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It was a cool autumn night and my husband and I were in the k9 mood.  He started licking my pussy in our bedroom and asked if I wanted to have my pussy licked by our German Shepard Griz.  Just the thought of his panting turned my pussy wet.  I waited until I squirted a few times and whispered “yes, bring him in.” We were both newcomers to the k9 scene but knew my husband could handle the doggie cock.  I was just understanding the process of getting Grizs’ cock really hard so my hubby would help get it going before I would start any oral with my beautiful dog.

My husband is extremely turned on by my willing nature with our k9. Making sure my husband’s cock was rock hard I asked him to help me get Griz rock hard too. It makes my pussy juices flow to watch him handling our k9. He said I would have to give him doggie head. So in my lingerie I would get positioned just right and suck on his k9 cock with my honey handling his part by keeping the k9 cock available for me to slobber all over. I would have my ass stuck up in the air in case my husband decided to play with my pussy too.

After a lot of dog cum all in my mouth and over my tits he asked if I wanted to have my wet pussy licked by our dog? My usual answer was yes. I removed my panties, sat on the ground and spread my legs as far as I could. The sound of him licking my pretty pink cunt started quickly.  As I mentioned, I am a squirter and when k9 oral is going on I come frequently and gush a lot.  As he laps at my pink twat I begin my series of orgasmic doggie oral sex. I lay back as to make sure my husband’s cock is not getting neglected and begin to swallow his rock hard boner.  He had been jacking off watching which always gets me off.

Seeing a few squirts come out Grizs’ dog boner made my honey ask if I were getting ready to be fucked by the big k9 cock he was showing me… of course he loves to shove it in my pretty cunt and I love to feel the hot throb of his huge k9 hard doggie dick… so I told him yes he needed to fuck me with it soon.  I moved to a stair where k9 penetrations were made easy to see and do.  My husband was rock hard.  I spread my legs way apart and leaned in for the best view.  His bright pink k9 cock was ready for my wet pussy.

As my lover brought his dog cock to my pussy I felt the dog jizz on my cunt as if I needed any lubricant!  He asked if I was ready and I indicated yes.  So gently my k9 fucking experience began soft and slowly my lover penetrated my twat with the dog’s huge boner. In and out he was fucking my pussy so attentively and it felt hot and awesome with him squirting k9 cum inside me ever so often. I could feel the hot dog cum all in the depths of my wet pink hotness.  While fucking me the dog would pant with pleasure.  Noticing my husband’s fuck rod needed my mouth I began slobbing on his cock to keep him fucking my pussy with the yummy k9 love rod.

After a while I changed positions so he could get deep enough to get me knotted while still seeing the action!  Slipping into the position to get knotted my husband licked some of the doggy jizz off my cunt and made me really ready.  I shoved my pink swollen cunt in the air on all fours and let my lover put the stiff k9 rod deep into the walls of my pussy.  The dog pumped for a bit and soon after his knot became interlocked with my twat.  I began blowing my husband’s cock in case he couldn’t see enough to keep it rock hard.  After a bit of time I could feel the good k9 shooting his love juices to the depths of my hot cunt.

I stopped giving my honey head so he could see the knotted up mess our German Shepard Griz had made of my love hole. Within minutes I was just having a wonderful orgasmic come gush and I squeezed his knot slowly out of me.  Next came his throbbing cock popping out of my used up love hole. And finally my husband got right up next to my cunt to taste the hot come our dog had deposited while knotted deep inside me.  My lover knew to get close to my beautiful wet pussy before Griz licked his come off of my wet messy pussy.  My husband ate my pussy so good while the dog licked my honey in the ass.  He gave me such good head I came three more times with the k9 come dribbling down my thighs the entire time. We both licked my pussy juice off the dog cock right as my husband was burying his dick deep inside my love hole.  For the best ending ever he cream pied my pussy and sucked his Daddy come right out of my swollen cunt.  That was a night we won’t soon forget! Thanks for reading…xoxo

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  1. bestofbeast 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful the stuff dreams are made of

  2. dogdancer 7 months ago

    Was ein wunderbarer Dreier! Da hatten alle was von.

  3. frenchy59 8 months ago

    Wonderful, a very sexy story. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oceanlisa 10 months ago


  5. josephthehuman13 11 months ago

    I admire your marriage.
    One day I hope to have a romantic experience with my future wife like this .
    You are very inspirational and thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  6. Author
    mrriks 11 months ago

    Thanks for all the comments! We will write more as long as the feedback is positive! Thank you The Mrs!

  7. boxer 11 months ago

    great story loved it

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