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Every morning, she wake up to beautiful deep chocolate eyes looking into into her eyes, and feels a rush of warmth throughout her entire body. She smiles to herself, thinking “what a handsome man in my bed” and runs her hand down his golden fun, stoking his big soft ears as he closes his eyes. She loves the warmth that his soft fur gives to her cold skin. He moves and rests his head against her chest and exhales a big deep sigh. His breath tickles against her neck and sends shivers up her spine. She shivers, moving further into her cozy wolf comforter and wraps her arms around his wide chest.

They lay intertwined for what seems like hours, cuddling each other in bed as they avoid getting up. Finally, she gets from bed, her golden wolf stretching out across the bed giving her a big yawn before he tills his head looking at her. She smiles and cant help but walk back to him and give him a kiss on the nose. He follows suit and gives her three kisses on her lips, making sure to take time pressing his soft, hot tongue to her lips, and nibbling her nose.

She giggles and goes into the bathroom. Her eyes travel to her closet, her heart seems to beat faster as a sudden burst of warmth travels down to her core, making her legs press together. Her body comes alive in remembrance to what occurs there. She looks back at her golden wolf, the corner of his lips seem to curl up as he slowly slides off the bed and trots over to her. His tongue falls from the corner of his mouth as he gives her a cheeky grin, moving closer. Once he reaches her, he swings his rump into her, forcing her to take a step back and chuckle. He looks back at her and wags his tail slowly, keeping his rear end pressed against her, wanting something.

She rubs his butt, and slowly reaches down to stoke his shaft. Her golden wolf immediately stands taller, his fur raises in excitement as his cock hardens in her hands. She can feel his member pulse and fill with blood, getting harder and harder. She tries to take her time but his hips tighten, and force her hands up, to expose his red shaft. He starts to buckle and thrust as her hand glides down his cock, his knot popping out and pre cum start to drip from the tip. She grins knowing how much he loves being touched as she slowly tightens her grip and loosens her grip, just like if she was locked onto him, cumming the same time as him.

She moves his cock back, just as if he was knotted inside her. She moves down to take the tip of his cock into her warm mouth, flicking her tongue up and down against his cock tip. She fulls a pulse from his member, and one small drop of cum lands on her tongue. She then moves away, slowly letting his member back down. She knows he will not be able to knot her as she strokes his deflated sac, where his testicles once laid. She sighs, sad for knowing he will never be able to cum more then a drop. It gives her the most pleasure knowing she can help him feel pleasure, as it is for the love of a dog that they can both wake up together in bed.

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  1. nidezhouwe 6 months ago


  2. lovingitdeep 7 months ago

    Very very nice. I love reading stories and fantasies. Thank you for sharing

  3. bellabambi 7 months ago

    nice ,,, so enjoy dogcum

  4. chiquitin13 8 months ago

    Cool story @wulfgirl1424

  5. k9austria 8 months ago

    Hmmm, @wulfgirl1424,
    how I wish I could lick and suck a red shaft and feel precum and semen running down my throat.
    Thx for sharing this nice story.

  6. watchdogfu2 8 months ago

    I want to suck doggie dick & drink dog Sperm

  7. Author
    wulfgirl1424 8 months ago

    Also, thank you so much for liking my blog post!

  8. ilikealotm 8 months ago

    Very nice @wulfgirl1424. IT sounds like you have much to share here. 🙂 @wulfgirl1424 @sk8tergirl

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