A Little Doggy Sex With Gina And Benji Beastiality Zoofilia Dog Sex Stories


Gina and I had been married for four years when we moved from San Diego to a rather isolated desert town for my job. We really loved living in San Diego, and when we drove into town it was a bit of a culture shock. Our new city had a population of about 6,000, not much in the way of restaurants or shopping venues, no theater, and we were about 200 miles from the nearest big city.

I had a good job and liked my co-workers, but Gina was stuck at home all day as there were limited employment opportunities. She had her teaching certificate and occasionally was able to substitute at the local schools, but that was limited to one or two days a week at the most, and she was bored.

We had always been into fitness, so we turned the spare bedroom into our home gym. Gina made the most of her free time by diving headlong into weight training and running. She had gotten herself into incredible shape after we had been there for a few months.

With the lack of diversion, we spent a lot of time in bed with our traditional love-making and experimenting with new things, including anal. We did a lot of homemade pornography, mostly of her. She is a natural exhibitionist. In fact, she became something of a nudist. Since our backyard was walled and private, she took to nude sunbathing. Gina is a Filipina, and with tanning, her naturally tan skin turned dark brown.

One of my co-workers, Tim, accepted a job with the State Department, and was going to a training class in Washington, DC, and then expected to be posted to a foreign country. He owned a golden retriever named Benji, and Gina and I often took care of Benji when Tim was out of town. We agreed to adopt Benji, and the day Tim left, Benji moved in with us.

Benji often accompanied Gina on her daily runs, and they developed a close bond. In fact, when she and I would wrestle and rough house in his presence, he would get agitated and try to get between us. He was very protective of her.

One night when Gina was working out naked on the bench press, Benji wandered into the bedroom. I was getting ready to take a video of her and had adjusted her body on the bench and teased her pubic hair to amplify her vagina. Her back was arched, and she was up on her toes with her ass barely making contact with the bench. Her pussy was fully exposed, and for the video, she had her legs spread wide.

Gina is very petite at less than five feet tall and about 100 lbs. She is a 32B, and like a lot of Filipino women, she has exquisite nipples. When I stimulate them, she has a strong reaction and she had to be held down. Since it was January, and a bit chilly, those dark nipples were erect and jutting upward like chocolate kisses as she laid there under the weight.

When Gina started her repetitions, I moved from the side to a position where I could video her genital area. She has a long, thick growth of black pubic hair that covers her vagina and encircles her anus, and, aside from minimal razor shaping, she leaves it natural. Gina was clearly aroused. Her dark labia was swollen and slightly parted due to her thighs being flared outward, her pink and clit were plainly visible when I zoomed in for a close-up.

Benji must’ve noticed too. In a flash, he got between us, gave Gina a quick sniff, and started licking her. She shrieked, laughed, and re-racked the barbell, but instead of sitting up, she drew her legs up toward her hips, opening herself up to him, even caressing his head with her foot before I grabbed his collar. She quickly sat up, crossing her legs and covering her breasts, seemingly embarrassed, as I dragged him away. “Bad dog Benji; that’s a NO NO!” I said.

I pulled an agitated Benji out to the living room and shut the door. “Goddamn Benji ruined a nice video,” I growled.

Gina laughed, “You know since Benji got here, I can’t walk around naked anymore. I always have to wear shorts, and I can’t take him in the backyard with me when I sunbathe in the nude. He’s always right there with his nose in my ass.”

I laughed, “Well, he’s barely 3 years old now, in his prime, and with Tim being single, you’re probably the only female he’s ever been around. He’s like a horny teenager.”

“You got that right.”

That night we made love, and after foreplay and an enjoyable 69, Gina got on all fours with her head down and ass up, “Fuck me doggy style.”

That was unusual for her because her preferred coital position is cowgirl…she likes to grind cock, and she likes to have her way.

I was happy to accommodate her either way. She has a nice, tight cunt and really knows how to move her ass. She was moaning while I fucked her deep and hard, and a couple times I thought I heard her mutter, “Benji.” The only other thing I heard was her telling me, “Hold my hips hard, squeeze me.” Was she thinking of our dog?

