our little Elf goes. And, once again, our Hero hammers a knot into the Lady, that She will not forget quickly. Oliver Twist said “Please Sir, can I have some more?” – our Little Elf doesn’t need to ask. Second helpings coming right up…


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


“My – what a BIG cock you have!” says our Elf, holding the erect mojo in her hand. “So juicy, so creamy – let me taste…”. It’s Fantazis first doggy time, so nectar-drinking is a big step. But, it IS Christmas. She is, only 95% full of dog cum – and our Hero is still squirting. Tentatively, She coaxes that juice into her mouth – showing us what She’s got – then feeling that pure doggy juice slipping down her throat into her tummy. “Oo, tasty! Please doggy, may I have some more?” “Of course, young Elf” rrrars the doggy – “…drink my juice, ’til your heart is content…”. So, She does. Our young Elf, filled to overflowing with sweet doggy cream. Truly a Christmas to remember…


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


The Lady splashes some of that doggy juice over her boobs and feet – coz She knows some of you Pet Folks like boobs, and feet 😉 Plus, who said a Lady could only wear dog cum on the inside?

Ok, so maybe I drifted a touch away from the plot of the movie – but hey, more or less – and, artistic license and all 😉


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


A great, action packed movie from Dachat and Crew – Fantazi, Apollo and of course, Secret Santa. Petlove production with balls, as they take that Doggy Show on the road. And, sweet knots that you won’t find in any Christmas ribbon. Fantastic work, please keep that up 🙂


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


So, with this movie, we will provide subtitles as a separate .SRT file. The reason – some Members speak Russian 🙂 Also, later on we may get a chance to do other subtitles in other languages. One step at a time though. If you don’t know how to add an .SRT subtitle file to a movie, here is how to do it in Media Player Classic & how to do it in VLC Media Player . Old skool yes, but reliable and nobody tracking anything. If you have a different player, a quick Youtube search should sort you out.

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ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women


Happy Seasons Greetings!, and enjoy this very Good Girl.


ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women



ArtOfZoo - "Good Girl!"by Fantazi - animal sex with women



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  1. birdsong 21 hours ago

    Such a pity that Fantazi was a “one and done” model

    • Author
      Adam 20 hours ago

      No Models are ‘one and done’ bird, circumstances arise. It’s not like McDonalds you can walk in and be fairly sure they got the same grey burger you had there the day before. To do what we do we need to duck and dive. Bob, and weave. TeamRussia messed things up for a lot of people – tried to grass on our Producers, Models, etc. I hope all you who supported that guy instead of supporting us, are feeling great about now. Sung like a canary, he did. Ouch. The moves we needed to make, to resolve the situation, you would not begin to believe. So, no. Russia is still there. The Ladies, are still there. We are just presently occupied elsewhere, is all. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

  2. lugg91 2 months ago

    Excelente película, muy buena la actuación de Fantazi; espero volver a ver actuar a esta bella dama.

  3. Ptharu 2 months ago

    Hi Adam. I think this is the one of best movie from the collection. Because of this girl. Where is she now? Need ankther movie from Fantazi.pls reply

  4. Sowilo 5 months ago

    Beautiful girl. Great action. Excellent movie.

  5. iconR 5 months ago

    PM by model perf yes

  6. Crouton 6 months ago

    Fantazi is a lovely girl, and seeing her in public in her sexy Christmas getup really builds up the anticipation… Her facial expressions as she feels the knot swelling and filling her up are unbeatable! I wish there had been some more zoomed out shots of her and the dog from the side (or above), but that’s a minor nitpick. Solid gold.

  7. dnedry 7 months ago

    HI Adam,
    I think it is pretty obvious that Fantazi is wildly popular and that a lot of people (including myself) would love to see more of her. But given that Christmas 2020 is already approaching rapidly I suspect that this is probably not going to happen (to my great disappointment). Can you give us reason why there are no additional movies with her? Has she lost interest or did something happen between her and Dachat or is she not well or …? I would be quite curious about this.

