ArtOfZoo - Gaia Moguls - Animal Sex with Women

For our more hardcore Supporters and Petlove Connoisseurs, we have our Moguls Group. This is in response to our need for increased budget on movies, and many Members offering to help with those costs.

Moguls are Members who help us create media we would otherwise not have budget for. By contributing larger amounts towards production costs, Model fees, travel and logistics etc, Moguls help us move towards a new generation of Pet Love movies and Media.



We will announce potential projects or shoots we would like to do, or Models we would like to work with – i.e. projects that are outside of our usual allotted budget. We will post new projects in the Mogul Projects Area. We then contact Members on our Moguls list, and ask if they would like to contribute.

  • If we do not get sufficient pledges for the proposed project, we will shelve it and look at it again at a later date.
  • If we do get enough budget pledged, we then organize payment of contributions, and the project goes ahead.
  • (IF for any reason the project cannot proceed – e.g. pledges don’t come through – we will return payments to Moguls).



We need to keep the Moguls Group quite small, for safety reasons. For this reason, we are looking for contributions of 500 euros minimum per project.

For new Members – sorry you will have to deal with our less convenient payment methods for Members with a low Trust Level. However as a Mogul, your Trust Level will jump up quite quickly. We can organize more convenient methods as we get to know you better. Members who have been with us a while will already be familiar with this setup.



For each funded shoot, Moguls will receive:

  • An exclusive full photoshoot of the event
  • An extended edit of the completed movie, with additional footage
  • Movie requests (see below)
  • 1 Free Movie credit, for a future movie purchase on the site

Regular contributors will get any other freebies or extras we have knocking around, all those little exclusive tidbits. We will create a private Group for Moguls, when we reactivate Groups on the site. For now, we will do it by email. And really, we will add on any other benefits we can think of, as we go ahead.

Please note: Mogul contributions go towards your Trust Level. Moguls who are not yet Trust Level 3 or higher, will still need to wait for the download buffer to finish before we can send out your movies. This is to prevent material falling into the wrong hands. With regular Mogul contributions you will be a TL3 in no time anyway, thanks for your understanding.


ArtOfZoo - Gaia Moguls - animal sex with women



Moguls are also invited to make reasonable requests for things they would like to see in the movie. This replaces our previous private custom movie service.

If for example, you have a long boot fetish, or foot, or denim fetish etc, Moguls can give some direction to the movies. Regarding this – we can’t 100% promise to include all requests. Some might not fit with the theme, others we might not manage to organize – e.g. trying to track down 20 coffee eclairs while 20 kilometers up a mountain in rural Bulgaria. Or, for example if your request conflicts with a previously submitted request – for example, you might request that the Model wear all blue, whereas a previous Mogul has already submitted a request for all red outfit. For this reason it is sensible to submit your requests and pledges as quickly as possible to ensure your request is accepted.

However, we are fair people and we are listening. If we don’t get your ‘thing’ into one movie, we will do our utmost to get it into another.

If you do have more complex requests – e.g. ‘Lady in bondage with dog’ – such that requires equipment, special arrangements, or anything that we are going to have to buy etc, this should be reflected in your pledge for the project. We can discuss requests with you when organizing your pledge.



Each payment you make, goes towards your Trust Level and your payment history. As an additional benefit, Members who have contributed 4000 euros or more – at once or over time (each payment goes towards your total) – you can then request an Attendance at a shoot. There are some terms – you will need to behave yourself, not turn up drunk etc – shoots happen all over the world, so you will need to be able to travel. We will provide more info on Attendances as your Trust Level increases.



Please drop a message or mail to Support, and let us know you have read the above guidelines, and you would like to become a Mogul. We will put you on our Moguls list and contact you when there are projects for your consideration.

We will need to remove Members from the Moguls list if they are not doing anything and just want to be nosey 🙂 So please join the Moguls list only if you intend to be a Mogul.

Thanks for reading. Now… quiet on the set… ACTION! 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Gaia Moguls - animal sex with women

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