As I neared my ejaculation, I hooked my thumb in her anus, and she emitted a long “Owwww,” then climaxed, whimpering in a spastic orgasm. Gina comes hard when she climaxes, but this was Richter scale shit.

As we lay there together I asked her, “What was that all about? Were you thinking about Benji?”

Gina nodded, “Uh-huh. That’s not the first time he’s licked me like that. He’s done it before.”

“Seriously? When was this?”

“The first time I took him in the back yard with me. I was naked and laying out on my back, and there he was with that tongue.”

I chuckled a little, “And?”

Gina turned toward me, “I let him do it for about a minute. It felt really good, but then I caught myself, like, “What the fuck am I doing? This is so wrong.”

I was kinda dumbfounded. “So you liked it?”

Gina nodded, “Yeah, I did. I thought about it often. A couple days later I took Benji out with me to tan, and I let him lick me until I came, and it was pretty wild. That tongue was really doing me…like you know I love it when you eat my pussy, but, no offense, you can’t compete with him. His nose was on my clit the whole time, and he was able to get my ass and pussy both with each lick…and that tongue, oh my god, wet, rough, and strong. He just kept going, on and on…I felt like an animal myself, stroking his head and body with my feet; I never wanted it to end. It’s like he really knew what he was doing to me.

I was trying to take all this in, “Wow, so that’s why you reacted that way when he licked you on the bench?”

“Yeah, you know I was horny when we were doing that video, and it really turned me on even more knowing Benji was watching me. But with you there, I was embarrassed by the way I reacted to him. I hope you’re okay with that.”

I was holding her close, “You know I’m okay with that. If it turns you on, go for it. You never have to hide anything from me.”

Gina turned to face me and put a big wet kiss on me, “Thank you…you should know I’ve let him have me like that several times since. I felt guilty at first, but no more…I want it bad. And tonight when you were fucking me, I imagined it was Benji and I was his bitch.”

Now I was getting turned on, “Have you let him fuck you?”

She shook her head, “No, but he almost did. He’s very strong, and the last time we did oral, he kinda overpowered me. Instead of lying on my back like I had been doing, I got on all fours. That was a mistake. He licked me for a few minutes, then he mounted and started to hump me, and I could feel his penis poking me hard, trying to find my orifice…it hurt, and I was trying to get away, but he was holding me so tight. I was finally able to escape his grasp when he tried to reposition.”

“Is that how you got those scratches on your hips and legs?”

Gina laughed, “Yep, you noticed…it wasn’t from the rose bushes; he almost had me.”

“So would you let Benji fuck you? Is it safe?”

She gave me a look, “You’re okay with that?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m cool with that if it’s safe.” That’s when I found out Gina had done her homework.

“Yes, it’s completely safe. I did some checking online…you can’t get diseases, and it doesn’t seem to be that uncommon. Lots of women have written about their experiences. I’ve also watched some porn videos with girls and dogs. It’s something I’d like to try, and I’d like you to be a part of that.”

“Of course, if that’s what you want, I’m all in…I’m kinda getting aroused thinking about it. When do you want to do it?”

Gina smiled broadly, “Tomorrow night after dinner…thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The next day at work I didn’t get much done. In fact, I had the office to myself, so I downloaded a couple of bestiality videos. The first one really sucked, and the quality was poor. The second was good. The woman star was masked, had a great body, and got fucked and knotted by a large black dog that acted like he owned her. She seemed really into it.

I got home just before dark and Gina and Benji were gone. I ate dinner by myself, and before I finished they showed up. She had taken him on a run along the canal bank. I asked her if she was ready, and she just smiled, “Yes, I am, and so is Benji. It was almost like he seemed to know something special was going to happen today. He was jumping all over me while we were running. Let me use the bathroom, and you put the old bedspread on the exercise mat in the gym. Take him in there when you do it.”

“Come on Benji…gonna be your lucky day,” Benji responded with a short woof and followed me in and watched as I covered her stretching mat with the quilt. Gina came in about a minute later wearing a short black robe.

“Did you shower?”

