ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie

“If you love your work, it becomes play, and you never work a day in your life…”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Amalia & Carla with Sam
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


So Gang, a few moments away from the helm has landed me with a tsunami of bits to catch up on. As usual, we get by with a little help from our Friends. So without further ado, I will hand you over to Song2 for the synopsis of this little peach of a movie 🙂 …

There is just something about the connection between experienced males and younger females that has inspired artists, poets, writers and directors in all history. Maybe it is the concept of innocence being corrupted by experience or experience being seduced by innocence? Either way it gets even more exiting when you add a little doggy sex to the picture. And the ultimate symbol of the inexperienced innocence is the school girls uniform. The image of a young girl in school uniform being knotted by doggy cock might be the archetype of the above mentioned. If you get a hard-on (or a wet pussy) at the idea then this is definitely a movie for you.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


ZDT has definitely refined his director skills over the last few years as a producer of animal porn. And he always tells a little story with his movies.

The movie starts with a nice upskirt shot of Amalia walking upstairs to her flat, just coming home from school. With her black skirt and her white blouse she is the perfect incarceration of an innocent girl. When she opens the door to her apartment Sam is already waiting for her, impatient to sink his red doggy meat into her fresh and young flower. But Amalia is a dutiful girl. She insists to do her homework first. But in the end she cannot resist those sad doggy eyes and gives in to Sam’s courting. He shows his gratitude by diving under the girl’s mini skirt and licking her teeny blossom to make her forget her duties.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


Amalia just has to lean back now and let her experienced lover do all the work. Sam knows exactly what he is doing and he has the girl panting of pleasure in no time.
Then the girl kneels on the bed for a little more licking. And boy, she has just the sweetest Latina ass and pussy I have seen since a long time. You might get jealous of Sam when you see this neatly shaven slit in a closeup.

There is one thing for sure: Amalia cannot get enough of the tongue of her canine lover. And Sam seems to enjoy himself with his snout between the girl’s tights. But every good thing has to come to and end. And so Amalia eventually gets on all fours begging Sam to hump her sweet Latin ass.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


Our dog-romeo is more than happy to oblige and gets his meat rocket into her tight flower hitting all her sensitive spots with his animal thrusts. Amalia moans in pleasure and gives in to the feeling of being completely filled with canine cock. Sams knot pumping and squirting all the sweet doggy semen deeply into her womb must feel heavenly for her. This is just the kind of relaxation she was looking for.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


Pam whimpers gently as Sam bucks into her. Seeing that Ladys software being expertly stirred by Sam’s rocket gets me whimpering too. Pam really knows how to fuck a dog, and I hope she keeps coming back for more. That pet pussy is way too fine to not be put to her intended use. Whatever the Lady does during the day to day, she really needs to stop all that and spend a lot more time on her hands and knees.

Then with the knot pulsating against her G-spot she cannot resist but to rub her teeny clit to get herself off. She makes the cutest sounds rubbing herself to an orgasm. And while she strokes her cunt we get little glimpses of the massive red knot buried deeply in her.
Finally she pushes the knot out slowly. Amalia is a real pro in letting the knot out. She takes her time and savors every millimeter of doggy meat spreading her teeny hole apart.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


And this is just a sight one can never get enough of. The pink and red globe parting those cute brown inner labia. Slowly, very slowly widening the vagina throbbing all the time while still squirting more and more sperm to find their way into her uterus. Until there is too much pressure and the knot breaks free, the sperm gushes out of her freshly used flower, flows over her clitoris, drips from her labiaÉuntil eventually with a wet sound SamÕs red rocket appears and we can enjoy the sight of Amalias gaping flower still hungry for more.

She then tried to pay back the oral attention she got from her lover by sucking his dick a little bit. But Sam is just too exhausted and so he waives her kind offer. But since he sees that she still needs attentions he is happy to give her more of his tongue before she resumes her homework as a relaxed girl.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


Since the scene with Amalia was a little short, ZDT threw in a bonus. The next girl to enjoy Sam’s skills is the beautiful and curvy Carla. She is quite the opposite of Amalia. An experienced woman with a round body. But Sam as a true doggy Casanova loves all women equally.

