ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

“Delicious exotic dog mating with that Asian flavor”

Producer: ILZ
Models: Kana and Chevvy with Animal
Running Time: 34 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Download Buffer: 04 sales remaining before release*

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ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Animal says hi to Chevvys sweet snatch…


A little 2-course trip down memory lane for fans of our lovely Asian Ladies. All you fine folks who’ve been inquiring about more fun with Kana will be happy to see that Lady in action again. Also, introducing Chevvy – a name I chose on account of the Lady having, as Sisquo put it, ‘dumps like a truck’ 🙂 When that Lady would pop round for a shoot, for a fuck or just for a coffee, I generally had a hard time keeping my lecherous hands from grabbing that juicy ass. If like me, you are a fan of Ladies with a bit of meat on their bones, you will enjoy Chevvy for sure.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

That juicy ass was made for a horny dog to hang onto…


A bit of humor surrounding this movie. Chevvy was one of my regular playmates, I’d hook up with her from time to time for a bit of private petfun. Without blowing that trumpet too much – the second time Chevvy came to fuck Animal, I had forgotten she’s already fucked him one time already. Y’all work hard and follow your dreams, and you too might be having so much dogsex that you forget how much dogsex you’ve already had 😉

I had not originally intended to shoot with Chev. However, ILZ who usually prefers the slimmer Ladies – and who will probably roll his eyes when he reads this – took one look at that ass, and kept dropping subtle hints about wanting to shoot with her. I wasn’t too sure, since the Lady for all her scrumptious charms is a real pain in the ass when it comes to punctuality. Sometimes turning up days late for a shoot. Still, ILZs subtle hints kept coming, and in the end, can’t keep a budding Pet Producer from weaving his (or her) Magic. I would remind readers, as I’ve reminded ILZ numerous times, that the plumper the cushion, the better the pushin’. Ladies with a bit of meat generally have a much tighter, much comfier vagina. Leaping on top of this Lady and stirring her sex while still slick with dog cum, was always a sweet treat. I used to enjoy sliding in and out, imagining what that must feel like for a nice dog cock.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Chevvy says “dog sex? Just do it!”


Animal was always keen to pump his junk into Chevvys hot hole. A lot of dog seed was pumped into this tight little vagina during our various sessions. TigerLily didn’t get on too well with Chevvy, and not speaking much English, she didn’t have the benefit of Lily’s personal tuition like Kana did. As such, we didn’t manage to get a tie this session. Almost, but not quite. Even so, she is well mated, and does not go without that creamy canine injection.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Animal sinks a stiff dog cock into Chevvys soft wet box…


Even without a tie, Chevvys tight box coaxes Animals cock into a swollen throbbing state. Such a good boy, loving the Lady like that. We all know that pussy is built for a nice dog dick, and Chevvys is absolutely no exception.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Animal finishes his cum, and slides his fat dog cock from Chevvys well-mated pussy…


After Chevvy, it’s Kanas turn. This scene is not as long as the Chevvy scene – some of the material we did not have room to fit into Kanas first movie. The Lady looks great, dolled up in black lingerie and ready for some doggy love. Animal always had a boner for this Pet Girl, and never missed an opportunity to taste Kanas Asian flavor.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Kana gets into the mating mood when Animal comes knocking…


Under TigerLilys careful guidance, Kana begins the doggy dance. Animal dives between her legs, licking her pussy into a wet and frothy state, ready to sink his cock into. Can’t really blame a doggy, that vagina is made for a good licking. You can see from the photo below, ILZ having a hard time holding Animal back and stopping him burying his snout eyeballs-deep into the Lady.


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Open wide – that’s right boy, it’s all for you…


Wet and ready, the action begins in earnest. Animal grabs Kanas perky bum, and drives his cock home. That pussy always welcomed a dog cock, and Kana took the knot with great a great smooth style. Smooth and juicy, Animal always relished the opportunity to get his cum into the Ladys prettiest of Asian blossoms.

A nice movie with some sweet action with lovely hot Asian babes – enjoy those Flavors of Asia 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Flavors of Asia - Dog Sex Video

Animal buries his bone in Kana’s sweet smooth vagina…



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    Quiero una película para Lima Perú

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    Siempre tan profesionales para responder me encanta esta página

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    How to watch movie

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    how do you pay for it?

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    嘿 亚当 我可以去体验一下吗?

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    It’s a great movie. Kana is hot and the dog likes to lick pussies and Kana’s is fantastic. It has a great effect on the dog, which makes Kana enjoy and then long filled with his sperm that he still licked in her pussy. Kana has fabulous lips made to suck and she does not hesitate! In short, an exciting film to buy urgently

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    Quisiera que me ayuden para poder comprar una película se los agradecería .

    • Author
      adam 3 weeks ago

      Hola, la asistencia te ha enviado un correo electrónico 🙂

  12. memo1992 4 weeks ago

    This is beautiful 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • ignarubia22 3 weeks ago

      Es primera vez que estoy en esta pagina, me la recomendó una amiga, y la verdad me gusta mucho, tienen excelente imágenes e historia, me encanto, la verdad me gusta ver la zoo.Pero no puedo ver vídeo, o no se usar esta pagina, pero me gusta.

  13. haohao7694 4 weeks ago

    Hey Adam, I really hope your team can go to China to search some models, Please! Shanghai will be a nice city to search for example.

    • Author
      adam 4 weeks ago

      Hi HaoHao, sadly, China has the death penalty and we have a strict policy of behaving ourselves in countries where they are ready to kill you. As to what local Members do carefully in private, that is a different matter 🙂

  14. darkwolf25 4 weeks ago

    I will say something Adam, you’re right. THAT IS A NICE BUM.

  15. cannibalis 1 month ago

    First Pam, and now this one. Its nice to know that we’ll get more videos, but I truly miss some blowjob scenes in the new AOZ scene. I really miss back in the old AOZ days when we had some intense blowjob scenes like with Cannibal, Vixen and Lise.

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