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Here’s a short tale that I wrote after being inspired by a photo I saw. It had such a moving sentiment about it, that I felt I just had to express. I really hope you like it! And I do not own any rights to the image. It was found online.

ArtOfZoo Gentle Lovers

Gentle lovers going for walks through the countryside.

She couldn’t help but love him. His silly Muppet-like looks, his clumsy boundlessness, his gentle goofiness. Even when they loved, his animalistic breeding was a bit gentle. But still animalistic, to make it wild and enjoyable. She loved to go on long walks with him through the countryside.

And even when some stray dog would dominate him and give him a beat down so that he could claim her as his, she loved how pitiful he looked as she was bred by this strange dog in a more aggressive and dominating way. She felt for him as he whimpered and waited for his turn. Even if it took a while, and if the strange dog asserted his right to breed her several times before he was satisfied enough to not care who came in his bitch next.

She would often call him over to her while she was being mounted if she could. Sometimes the dog who who was mating her would not want him near his bitch. But, when they were too preoccupied with getting their pleasure from her, she would let him nuzzle her face while she was being bred. And would even give him hand or oral service while she was being filled by this strange dog’s penis. She might be owned by the new dog’s cock for now, but she knew she was going home with him tonight, and it was him that she loved.

He was always amorous after the stray dogs had left her full of their seed inside her. As if he wanted to make sure she was still his, and that she still wanted him inside her too. It was a pitiful way of him trying to claim her back. Even though she knew that if another dog came along it would be more of the same. He would get beaten down and she would be pulling her panties down for her new Master’s pleasure. But that was life, and that was just the way it is.

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  1. sillygooz 4 months ago

    Wow, Curious, I loved this. It was reminiscent of some human/human relationship sharing issues of envy and dominance, yet loving and caring…..self indulgent……conflicted and embracing….all warped in some great prose…..

  2. shinelover 11 months ago

    Very well done! I can understand her compassion for her lover-so gentle! I can also understand her love of being dominated by the strangers she encountered.Her love of being a dogs bitch is very basic for a dog lover and an envious one as well. I am so jealous of her!!!.

  3. qandorax 1 year ago

    Great story, So tender and full of passion. Thx.

    • Author
      curiouscd 1 year ago

      It makes me happy to hear my story was so appreciated! I was going for tender and passionate feeling with this one. That is the feeling I got from that picture.

  4. zodiaclover 1 year ago

    Mmmmm, quite the sexy tale, so short, but oh so sweet 🙂

  5. zulook 1 year ago

    very nice !

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