Getting your partner into animal sex

The question is always how do you bring it up? How do you get your gf/wife/significant other to get into it? Many women wont do it for pure sense of morals and how society sees and frowns on the idea of including your furry lover in your sexual pleasure. My pleasure is derived from getting my significant other to give into her carnal instinct and lustful pleasure and see her enjoy being pleased by then pleasing whichever furry friend she becomes entranced by.

I simply bring this topic up by kinky talk, whether by text or physically spoken face to face. If you can get her curious about it, to become open minded to try something simple as letting herself be licked with or without panties or jerking the animal off, then the door is open for much more.

Some things are better left unsaid for those that are BDSM oriented. A blindfold, some music, bind her to the bed, gag her and bring in your furry four legged friend and let him get a good licking it. She may be resistant but in the end, she will move to his rhythm and love it.

I’ve had success both ways and yes with pretty and young women. It’s how you approach the situation and build up the trust and ease in the idea… could be as a joke or straight forward. I never force alcohol or drugs into it at all, this has to be her decision as much as it is yours. The key is making her want to try it too. Know your facts about it, know what you’re doing because questions may be asked and you need to be ready to answer them. None of this may work for you but it has been successful in the past for me. There are many lovely women out there, willing to try animal sex. They just need to know that their man would want them to and enjoy it as much as they would.

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