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Ganna was a druid priestess. Her father had pledged her to marry the chieftain’s second son against her wishes. Her father however could not turn down the herd of cows offered. Normally it would have been an acceptable offer of marriage for a beautiful young woman in Ganna’s position, but her husband to be was a weakling. She was glad he would never become chieftain since it would only bring evil to their clan. As the fated day approached Ganna devised a plan. It was a desperate plan but then she was desperate.
She knew her future husband could not give her a son who could become a mighty warrior. If she ever conceived a child by another man then it could mean her death if her clan ever learned. It would also bring disgrace to her family. Her family would be stripped of everything and driven out by the Chieftain. She decided to conceive a child by a
wolf, an alpha wolf. There was a risk that the wolf would kill her but she’d rather die than have a weakling son while married to a weakling man.
Early one morning she snuck away to a bitch in heat in her village and drenched a cloth in the bitch’s urine. The bitch was not the only female in heat. Ganna was also in season. She then walked into the forest to where the nearest wolf pack had its den. She stripped off her skirt and rubbed her sex with the urine-soaked cloth. After reclining over a tuft 0f grass, she let out a long drawn-out howl. Within a few minutes, the hoped-for alpha wolf approached her from downwind, sniffing the air. He smelled a bitch in heat but only saw a human female. Confused he approached her exposed rump sniffing. He licked her. Evidently, the scent and taste was more convincing than his eyes because
he mounted her and began thrusting.
As the wolf cock entered her, Ganna from the depths of her soul began chanting the spell of fertility. She cried out in pain as he took her maidenhood. Eventually, the pain lessened and his fucking began to arouse her. She had not expected this. His cock was large and stretched her virginal sex beyond what she believed possible. Then suddenly her lips spread out obscenely as his knot entered her. The pressure bordered between pleasure and pain. She came as the alpha’s cum pulsed against her cervix, the door to her womb. As she came down from her orgasm she once again began chanting the spell of fertility, specifically the spell for a son. She chanted out her desperate hope during the long minutes the wolf came inside her, filling her womb with his potent seed. She knew that she was fertile and prayed her Alpha would impregnate her. That she would bear a son with the heart of a wolf, a warrior for her clan. Eventually, the wolf finished. His lust sated. His cock and knot shrank enough to pop out without harming her. As he trotted back into the forest and disappeared he looked back over his shoulder at the strange-looking bitch and was gone.

Ganna stood up and knocked the dirt and leaves from her sore knees. She wrapped and fastened her skirt back around her waist and began walking towards her father’s house. She married the chieftain’s second son. Nine months later she bore a son of her own. A son who would grow into a mighty warrior and of whom everyone said that he had the heart of an alpha wolf. In time destiny would make him a chieftain of the clan and a great leader of his people. Bards would sing songs of his many victories and great deeds. Ganna thought about seeking out her Alpha
again every day for years but she never did. Her husband never gave her any children. He never even touched her after their wedding night. Women were not to his tastes. She had a son of whom she could be proud and who brought her great honor and in time many grandchildren. That was enough for her.

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    This is just a little story I wrote after seeing an image on another site. The pic inspired me to write a scenario on how the beautiful young woman portrayed would find herself in a forest mounted by a wolf.

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