The scene starts with the infamous licking skills of our canine hero. But this time Sam is way more impatient. Since doesn’t have to be as considerate with mature Carla as with young Amalia he starts humping Carla wildly but is not hitting the right spot. But Carla with all her routine shows the impatient Romeo the right way and so his cock sinks into her smooth and tender meat giving her the pleasure she was looking for.


ArtOfZoo - Get This Work - animal sex movie


She is a bit overwhelmed with his wild energy but takes the knot like a pro nice and deep into her womb. And again we got a woman who knows how to take her time and enjoying to push the knot out slowly. The white doggy cum gives a nice contrast to her tanned ass and vagina. After Sam has pulled away she rubs in all the white stuff into the skin of her so it will stay soft. After all a nice and quick bonus shot, with the sweet hard action we all love.

1 lucky hound, 2 beautiful Latin Ladies, 2 beautiful Pet Pussies, 3 hard knots, and more love than you can measure with any kind of instrument – excepting perhaps, the one in your pants… ZDTs Ladies know how it’s done – now Get This Work! 🙂




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  1. allclothes 2 months ago

    Is there any way to view all videos from 1 producer? Been looking for a certain girl from ZDT but can’t seem to find her. Thanks

  2. doggystyle69 2 months ago

    Worth the wait will be buying more movies soon.

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  5. heroe1206 9 months ago

    @adam, a question, will we see @zdt videos again? I imagine that he will be busy preparing us next surprises.

    • Author
      Adam 9 months ago

      ZDT gets busy and disappears from time to time, hopefully he will be back soon.

  6. heroe1206 9 months ago

    @adam, a tip for video; They cannot make a video between two girls with a dog and that when the dog is in the knot the other girl licks the union. And when the dog comes out the other girl drinks all the semen that comes out of the other’s vagina ?. It would be very hot, until now not even a producer has done it, I imagine that something like that would be delicious. 🙂

    • Author
      Adam 9 months ago

      I’m pretty sure we did that before, maybe with Vixen or one of the German Ladies.

  7. Dye1 9 months ago

    Georgous lady, many juicy knots, and sexy moans. High quality. A great recommandation for the knot lovers. Thanks !

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  10. Sakura16 10 months ago

    Sou nova aq nunca fiz sexo cm animais mais sonho em fazer cm adestrar meu pet

  11. laupe 11 months ago

    I’d say that Amalia is Selena and Carla is Vanessa (even the same knickers that Meet Vanessa). Anyway is a good movie, they seem to enjoy, they tried Sam and now they can’t live without him. Lately I see the models too young, I’d like to see models around 30’s.

  12. dj137075 12 months ago


  13. 1 year ago

    Welcome beautiful lady!! Can’t wait to get this!

  14. Wheels2112 1 year ago

    The movie was great! Sam is a lucky dog!! Love both those Latin Ladies!!!!

  15. juggygales 1 year ago

    Amalia has a seriously hot ass that doesn’t stop. Sam really is a lucky dog. Lots of licking that. Hope to see more of her in doggy style position. Really enjoy seeing her facial expressions of her delight getting off on Sam’s tongue. One sexy lady with an ass that doesn’t quit.

  16. Baydar04 1 year ago

    Amalia gibi guzel modellerin devami gelir mi

  17. temer4523 1 year ago

    The movie was very nice.
    She was acting very soft and tender with the Dog.
    Thanks AOZ.

  18. cyssou 1 year ago

    quel belle femme , encore un film a avoir bravo zdt et merci adam de nous faire decouvrir de pareils beauté

  19. Samyazoo 1 year ago

    sexy hooot

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    Lovely , entire content would have to be as well .

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  22. 1 year ago

    Damn! Buy it.

  23. monsterzoo 1 year ago

    What is Sam’s count? because I think he has more than 20 girls under his belt ..

    • lopeyz 1 year ago

      Sam has probably had more hot pussy than most members on this site. True stud

  24. gernotblue 1 year ago

    A nice pussy and a hot number!

  25. ArtOFZooBiggestFan 1 year ago

    Definitely going to be getting this gem, well done ZDT.

  26. Ptharu 1 year ago

    Gorgeous lady and nice work

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    Let me be the first one to say, WOW!!!!! Sam as always is one lucky dog!!

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