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Hello 🙂

you are reading this page, so there is a good possibility that you are one of the righteous few who fight for what you believe in. Our Gaia Angels. For that, we salute you.

So Gang, like our old site Zooskool, I want to keep our community a free resource for petlovers around the world. Not everyone has much money, not everyone has safe facilities for sending money. Even so, all true petlovers should have access to our garden, because all true petlovers are family.

Having said that – the sensible among you will know that running a site like this has costs. There’s server and technical costs, company and legal costs etc. There are also all the new features I want to add. We have a lot of new features planned, and getting these features built will also have associated costs.

We have always relied on our serious supporters to help us continue our work. Many of you good people have already donated funds toward the site so far, and we appreciate that. And, as always, we will be relying on our supporters to help us pay the bills and grow and improve our network. A strong, healthy, fully featured network will attract more pet people to the site. More people means more new friends, and certainly more sexy photos, videos, and fun times for you to enjoy.



ArtOfZoo Zooskool Gaia Animal Sex Movies

For many, probably the most attractive way to support the network, is to support our Movie Club. We only need a handful of movie fans to purchase regularly, and all the bills are paid.

We are working on various options for movie sales. You can browse our available movies here.



ArtOfZoo Gaia Patrons

Although movie sales are great for paying the bills – historically, movie sales also bring the most headaches. This time around, I would very much prefer to not rely 100% on movie sales, in case we hit problems with the movies again. It would be quite upsetting to need to close the new network down because we can’t continue with movie sales for any reason.

So another way you can help us, is to become a Network Patron. Our plan here, is to ask you to go support our work on a different site that is not connected with ArtOfZoo. The things we will ask you to support have some fun benefits too. Sorry to be a bit vague about this at the moment. We are setting this option up now.

If you are interested in becoming a Network Patron, please contact Support and let them know. Support will put you on the Patrons list, and will contact you with details as soon as we are ready to proceed with this option.



ArtOfZoo Donations

If you did want to just donate a bit here and there, you can always send a little something to our Bitcoin account. You can read more about paying with Bitcoin here.



We will be adding other options too in the future. The more different options we have for paying the bills, the more secure and stable the network will be. That benefits all of us pet people, so we very much hope we can count on your support. Please do what you can eh, even if it’s only 5 bucks a month, it all helps.



Now folks, we are (mostly) all sensible people. I don’t want to labor this point, but let me tell you. I have always firmly believed, that you need to give first in order to receive. Riding on this principle, so many doors have been opened to me in my lifetime – so many great experiences, adventures and treasure – that it really does deserve mentioning.

In life, we reap what we sow. If we sow nothing, we can expect to reap nothing. And whatever we sow, typically is returned to us 3 fold. Not always directly, not always in the ways we would expect. But sure enough, this principle has never let me down. I’ve lived an enviable life. Should you give this principle a try for a while, I am confident that you will start to see the benefits.

Not just with us – with any aspect of your life. Hold a door open for someone. Give up your seat for an old Lady. Believe me when I say, that this shit works. I would be delighted to start hearing from Members who have embraced these ideas, and are seeing great improvements in their quality of life. Of course, as a serious pet fan, there’s no better place to start helping out, than right here. So please do try to make that little bit of effort – be a Gaia Angel. You won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for reading Gang, and speak to you all very soon 🙂

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  1. Moeleo62 2 years ago

    Hallo frohes Fest ich werde bestimmt spenden demnächst erst einmal muß ich aber LERNEN und das System verstehen. Ich bin kein aktiver K9. Möchte wirklich gerne Gleichgesinnte kennen lernen. Gruß Moeleo

  2. DEEPA1616 2 years ago

    yes i also agree here with your statement here the BITCOIN is ban by government and no any payment by cards directly done in my country if any different method to pay please info to me thanks

  3. intellectualbadass 3 years ago

    You have no idea how much I would love to contribute financially. But unlike what my location says, I live in a country where a totalitarian fucked-up government rules, where we don’t even have access to international credit cards.
    So believe me when I say, I want to pay for all the new videos and all the magic I’ve already seen, but I just can’t.
    And thank you for understanding that not all pet lovers are able to pay. Some don’t have the money, some don’t have Visa, Master Card, PayPal, BitCoin, etc, in their country.
    Much Love

    • support 2 years ago

      Goverments give less and less a fuck about their citizens that’s why it’s so important that we at the people create a decentralized world for piece and fairness.

      • art30 8 months ago

        That’s a well written statement keep up the good work as always,and we shall support the community as good as possible 🙂 best regards to the artofzoo team from art30 a eager movie costumer.

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