Gina shook her head, “No. They say a dog is stimulated by natural scent and odor. They recommend against using soap or deodorant beforehand. That’s why I took him running. Anyway, put some Led Zeppelin on…I want to dance for him. But you have to hold him while I do.”

“Goddamn girl, you have planned this all out.”

I got the music going while Gina petted and kissed Benji; then I pulled him away from her…he wasn’t happy about that and growled at me.

She started her dance, occasionally lifting the hem to show her ass and pussy. After several minutes of that, she undid the sash and let it fall open. She moved closer to us and began to thrust her hips, occasionally extending her bare foot to pet Benji’s head…he’d respond by licking her foot with his tongue. She turned and lowered her ass to Benji and said, “Let him go for a second.”

Gina spread her ass with her hands showing her anus and genitals, and let Benji sniff and lick her for a moment before telling me to grab him again. When I did, he turned and snapped at me…definitely not happy.

Gina took the robe off and draped it over Benji’s head, then went to the mat, got on all fours, and began to masturbate. Her vagina was wet and I could hear as she began to thrust in and out with her fingers. She was so beautiful with her brown skin glistening, contrasting in color with the pale, pink soles of small feet. I was having trouble controlling Benji. I didn’t realize how strong he really was.

Gina got back on her feet and gave me a nod, “Okay let him go, and start recording.”

I started the video recording as Benji went right for her. She turned away in a teasing manner and continued to dance, wiggling her cute, little ass in his face, stepping away deftly and turning on him when he tried to lick her.

Benji became impatient and barked a couple of times before he got up on his hind legs and put one paw over her left shoulder and the other around her waist. Gina struggled slightly and made her way to her mat before dropping down to her knees, “Oh my god, he’s so strong…he overpowers me so easily.”

Gina rolled away from Benji and was lying on her back, legs spread with her toes curled, and began to move her hips, gyrating and thrusting her pussy. Benji was all over that. He went right to it, rapidly licking her cunt. She began to moan and opened her legs even wider, wrapping them around the dog’s shoulders and locking her feet as she began to rock her hips.

She was moaning louder now and twisting her nipples hard, “Oh yes, yes lick that pussy, oh fuck, fuck me…fuck me.”

As if he had taken a cue from her “Fuck me,” Benji stopped tonguing her and moved his head to her hips…pushing her with his nose. He seemed to be trying to turn her over.

Gina responded by assuming a submissive position on all fours like a bitch, presenting her sex and dropping her head down on the quilt while the dog resumed his eager lapping. He was totally focused on my wife, but briefly turned and growled when I moved closer to get into a better position to record all this. I focused my close-up shot on Gina’s ass and was able to capture Benji’s tongue on her pussy along with her brightly polished, red fingernails as she masturbated. I could see the red tip of Benji’s penis emerging from its sheath…it wouldn’t be long now.

After Benji finished preparing Gina, he tried to mount her, but he was too keyed up, jumping around like he knew what he wanted but was unsure as to how to go about it. Gina stayed in her kneeling position and patted her ass and used her hands to spread her sex wide, “C’mon Benji, here boy, it’s all for you.”

Those words and the sight of her swollen and gaping pink cunt seemed to calm the dog, and he remounted, in control this time, gripped her waist with his forepaws and began to thrust attempting to enter her. Gina guided his penis with her hand, and I heard her sudden high pitch animal-like moan, a moan like I hadn’t heard before, “Oooooh, oooooh…fuck.”

Gina started gasping, and her next words were barely audible….”Okay, mmm okay, he’s in me now…oh fuck, it’s really happening…it’s really happening to me!”

Benji began thrusting rapidly…his hips and tail were almost a blur, and Gina was moaning loudly, with an occasional shriek, “Oh fuck, he’s coming in me….ahhh, it’s so hot, fuck.”

She continued to moan and sob as the dog filled her with his sperm, then there was a sudden scream, “Oh shit, he’s knotting me, fuck….owwww, it fucking hurts.”

