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Samantha was laying on her sofa after a particularly long day, browsing the web on her phone and looking at the type of websites she probably shouldn’t have been! Her head was filled with ideas and fantasies of submission, bondage and far far more! It was one thing to day dream of these ideas but a very different matter when it came to really taking that big step and committing to do something; Samantha wasn’t as brave in real life as perhaps she presented in her online persona.

She started reading a story about a young girl finding herself in a situation where someone she knew was blackmailing her into doing things and it really got her thinking. What if someone was blackmailing her, holding her accountable to all her deepest darkest desires? She thought long and hard about that as she bought herself off for the second time tonight. When she had calmed down a little she really did start to think of the reality of this, was it really possible, could it really work? If she wanted out, she could just go to the police or other authorities and tell them she was being blackmailed surely? But then, what if the blackmailer was anonymous, someone from the internet, even someone from a foreign country! Imagine that, going to the police, someone is making me do things… who is it?… I don’t know… where are they?…. somewhere abroad… She wasn’t sure the police would really take that conversation that seriously and even if they did, could they really act on it, it would really depend on what was being used as the cause of blackmail.

If this was something that really was going to work, the blackmailer would need to know what meant the most to the victim, what would be the worst thing in the world to come out, that would need to be the leverage. Samantha considered this, she realised that it was her job that meant the most to her, after four years study to get her degree and a year of on the job training, to lose her job in the social services sector would be devastating. The truth was, if her personal life, her past naughty history and her wants and desires were to be public and known within her work circles, she would certainly be suspended pending an investigation and almost certainly reported to the police as well. So this all in all would be very much a trigger or control point in her life she thought. If the blackmailer knew her past, had proof of it and knew all about her work and how to reach her there they could ask a lot and know that the risk of outing her was unthinkable. Samantha’s heart was racing now with the thought of this and every inch of her body tingled, it didn’t take much for her to reach orgasm a third time tonight.

After she calmed down she took herself to bed, but even though exhausted now her mind was going at a million miles per hour. What if … Could I…. How would I… she needed to get this idea out of her head if she was ever going to sleep. So she sat up in bed and took out a notepad and paper and started to really brainstorm the logistics of this idea.

The ideas came thick and fast and started to form a coherent plan, her controller would talk to her via an online messaging service, they would ask her to video call but never show their face. She’d be asked to give her identity, confirm it to be factual with something like her passport shown on camera and the details read out. This video chat would be recorded and be part of what would later be held against her. She’s be asked her home phone number, a few seconds later her phone would ring as her would be controller confirmed the number to be correct, the same process would be repeated on her mobile. She would have told her manager she was considering buying a house a few days before and that a reference might need to be taken to confirm her employment and income; her manager would have agreed that they would take the call if needed. So Samantha’s potential owner would ask for her employers details and again she would hear a call being made but this time hearing her manager answer the phone. Her manager would be asked to confirm that Samantha worked for them and for how long, the call would be kept short, but it would confirm again the details provided were truthful. Finally Samantha would be asked to show her work identity card to the camera and the details from it read out. At this stage, her captor would know for certain that three was no way she could be anyone else except who she said she was. She would hold up that day’s news paper to confirm the date as well.

Now it was time to up the game, her controller would ask her to undress and sit before the camera naked. Once she was, she would be asked intermate questions about the dark and perverted things she has done in the past and what things she had fantasised about doing in the future. With all this being recorded, this video would be the end of her career for certain if it were to become public.

To be continued…

(Ed. Note: this article is a fantasy situation submitted by a Gaia Member. We aim to not police your fantasies too much, however under no circumstances should this type of blackmailing and bullying be considered acceptable. Any individual identified as being a stalker / bully / blackmailer, can expect harsh retribution. We have Soldiers most everywhere, each one eager to make the world a better place. If you are experiencing these types of problems, please contact us. If you are keen to exact righteous and furious vengeance, and would like to join the Gaia Army, please contact us. Have a nice day).

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  1. Author
    samanthajones1994 4 hours ago

    Thank you for all the nice emails regarding this. I am seriously considering making this more than just a story, but finding the right person isn’t going to be easy!

  2. smilingjack 2 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next installment.

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