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Hello Boys and Girls, Boy/Girls, Girl/Boys, and everyone in between 🙂

Now. Any of you paying any attention at all to what we do, will know that I do not kow tow to that which is politically correct. We have friends in every shape, size, species, it doesn’t matter. Love is all you need, is our policy. Therefore, some may be offended by this post. I would remind you of the quote, that life is too short to be getting offended about things that are not intended to be offensive. In that event, the offended-ness is within the offended, the post cannot physically put it there.

This is not a political stance against you personally. It’s just how things would like to be done. Gaia is Nature. In Nature we have 2 Genders, and a 3rd for those exploring deeper into themselves. Some of you fine TransWilds will be just roleplaying. Others may be physically hermaphroditic. That is all excellent, because that is exactly what we are all about.

Imagine that. Dog in pussy while this fucks that or the other, Tetris was popular for a reason. As was Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and every other sneaky interspecies Masterpiece out there, I’ve lost track to be honest. I hope you are digging the vibe because it’s a good vibe. And it is proving to becoming increasingly popular by the moment it seems.

What I will not tolerate so well, are philosophies propounded by and supported by an industry that greedily lines it’s pockets with the misery and confusion of others. I had no choice as to whether I wanted my tonsils ripped from my body as a child. I am not a fucking cheeseburger (mostly). You cunts, can go sell your Emperor’s New Clothes, slicing and dicing, and take that shit as far away from my family as possible.

Those who are genuinely trans, will just trans. That is groovy. Fuck me eh, we none of us anywhere would be anything without that precious middle ground. In Native American culture, the 3rd gender was a matter of respect and deference. The reasons for which I really don’t need to explain to intelligent creatures such as yourself.

Metrosexual? Pansexual, mentalsexual, pan galactic gargle blaster. All good. But people.

My job, is to put you in touch with people who are gunning to get their fun on with YOU. Not who you want to be or wish to be, but who you are. Believe me, there are plenty of Wilds out there salivating at the shit you are going to be doing.

To date, nobody has EVER complained about bringing the noise with our TransWild family. Nobody seeking this treasure has had a problem with identifying it, targeting it, and then whatever wonderful stuff happens after.

What we DO NOT want, is TransWilds posing as Women. Because female is one pole, male the other. In between, we have Trans. The infinite shades of identity which go between within this area, make for an infinitely long search dropdown box. Which makes it entirely unlikely anyone actually interested in you will EVER find you. Is that your aim?

Your aim, logically, should not be to come onto our network and obfuscate yourself so much that nobody can find you. What is the fucking point of that then?

It is my job to connect you with people who are interested in you. And, unless you possess a womb, ovulate et cetera, I am sorry. That is a pole a touch away from you. The ability to produce offspring is not a choice. It is a gift. Either you have it, or you do not.

Verification is intended to prevent people from pretending to be that which they are not. Which is precisely why we will not verify you as Trans. We have NO need to. Nobody is complaining about meeting people who pretend to be trans but are not. And again, if you are looking for nobody to find you, then better you just sit at home on your own.

Historically, movies with men in the passive role have sold zero if any at all. That is not my decision. If there were dollars to be made producing man movies that would help support our network, do you not think we would be all over it?

TransWild on the other hand, is a different matter. We do have inquiries about it. And we have a LOT of people interested in becoming TransWild. To that end, I have selected a few TransWild Members who I believe may provide a template, to inspire and encourage others feeling the same way. And to satisfy all those Wilds out there who simply cannot get enough of that TransWild music.

We shall see how it goes with these folks, or the next. If we find they are pushing the right buttons with our audience, then bang, we have lift off. If they don’t? Well, I don’t reckon they won’t. Just how much they do or don’t, we shall see eh? 🙂

In summary. I love ya’ll whatever is going on down there. Please don’t make it impossible for me to do my job connecting you with who you need. I don’t want that in my world. Ergo. Male Wild. Female Wild. Trans Wild.

We can sit around being snowflakes bickering about semantics. Or we can get down to business. One of these paths is interesting. One is not interesting to me personally, and I suspect many others. You decide which path you would like to walk.

If you want to play silly bollocks >>> Facebook. They will make it impossible as you like, as long as they get your data what the fuck do they care what you call yourself. But not here. You want bollocks, go there. If you want to have a good time and party, who you gonna call?

Any questions 😉 x

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  1. K9voyeur 3 months ago

    I am so happy to read this thread. I have always felt it such a waste when a gorgeous femminine trans woman decides to loose her penis. I réalise for some it’s emotionally necessary, but she ends up with neither a penis nor a pussy. So I agree we need to let those who do it in the belief they will never find a straight lover, should know that’s just not true! Sadly there will still be those who need to do it for their their psyche. I am a pro film maker more than willing to work with any suitable trans wilds out there (anywhere in Europe)

  2. SillyGooz 2 years ago

    I try to not make judgements, to embrace differences, and not take a political position when it comes to issues of sexuality and gender. If you assume gender assignment is solely based on genitalia, you have taken a position that allows for two genders, no gray ground. If you can embrace there is more to gender than the physical attributes of an individual, then you can embraces the greater possibility of a healthier social environment…..anything to eliminate hatred and the marginalizing of those who do not look like you, talk like you, etc. is a good thing, as I see it.