    • Author
      Adam 7 months ago

      I have no idea, to be honest Dnedry. Ladies come and go, it’s normal. I don’t really keep track. Some try it and don’t really get into it (I don’t think that is the case with Fantazi). Others move away, or get boyfriends, or get busy elsewhere – get pregnant, get a job, there are lots of possible reasons. Sometimes the reason is on the other side, maybe a Lady isn’t particularly easy to work with, or she lives very far away and it’s difficult to organize. However, I will say that historically, we’ve had Ladies who decided they really did not want to do it any more – then 5 minutes later, come back and want to continue. I remember chatting with one of Hans’ Brazil girls back in the day, she had tried the dog and was having religious qualms about God and sinning etc, and insisted she would never do it again. Course, the next week she was on the dog again – these things pass, dogfun tends to stick around. Thanks to TeamRussia trying to get everyone else in Russia arrested to save his own ass, Russia is not really safe for shooting for the time being. So Dachat has relocated elsewhere, and I fear we won’t be seeing many of his regular Ladies for a while. Though there is still the possibility of them traveling to where he is.

      • dnedry 7 months ago

        Thanks a lot for the reply. I see your point. There could be all kinds of reasons why she does not continue.
        I am really sad to hear that Dachat is in trouble. I hope he is okay and will continue with his movie. They are amazing.

        • Author
          Adam 7 months ago

          Don’t worry, you are not a proper Gaia Marine until they are after you 😉 Dachat is officially one of us now 🙂

  8. SibirienRUS 9 months ago

    Девочка красавица❤ как бы хотелось чаще видеть видео с ней в главной роли! 😍

    would like more beautiful videos with this actress❤

  9. chuck1971us 9 months ago

    What an incredible model! While it was super hot watching her get knotted, stretched and cummed, the view of Fantazi’s facial expressions, gasps and grunts while she was being pounded was really cute as well. Her strappy outfit was a nice touch, highlighting but not obstructing the view of her lovely body.

  10. l4z2020 9 months ago

    Oh Fantazi! I loved this girl she has a beautiful pet flower, all girls should dress like that sexy I hope she continues making movies I definitely want to see her again.
    Oh Fantazi! me encanto esta chica tiene una hermosa flor y me parece que todas deberian vestir asi de sexy espero que siga haciendo peliculas porque quiero verla de nuevo.

  11. PortiaKitty 9 months ago

    Absolute masterpiece, one of the best in many years. Please we need more of her.

  12. caiodog18 9 months ago

    I would like more videos with her.

    Does she keep making more videos?

  13. Anthonycr93 12 months ago

    Estoy por ver esta película, ésta chica es verdaderamente hermosa y muy sensual. Espero cumpla las espectativas con las que espero poder disfrutar esos 35 min.

    • Anthonycr93 12 months ago

      Ya la vi, y está muy buena. De verdad vale el dinero y el tiempo. Estoy deseoso de comprar más.

  14. akuryu85fr 1 year ago

    this girl is really beautyfull ! hope she will make more movies
    is she in the chat?

  15. MBZooL 1 year ago

    She is absolutly insane. I hope there will be more Videos with her!!

  16. chronzononnew 1 year ago

    All pet-girls are lovely in their own unique way. That being said Fanatazi is not just the most conventionally beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in a pet movie but is–and I kid you not–the most beautiful girl of her type that I’ve ever seen in porn, period. If she were doing mainstream or even just soft-core, I would buy everything she produced. She is so gorgeous, she could be an influencer with 1 million followers. Incredible that she’s not only doing a pet film but that she obviously enjoys it and had attempted it IRL. Thank you so much for bringing this gem to the screen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  17. Q1786154168 1 year ago

    好好看 小姐姐身材 太棒了

  18. dnedry 1 year ago

    Two short comments for those who have seen the movie: Now that the subtitles are available I realized that Fantazi reveals in the short interview that she actually already tried to do it with a dog once before. For me, this was like: Wow, really? When? How? Why? What happened? … In the actual interview it is: Was this before today? – Yes. – Okay.

