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The God of Scribes looked down and saw

The bitter band of seven,

Who had outraged his holy law

And lost their hope of Heaven

Came Villon, petty thief and pimp,

And obscene Baudelaire,

And Byron with his letcher limp,

And Poe with starry stare.


And Wilde who lived his hell on earth,

And Burns, the baudy bard,

And Francis Thompson, from his birth

Malevolently starred.

As like a line of livid ghosts

They started to paradise,

The galaxy of Heaven’s hosts

Looked down in soft surmise.


Said God: “You bastards of my love,

You are my chosen sons

Come, I will set you high above

These merely holy ones.

Your sins you’ve paid in gall and grief,

So to these radiant skies,

Seducer, drunkard, dopester, thief,

Immortally arise.


I am your Father, fond and just,

And all your folly see

Your beastiality and lust

I also know in me.

You did the task I gave to you .

Arise and sit beside

My Son, the best beloved, who

Was also crucified.


by Robert William Service


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  1. tramp666 2 months ago

    Wunderbar, wahnsinnig

  2. ilikealotm 3 months ago

    @Danifits Thank you. 🙂

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