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Gaia survives solely upon the strength of our people. We are a self-funded, member-built community of good people, who appreciate the things we appreciate. None of this would be possible without our people.

In the animalsex arena, most doors are closed to us – most options, not an option for us. We are usually operating on a shoestring, there are always security concerns for zoo sex people – in short, peopling Gaia is challenging and always has been. That means there is always plenty to do around here, and we always need help. If you are interested in volunteering or helping out, we are generally looking for the following people:



We need Members to collect and collate movies and images for our archives – uploading, downloading etc. Also Members with a good knowledge of animal sex movies, history, Models etc – Members able to pick out the interesting points and write about them, as in this article about my favorite dog sex movies, and my favorite amateur animal sex movies. To help preserve animal sex media, to promote our sexuality and direct new members to our community


We would like to improve the technical quality of our zoo porn, both the photography and videography. If you are a professional in either of those fields – or are just very good, and could spare a bit of time to review our media and make constructive suggestions, we would like to hear from you


We often have issues with file-sharers stealing our content. We are proceeding with legal action against sites, and host companies. Good legal representation – understanding legal representation – is not impossible to find, but it can be difficult sometimes. If you are a lawyer or legal professional, and you are interested in assisting us with IP cases and law suits, we would love to hear from you. These lawsuits can be quite luchrative, and we are more than happy to discuss generous terms in exchange for your services. Are you our Saul Goodman? 🙂


Just keep blogging Gang, you are doing great 🙂 If you are not yet blogging, here is how you can blog on ArtOfZoo, and here is why you should


Help with webtech stuff is always useful – in particular:

  • PHP / MySQL development
  • UI/UX
  • WordPress plugins / themes
  • SEO
  • App development

If you have any skills that might be useful please let us know.



We’re looking for a few Folks to help out with general basic admin tasks. Some ad-hoc, some ongoing. Might be able to pay a bit for these roles, can’t pay a huge amount right now but we can see how it goes and go from there.

If you are organized, efficient, reliable – if you enjoy getting things done, and doing them properly… if you are smart, sensible, cooperative – good at researching things – all the usual Admin stuff, please give us a shout.



If you are a fairly trusted Member, if you are enjoy animal sex pictures, or videos, and a few extra bucks wouldn’t hurt, maybe you are interested to assist in the archiving of various petloving materials. Ultimately you will have your own website, maybe sites, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to run them successfully. Some parameters of course, nothing to worry about. We do advertising on those websites and split the revenue. We work together as a network, helping each other to spread the Wild word – at the same time, ensuring a well-organized and maintained archive of our history past and present. Our end of the revenue goes towards the ongoing development of sites such as ArtOfZoo, and other upcoming attractions. If you are organized, mildly motivated, not crazy – if you don’t have all the answers already, but are ready to run with them when you do, maybe give me a shout and we can discuss.



We oftentimes have situations where one of our Members may be getting pushed around, or etc. Same thing all over the world. If you are confident can handle yourself, if you don’t mind dealing with a situation, get in our Army already. Military background, Gangster background, doesn’t matter. Man of action? Give us a shout.


In all cases, we understand that you have a life outside of the animal sex scene, and our utmost discretion is assured. We will change this page as our requirements change so please check back later.



This may come across as a touch harsh Gang but we do need to clarify. It will save a lot of time in the long run.

We receive offers of help daily. We do appreciate the intention, and the desire to be involved and help out.

However. The animalsex world is seductive, and that first rush of excitement can often be mistaken for motivation. This is an ongoing issue for us.

Help, is that which saves us time, and takes problems away from us, so we have more time to focus on the things we need to do. If we spend hours each week speaking with / prepping Members offering to help who disappear 2 minutes later, it’s not really helping. If folks need constant management, go running off the rails, or making problems… none of this is helping much.

We are looking for responsible people, to help us grow and maintain our community – your community. Self-managing, sensible, problem-solving people who bring something to the table. We have a nice Crew already, and we are looking for more. In return for your efforts, we can award you Kudos, visibility – your Trust Level will increase on the network, resulting in better opportunities in the zoo sex arena.

We generally test volunteers’ reliability with simple, easy to explain tasks to see how things go. As we see you are reliable, we will start moving you up the ranks. Some tasks, you can do yourself without needing any explanation – such as helping out other ArtOfZoo Members. We are watching for that also.

So, please be sure you are quite serious about helping out, before getting in touch. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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