    When Fantazi wakes up it is 10:10am on Wednesday, December 25. So she actually spends Christmas morning/day with Gunner. Of course, this could be fake but I think it is real. One has to realize that in Russia Christmas in on December 25 of the *Julian* calender (which is used by the Orthodox church); this corresponds to January 7 of the (normal) Gregorian calendar. Moreover, actually, nobody celebrates Christimas in Russia as it was forbidden during the 70 years of the existence of the Sowjet Union. Instead, they replaced Christmas with a very similar celebration on New Year (complete with a tree and presents and Father Frost and so on). So December 25 is not such a special date in Russia.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Interesting Dnedry thanks for posting 🙂 To be honest I think Fantazi makes it a special date in Russia 😉

  19. void 1 year ago

    This is so hot, this innocent, sweet russian girl. It almost broke my heart seeing that wild dog going into her. One of your best movies so far, if you can get her to do more movies I will buy a lot of them! Please, do us a favour, more of her!

  20. art30 1 year ago

    This is my favourite movie 😊 please more movies from this cute and sexy girl

  21. mzer11 1 year ago

    Please more movies from this beauty Dachat!! Love the kissing scene, could watch that all day long! <3

  22. art30 1 year ago

    Please more movies from this marvellous girl 😊

  23. temer4523 1 year ago

    Finally! I could purchase and watch the video! It was a great work from Dachat!
    A lot of nice kissing using tongue, humping and the great blowjob scenes.
    The model is beautiful and looks innocent, and sometimes looks into camera and let you see her beautiful eyes.
    Good job Dachat!. But for future I have some suggestions if possible:
    1-Seeing the dog’s full body while the model is giving blowjob is helping your mind to fully understand what she does.
    2-Playing and licking balls could be very nice.
    3-I’m not sure if this one will be published, but licking anus can also be very interesting.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Thanks Temer 🙂 1 thing though, while everything about the dog cock and tongue is pretty clean – dog shit and dog ass can cause some serious health issues, things like blindness. We take a bit better care of our Ladies than that eh.

  24. astonboy 1 year ago

    Just Amazing, Loved this movie from the beginning to the end. Fantazi is so hot, I get lost in such beautiful eyes! Thanks for yet, another fantastic video from Dachat!

  25. bontas 1 year ago

    The best doggie porn movie since Nana debuted. Fantazi is outrageously hot and willing. Dont miss this one.

  26. audiopet 1 year ago

    She has beautiful eyes.

  27. 1 year ago

    cute blond, beautiful Pussy. nice and clear video with some good close-ups.

  28. Maverick69 1 year ago

    I have very few words other then you need to watch this!!!! I was cringing with excitement just at the intro!!! This female is hands down GORGEOUS!!!! so for whomever hasn’t seen this is really missing out!!! Great movie hope to see more of her with in the future and I’m really enjoying these beautifully skinned European girls a lot!!! Thank you artofzoo for making this all possible.

  29. cj4778 1 year ago

    Beautiful girl, very game and great action. One of the hottest movies I’ve ever seen

  30. Geliopsis 1 year ago

    This is the best movie in this genre. The actress is incredibly beautiful, passionate and tender. Her facial expression during sex with a dog, deep kisses make her believe in what is happening. Believe in the love of girls and dogs. That the sex between them was not for money, but for pleasure. Fantazi after such vivid and passionate scenes can even get pregnant from a dog. From such a thought you can just get excited. I especially liked the scene where Fantazi tastes the dog’s sperm. I hope we can see the continuation of this erotic talent in the following videos.

  31. cyssou 1 year ago

    Please show us more fantazi, this girl is a gift from heaven, her facial expression during the knotting and kissing is just crazy and the quality of the film is incredible. Bravo purchase and thank you to fantazi for delivering such a great performance. thank you also to adam and the artofzoo team the best is you.