Benji’s thrusting slowed, but his knot continued to grow. Gina was sobbing now, “Owwww, oh fuck he’s stretching the shit outta me….it’s so big, fuck, and he’s still coming…hot hot hot!” She was masturbating again while the dog fucked her, and after a few minutes her petite body was shuddering and convulsing in an intense orgasm, and I was capturing it all.

Benji continued to fuck Gina, still holding her tightly. Her head was on the quilt now, and I moved in for a close-up. Her pretty face had a strange look of contentment, despite the obvious pain she had experienced from the knotting. She was breathing heavy and an occasional tear dropped onto the quilt. Her moaning had slowed and quieted considerably.

“I can still feel him ejaculating in me….he keeps coming and coming, and it’s so hot. Oh my god, this is so wild…my pussy…oh fuck.”

Suddenly Benji lifted his leg and stepped over, turning away from Gina. He was still knotted and inside my wife, and the movement caused her to scream again, “Oh fuck, goddamn, fuck, what the hell is he doing?”

Finally, Benji stopped moving and turned away from Gina. His movement caused her to scream again, “Oh fuck, it hurts, goddamn, fuck, what the hell is he doing?” When Benji turned away, he was facing me, and gave a warning snarl as if to say, “Don’t even think about coming near.”

Gina and Benji were now tied together. Occasionally he would try to pull out of her, and each time she shrieked with pain. But the knot was still swollen and tightly seated inside of her cunt. She was masturbating again, not thrusting, but slowly undulating her hips around his cock. It wasn’t long before she started with her “Uh uh uh,” indicating she was having another orgasm.

After about 15 minutes had passed, Benji’s cock and knot slipped out of Gina with a very audible and wet plopping sound, followed by a gush of his ejaculate. This was the first clear glimpse I had of the dog’s penis, and I could see why he had my wife moaning and crying like she did. It was pretty big, at least as long as mine, maybe longer, but much thicker. That cock, combined with the knot, looked intimidating and would’ve stretched her tight pussy pretty good.

Benji sat and licked his penis briefly before turning his attention back to my wife’s gaping pussy, and began to lick her while she moaned softly.

After a few minutes, Gina rolled over onto her back and began rubbing her pubic area, like she was checking for damage. Benji was standing over her, and his big, purplish dog penis was still dripping when she moved underneath his hindquarters, held his legs, and began sucking his cock. Benji reciprocated in kind, and the two continued to enjoy one another for several more minutes before a clearly spent Benji moved away and lay down in the corner.

I stopped recording and sat down beside Gina. She had what appeared to be a drop of Benji’s semen on the corner of her mouth which I dabbed off with a tissue, “So how was it?

“Oh my god, that was something else. I’ve had some big guys, but I’ve never been fucked like that before….no offense. What was so wild was that he just kept shooting his load in me. He kept coming and coming, and it was so hot.

Gina put her hand back between her legs and felt her pussy, “He really stretched me good. My vagina feels so different like I’ve come of age or something. I feel so exhilarated right now like I’m a she-wolf.”

I had to laugh at that, “That was really special for me too…feel like another?”

Gina laughed, “Yeah, but I think he may need to rest a bit.”

I moved over to the mat, “I wasn’t talking about the dog.”

I moved between Gina’s legs and kissed her pussy. Her pubic hair that had been soaked in semen a few minutes before had started to dry but the odor was still there. As I kissed and licked her pussy I got a metallic taste, perhaps a combination of the dog’s semen and her well-stretched pussy that was likely raw from the fucking and knotting.

As it seemed only right to do her dog style, I had Gina get on her hands and knees and mounted her. Her cunt was still wet from fucking when I entered her, and she seemed to have lost some of her tightness. I was so turned on from watching those two in action, I didn’t last very long, but my ejaculation seemed to go on for a long time…at least seven contractions.

When I finally withdrew, I realized Benji had been watching us. It might have been my imagination, but he seemed to be giving me a dirty look, like, “Who the fuck are you? That’s my bitch.”

Benji normally spends the night on his bed in our laundry room, but we let him sleep at the foot of our bed. He didn’t stay there though. When I got up just before dawn, he was in bed with us, or I should say her. Gina was sleeping soundly, holding him in her arms.

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