It's possible that your email provider is blocking mails from us. Please check your spam / junk mail folders to see if our mails are there.

If they are not there, you can add and to your safe senders / whitelist. This should force your mail provider to allow our mails to get to you.

Some email providers will prevent you from receiving emails with no notification and for no reason. This is important for you, because you do not know what mails you are not receiving. Particularly bad providers include:

  • AOL (VERY bad with blocking emails)

If you are using any of these providers, we strongly recommend changing to a better provider. We can recommend:

  • PROTONMAIL.COM (best for security because it is encrypted)

Please check your spam / junk mail folders to see if your confirmation email has gone in there.

If it has, we can recommend marking that email as 'safe' or 'not spam', so you can receive other emails from us in future.

If your confirmation email is not in your spam or junk mail folder, please contact Support.

Generally, any animal sex movies we have for sale will be presented as such on our websites. If specific movies are not shown for sale on our websites, those movies are not available for purchase from us.

Many of our past movies have been produced by 3rd party producers, we have no rights or permission to sell movies belonging to other people. Thanks for your understanding.

You can find available movies on our Video Shop area.

Movie pages have purchasing instruction, please follow the instructions carefully. You can check the How to Pay page for more information.

If you are having difficulties please contact Support.

We receive a high volume of requests to be put in contact with Models, Producers etc.

If any of our friends wishes to be contacted, they will be present and accessible either on this site, or on other similar sites. Please search around and see if you can find any contact details for the person you are trying to contact.

Unfortunately we are not able to put anyone directly in contact with anyone else, for security reasons.

Please check the size of your file - there are some limitations on the size of files uploaded. If your file is too big, you can try to convert it and make it a bit smaller.

Also please make sure there are no strange characters in your file name - the upload is a bit fussy about e.g. Russian characters, other non-latin characters, and special characters such as the ^ symbol.

If you are uploading animated gifs, the image size is important. If the image is too big, the system will resize it and break the animation. Please keep animated images no wider than 1400px and no taller than 400px. If you are having difficulties, please make your image smaller and test it again.

If you are still having difficulties, please send a copy of your image file to support so we can investigate the problem.


Member Accounts can now be deleted, under Settings:


Art Of Zoo - Delete Account - dog fucking


Art Of Zoo - Delete Account - dog fucking



We hold absolute minimal data re. our Members, for security reasons. Account deletion will delete all your messages, friends, uploads, etc. There is no going back.

In our lifestyle, it is quite common for people to get the occasional pangs of guilt when the vicar turns up spouting bollox. This results in you deleting your account - then tomorrow, when you realize you were the same person today as you were yesterday, you will tend to wish you hadn't deleted your account. Approximately 95% of Members requesting deletion over the years have returned within 12 months. So - if you have payment history, Trust Level, Kudos, really anything, once your account is deleted, it's gone. We have no record of you.

So, in a few days when the vicar has left and you are back to your natural horny self, please do not come crying to us that you had a TL3 before and now you are TL0. That is on you Jack. You have been warned 🙂 The sensible thing to do is, just leave the account. Or, change your account email to a hidden email account, and forget about it. Keep those passwords somewhere safe, you never know. Then, when you are sane again, or whatever panic is over, you can simply reactivate your Member account and pick up where you left off.

If you have clearly understood all that, please go ahead and delete your account as explained above. Au Revoir 🙂

Sorry folks the present version of our network has a glitch, allowing people who are already your Friend, to then request friendship.

The result of this is that from time to time you will find friend requests which you cannot either accept or decline, since you are already their friend.

A major update is due, which may correct this behaviour. It is not yet clear whether this update will handle outstanding spurious 'refriending' requests, we shall see.

Either way, the short term fix is as follows. The Friend you are unable to accept or decline - simply find that person in your friends list. Unfriend them. At which point, the errant friend request will become responsive and you will be able to accept or decline as you see fit.

You see, some of you are just so appealing, people just want to friend you twice 🙂 The software could not handle your loveliness, and so we have this bug. I hope this will be corrected very shortly.

You may have been blocked when trying to login, perhaps with a message about bruteforce protection, IP blacklist etc. If you do not understand about IP addresses, this is an address of a device connected to the internet. Sometimes it is permanent, sometimes it is temporary. Click here for a selection of videos that explain IP addresses, it's easy to understand and as a 21st Century citizen it would be good for you to understand it.

If our security system has blocked your IP address, naturally there is an issue with the IP address you are currently using. There are several possible causes for this:

1. You are using Tor or some other VPN which uses a shared IP address. In which case, please change your IP / circuit to a new IP that has not been blacklisted

2. Your ISP has given you the IP of someone that just used their IP to try to hack sites. Please contact your ISP and tell them that your IP has a bad reputation and ask them to change it

3. You are not using Tor, VPN or a sharing IP ISP, in which case then someone has hacked your computer and is using your equipment as a jump off point to hack sites. This is worst case scenario and should be taken seriously, since someone may be doing anything at all while appearing to be you - stealing money, looking at child pornography etc. You should talk to a PC specialist about this, even potentially the police to be sure you are covered legally - but you can start by doing a full malware scan with Malwarebytes (free) and making sure your antivirus is good quality and up to date. If a hacker has gotten deeply into your system, you may have to wipe down your equipment and rebuild. Again please talk to a specialist and tell them the situation so they can protect you from further intrusion

4. You are a hacker and your IP has obviously been blacklisted. In which case, either improve your hacking skills, or put your talents to a use more productive for you and others / is more in line with your capabilities.


If none of the above situations apply to you, please contact Support for further information, thanks.

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