  32. Chekkonen 1 year ago

    YOWIE WOWIE!!! Another wonderful, ravishing Russian right here! Those stills don’t lie, this is pure gold and diamonds turned into a 35 minute movie. Great action from the beginning aaaaaaaaall the way to the end. You just don’t want it to end, Fantazi’s facial expressions from excitement, lust, horniness and pure joy are really taking you to another dimension. And then, when it does end and you return back to your surrounding reality, you feel kinda sad. Thankfully, we can just press the replay button and have another go with it. Great job from the whole crew here! 🙂

  33. 1 year ago

    Many many more of this girl please! Shes amazing.. Want to see her with a big stud! I wonder how the dog feels when he sees her 😀 and in her

  34. solid666 1 year ago

    Wonderful movie, and probably the most beautiful girl in the industry. Please make more movies with her. And her kissing is just wonderful. I love girl who french kiss dogs. She uses her tongue a lot.
    In any case, please more movies with Fantazi.

    • 1 year ago

      They kiss like boyfriend and girlfriend.. She must make out alot. He is sooo lucky to kiss that blond teen

  35. dnedry 1 year ago

    Yet another truly amazing petsex movie from Drachat. Fantazi is so beautiful and on top of that very talented. Her kisses are really deep and her pose when she presents herself to the dog is just perfect. She is a true natural. And then although she is quite petite she still takes the knot as a pro. I just can hope that we see a lot more from her.

    • Geliopsis 1 year ago

      После Vixen и Stray X 2019 год стал невероятным сюрпризом в данном жанре видео. Столько красивых девушек из ролика в ролик, превью сделано просто великолепно. Я очень заинтересован в развитии вашего контента и сайта. Вы в очередной раз доказали, что можете быть лучше. Спасибо, я очень доволен, что есть Вы, и есть группа людей, имеющих схожие интересы.

  36. support 1 year ago

    Just let you know guys we have opened up this movie to all trust levels ;).

    • Viktoriya 1 year ago

      а как в нем можно снятся?

      • SibirienRUS 9 months ago

        Снять видео и отправить админу сайта,после чего он выйдет с вами на связь.

  37. mzer11 1 year ago

    The Dachat girls are getting more beautiful with each new release! Fantazai is the most beautiful one yet! And the things she does! Just wow!!

  38. juggygales 1 year ago

    This girl is a naughty little one and proves she can be real dirty. She starts out being an exhibitionist then she puts her money where her mouth is with this big boy. She has a sexy little perfect mounting body. Many great shots there on all fours. She seems new to it and discovers she really likes the taste. Hope we see her much more. She’s a cute dirty one.

  39. dogsrgreat 1 year ago

    These are certainly some of the best stills i have seen! Congratulations to the TL2 peeps.

  40. longdawg 1 year ago

    Another wonderful offering to all of us form Art of Zoo! This movie brings us Yuletide themes and a wish to Santa for a doggie lover. Our beautiful model receives her gift and wastes no time in coupling with her furry friend. Her dog is no novice and after several quick mounts he finds his mark and knots her thoroughly. We are treated to a long tie with beautiful, clear definition and streams of doggy-dew running from our model’s flower❤️. She takes her lover into her mouth for a taste and then cuts to a shorter sequence that involves a quick mount, blowjob, and foot and boob play. This movie really has something for almost everyone and I highly recommend its purchase. Thanks again to the producers and models for another wonderful movie!

  41. temer4523 1 year ago

    I was wondering what is the use of Trust Levels before. Just the download buffers and having videos sooner?!
    But this video shows the benefit of building a trust!
    Very brilliant idea, such an idea can save the whole industry!

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Thank you Temer it’s nice to meet a fellow philosopher 🙂 Yes we have been developing this Trust system for a few years, it’s not yet perfect but it is helpful.

  42. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    What a wonderful country Russia is. Thank you @dachat for bringing the best Russian girls. Fantazi is a Goddess of beauty and gives herself body and soul to please the dog in everything, as always my favorite oral section.

  43. cambrotwo 1 year ago

    Wow. Wow. Wow!!!! Pretty much a perfect film! Personally I would like to see some ball action, I understand though that some dogs are more sensitive to it than others. Hopefully we’ll get to see some “ball play” in upcoming films! A big round of applause for our Russian doggy lovers!

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Ball play, as in catch? Man u a kinky bunch 😉 Or u mean, caressing the doggy family jewels? Yeah we can probably look into that 🙂

  44. nivr 1 year ago

    Hot, young, super sexy, fully knotted, love this movie!