    I personally am Bi, I love femininity in all it’s forms. If that femininity has a penis, from where I stand, it looks perfect.

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      It’s true. But when a vast minority decides red is blue, and blue is brown, and brown is white, and forces government to legislate as such, then it does make life rather difficult for the rest of society. The purpose of language is to have a nomenclature that is understood by the users of that language. Imagining you are taller does not make you tall. And if it did, if everyone had to look up when talking to you despite you being 4 foot or you’d get offended, then the likelihood of anyone wanting to talk to you ever, is slim. Gender is whether you have a cock or a vagina. We have, and always have had, a perfectly good nomenclature for what you are describing, it’s called sexuality. I have plenty of gay friends who, at no point felt the need to start interfering with everyone’s language under threat of being labelled a Nazi. If Group A would prefer to not receive hatred from, or be marginalized by Group B, it’s sensible for Group A to not strongarm Group B into situations that are not in it’s best interests.

  3. AlysaTVTS 2 years ago

    As a closeted tg, I appreciate anyone who supports we of non-traditional genders. Thank you.

  4. bendover59 2 years ago

    I admire and adore the feminine trans . To me there is nothing more beautiful that a pretty girl with a nice cock and tight ass .

  5. BeckyTush 2 years ago

    Well Adam.
    As you say Bo**ocks to all that.
    You say you have made a selection of trans as your (pilot)?
    Where are they selected from, and how can I get on , or in your good books to become one of the chosen

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi Becky. Bollox indeed 🙂 Well, I am speaking with several TransWilds, so far nothing concrete. Easiest thing to do, would be to find an owner or producer close to you, who is interested to shoot with you. Now, keep in mind, the same rules would apply for TW movies as any other movie. It would need to be high quality, look good and contain the right action. So, even if you do shoot, I would need to see your work before I could tell you if it was up to scratch.

      Trans is quite an interesting topic. I am not sure that most Trans folks have a real understanding of the why. I’d be happy to put forward various hypotheses if anyone is interested.

  6. CuriousCD 2 years ago

    I agree. Though it would be cool if there was a way for us transwilds to become verified in our own way. Or a way so that those of us who are serious about what we wish to be seen as, or to be available for, can be seen as such.

    Or at least to make it aware who we are. And that we are out here, and totally into this wonderful fun of ours! I mean, I have my profile fairly nicely filled out, and openly describe my gender identity. But, have lost count of the guys who have told me to get verified after contacting me first. After they act all high and mighty because they supposedly have a dog. And want girls to jump through hoops in order to beg to be with their dog.

    It sucks having to yet again explain things to them. Then either feel like we tricked them, or have them act like we did. I mean, read a profile first before messaging people! Though it does suck when some people do play pretend, and fake who they are in order to make themselves feel like they are who they wish to be.

    And thank you so much for bringing this up! We are excluding from so many things because we are are a problem when it comes to categorizing us. Especially since we rarely ever do fit into a single category. Or even truly wish to! And also because of those idiots who prefer to play pretend and lead people on instead of just being honest! Some people just assume that that is who we all are. I hate that!

    As you said, there are two poles, with us stuck in the middle. Maybe there could be a way of adding a colored ring around the profile icons that show who is online and all? Maybe a pink ring around the girls, a blue one around the guys, and a purple one for us gender rebels? Just a thought. Though it would be easier if people checked profiles first. And if people correctly filled them out.

    Man! I could write a whole blog on this! Maybe I should?

    And I really love the term transwilds!

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Curious, I can assure you, we had far more Members complaining about Trans turning up pretending to be women, than ever we had someone expecting Trans to turn up, and it’s just a dude or a chick. Get with it please. You do not need to Verify as Trans to garner attention. Attention is in your work and personality, not in your gender or the problems you make for other people in trying to garner such attention. You are here a lot so I very much hope you support the greater good. There are kids out there, who’s friends may be gender curious. Next, this is cool, and to the doctor. And when Mr Doctor gets his greedy little eyes on this poor Spaniel, of course he absolutely needs to have his cock off. The parents are behind him. The Doctor thinks it’s all really modern, and expensive. His friends will think he is cool. Next thing, poor Tim got no cock and no real understanding as to why. I would hope you would prefer to not be part of that circus. In which case, do please help us educate and inform our lovely TransWilds into an appropriate course of action. Understand first. Doctors later. Much better results 😉 x

      She said “Hey Babe, take a walk on the Wild side…”

  7. ausubslave 2 years ago

    Thank you so soooo much for your direction on the subject and your hold fast approach.
    Viva Le transwild lol ❤️

  8. 2 years ago

    There is nothing more beautiful then a nice little feminin TV ????

  9. ArtOFZooBiggestFan 2 years ago

    Well said Adam ?

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