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Gaia survives solely upon the strength of our people. We are a self funded, member-built community of good people, who appreciate the things we appreciate. None of this would be possible without our people.

In the petlove arena, most doors are closed to us – most options, not an option for us. We are usually operating on a shoestring, there are security concerns – in short, peopling Gaia is challenging and always has been. That means there is always plenty to do around here, and we always need help. If you are interested in volunteering or helping out, we are generally looking for the following people:


We need Members to go out and upload various trailers, viral videos, photos, books – really anything that will help promote petlove, and direct new members to our community


We need Members out there scouring the web for new interesting members for the community. I know many of you are already doing a great job with this


Proactive members with organizational skills to run small projects or teams (e.g. we are currently looking for an organized person to be in charge of putting together a regular fanzine made up of site content). We probably need Leaders more than anything else


We would like to improve the technical quality of our photography and videography. If you are a professional in either of those fields – or are just very good, and could spare a bit of time to review our media and make constructive suggestions, we would like to hear from you


It is not easy to find resource and professional help, for a petlove organization. Most doors are closed to us, so finding professionals happy to work with us either takes a lot of time and effort, or is simply not possible. Vets, dog breeders and kennels, lawyers, doctors, ethical hackers – all kinds of things. If you are a skilled professional in an arena you feel may be useful to us, we would like to hear from you


We don’t need this right away but will shortly when we start the new lessons, and other viral videos. If you have a sexy voice and are brave enough to be the voice of some of our projects, please get in contact with us


Just keep blogging Gang, you are doing great 🙂 If you are not yet blogging, here is how you can, and here is why you should


We used to have time to find suitable pictures to illustrate our articles and blog posts. Sadly we don’t have time to do this now, particularly with the volume of blog posts coming in. We need people to find suitable images to accompany blog posts, past and present. You will need to understand a bit about copyright – what images we can use, those we can’t – what we can and can’t show etc


Images coming in from Curators will need preparing for publishing, resizing, optimizing etc. So we need members proficient in Photoshop etc, to help process blog images. Also some members enjoy creating their own graphical compositions, memes etc, and we would like to see more of that, for the Spinners to post around the web


We need members to generally handhold and introduce new members to the site, help them get set up and feel at home. Some Members coming in may be looking for support or guidance, so helping people generally. Particularly in non-English languages. Again, many of you are already doing this, but the more, the merrier


To help cut WP plugins and maybe some apps, help with SEO etc – if you have useful IT, dev, web skills etc let us know


Trusted long-time members in specific safe locations to assist us taking payments from other members


To help improve our international pages by checking and correcting texts so we can replace them with improved versions


Intrepid, motivated and responsible Members to proactively grow local networks. If that’s you, show us what you can do, and we’ll see about making it official.


The positions with * above are paid positions. As things develop and we have more income, we can start paying for some other kinds of help too. As other things are needed we will post them here so please check back.



This may come across as a touch harsh Gang but we do need to be transparent about the situation. It will save a lot of time in the long run.

We receive offers of help daily. We do appreciate the intention, and the desire to be involved and help out.

However. That first rush of pet excitement can often be mistaken for motivation. This is an issue.

“Help”, is that which saves us time, and takes problems away from us, so we have more time to focus on the things we need to do. If folks need constant management, go running off the rails and making problems… if folks come at us with ‘Man I am so into all this and totally want to help out’ – and we take the time to set them up, explain things, get them ready to start – only for them to do nothing, or disappear 2 minutes later – none of this is helpful. In any way shape or form.

“Help”, also, is not standing on set holding a camera. The queue for that position is very long, of course 🙂

We are looking for responsible, RELIABLE people, to help us grow and maintain our community – your community. Self-managing, sensible, problem solving people who bring something to the table. We have a nice Crew already, and we are looking for more. In return for your efforts, we can award you Kudos, visibility – your Trust Level will increase on the network, resulting in better opportunities. If you are REALLY good, we might even pull you out of the Matrix and put you on the Core Team. And all the perks that entails.

We generally test volunteers’ reliability with simple, easy to explain tasks to see how things go. As we see you are reliable, of course we will start moving you up the ranks. Some tasks, you can do yourself without needing any explanation – such as helping out other Members. We are watching for that also.

So, please be sure you are quite serious about helping out, before getting in touch. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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