    Man …How lucky are those producers

  45. song2 1 year ago

    By all means… this is going to be one of my all time favorite AOZ-movies.
    Great girl, great dog, great action. period.
    Only thing missing would be a carpet since the dog doesn’t get real grip on the underground.

  46. damien2010 1 year ago

    This is my new #1 movie – she is damn hot, young, not shy, perfect body, great positions, intense humping, beautiful moaning, a lot of sperm flowing out of her while fully knotted. Also Dachat did a great job with the camera-work and lightning.
    The kissing-scene is extraordinary, she likes it sooo much

    An absolute MUST HAVE

  47. Jewels 1 year ago

    a beautiful work of art with a lovely holiday theme. a cutie who earned her gift and gives plenty of love back.
    i hope to see more of her.

  48. Alcapone79 1 year ago

    Great Video….. The Russian girl is so sexy and the way she makes out with the dog, HOT!!!! Can’t wait for more videos from this sexy girl.

  49. flesh 1 year ago

    damn …. it don’t get hotter than this movie

  50. birdsong 1 year ago

    I don’t know how Dachat manages to find these young slender women, but I’m glad he does. Fantazi is beautiful and enthusiastic, the latter most notable in the passionate, open-mouth kissing scene. She gets thoroughly knotted for 9½ minutes, and a close-up of her face at 25:45 captures her orgasm. After the dismount she expels a lot of sperm. In round 2, she strips fully nude, allowing us to watch her firm pert boobs wobbling underneath her as she gets hammered from behind. Just wish this scene was longer. My only complaint is the lack of wide shots again. Highly recommended.

    • birdsong 1 year ago

      I see my review was partially censored.

      • Author
        Adam 1 year ago

        Hi Birdsong yes, I appreciate the thought put into your breakdown. Unfortunately painting your picture in minutes and seconds is rather like quantifying the Mona Lisa as black 14.2%, grey17.9%, purple 1.3% etc. Which kinda does not do the work any justice at all, and might be considered misleading I think you would agree.

  51. zetafun 1 year ago

    what a beautiful girl and what a nice action. Go for it

  52. bsbeast 1 year ago

    Damn.. that it just beautiful, and look at that sexy lingerie… I am in love

    • 1 year ago

      I feel it too – she looks like she’s adoring her time with him too, lucky dog.

  53. jmaxthebest 1 year ago

    HI i am not tl2 i am tl1 but just a tips about srt file . you can rename the file by the name name of movie and put on same folder of movie . if you do that the sofware MPHC in exemple or vlc directly reconized the srt .
    you can use on media player box too like nvidia shield / popcourn hour etc …..
    hope will be tl2 to buy this movie . look like very pretty 🙂
    and yes some bad apple are here and for my case i understand why is only tl2 or 3 or 4 🙂
    keep the good work

  54. slayslay82 1 year ago

    Probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time. She is a stunning woman, and the passion and sucking scenes are to die for. Can we please have MORE of Fantazi!!!

  55. Mn42as 1 year ago

    She is beautiful 😍

  56. art30 1 year ago

    those aies ohmy it’s perfect the movie is packed with hot action and too those who love totally naked girls there are a scene where she get fucked extremely hard with no clothes on she really knows how to suck that fat cock asvel please make more movies with her 😁 best regards from art30 a werry happy fella now

  57. K9corp 1 year ago

    I have to work on my TL . Still working on verification but it will come . Those that have heard this before , its cumming but I have to get my level up . This is hot and that’s just the stills !

  58. Citizen 1 year ago

    What a start of this year 2020. A great movie from Dachat and his stunning girl. Her facial expressions during the knotting scene is amazing and it is a movie with very high quality from start to end. Her kissing scenes with Apollo are for sure very sexy and erotic. I dont know if this was her first time with a dog or not but she did an amazing job. Also many thanks to Dachat for high quality, nice angels and specially her facial expressions and moaning was stunning. If there will be more movies with her and Apollo, i think a carpet on the floor should be a good idea. Not so slippery for Apollo and the camera lying on the floor between her legs will be more steady. She also could have a little higher position at the start and after Apollo has mated her she can go down on her elbows and face on the floor . But that is just a small notice. Overall i want to give this movie a 9 on a scale 1-10. . So thanks again and to all of you that havent bought this movie ,, just DO It ! 🙂 /Citizen

    • TomHase 1 year ago

      this sounds really promising 🙂

    • 1 year ago

      carpet is a bad idea, all the cums gets soaked in without us to see

      • Author
        Adam 1 year ago

        He’s not wrong actually – slippery floor and dog sex is not the perfect setup 🙂

        • 1 year ago

          Use another alternative to a carpet. It’s better if the model lucks dog cum from the floor. When will this movie be available to lower trust level members?

          • Author
            Adam 1 year ago

            We may keep this, and some future movies, for TL2+ Members. We have not decided yet.

  59. Quicksilver 1 year ago

    That movie is simply a “wow”: beautiful girl (actually more than just beautiful), and a very active dog that sinks deeply into her, including the know. And he just keeps cumming again and again and again. What a lucky dog. Gets the most beautiful girls, and has so much sex. Unbelievable. The life of a rock star 😉

  60. cyssou 1 year ago

    Happy New Year 2020 to all dog lovers and lots of beautiful things to our petgirls so beautiful and warm I love you all Happy New Year and the best for you kisses

  61. someguynamedsam 1 year ago

    Those eyes!!!

    I need this video in my life, WOW

  62. cyssou 1 year ago

    cette jeune femme est un joyaux absolument superbe,adam tu est le meilleur j’ai vraiment envie d’avoir ce chef d’œuvre ,fantazi a un naturel incroyable respect pour elle et l’action quel nous offre bravo fantazi tu es fantastic

  63. Nonamefun 1 year ago

    This post convinced me to register and support the site, I’ve been a long time lurker, but it’s a shame to see the site struggling with bad apples, so it’s the least I can do. What can I do to support the site? There’s no where else for such quality content!

  64. 27size1980 1 year ago

    One talent after another entering the fold from mother Russia! I absolutely love what I am seeing from the community! Impressive is an understatement ! What I particularly am loving is the foot fetish included. I love beautiful feminine feet. One of those last screenshots looks like a Footjob! That would be unbelievable if so! Love it! Keep it up!

    I will be purchasing this beauty for sure !

  65. TomHase 1 year ago

    She’s sooooooo incredibly beautiful and sexy. I can’t wait to see her

  66. Chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Wow wow AOZ, thanks for this one.. 🤪🥰.. I will need to talk seriously with my crypto wallet…..

  67. bacozoo 1 year ago

    Artofzoo Team: You really make our Christmas very special. A beautiful lady, a sensual and perfect performance, a beautiful dog, beautiful love. Thanks.

  68. art30 1 year ago

    The eyes of this beautiful woman are so mesmerising and beautiful perhaps this can be a new superstar who knows 😉

  69. Tepau 1 year ago

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! Another one! Thank you Team for the xmas presents, I never feel like having enough 😀

  70. 1 year ago

    Go Adam.

    Sic Krampus on the bastards!

  71. juggygales 1 year ago

    Wow love Shepherds and she looks like a perfect model.. ! sexy sexy

  72. SANATASREFICUL 1 year ago

    Someday there will be more videos of turned tie?

  73. HornyToad420 1 year ago

    What else can I say but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Ihten 1 year ago

    Great movie. I will buy it. Hope i can get higher trust level because i very like this model ^^

  75. BrianD 1 year ago

    WOW! i am speechless just looking at the previews 🙂

  76. 1 year ago

    She is very beautiful and expecting more videos from her, and it would be interesting in February, especially at Carnival time some Marta videos among others. Carnival is a festive season from Latin countries and it has spread across Europe and even Asia like South Korea and Japan.

  77. harryharry6969 1 year ago

    ohh yess girl hoot
    merry christmas:-)
    greeting harry

  78. art30 1 year ago

    Oh my one movie more and a fresh new girl asvel artofzoo I love you al, I was hoping for a Christmas special her and the Russian Santa replied thanks ded moroz 🎅

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