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Hello Ladies and Gents,

it’s great to see everyone on the new site. Old faces, new faces. We had opened quite quietly so as to not encourage a mad rush, in case there were any issues with the new system. Well, 300 new registered Members in the first 5 minutes… plus all the already registered Folks turning up too… I guess that is as softly as you will allow us to reappear eh? 😀


So then, to business. As you can see, the new site has a bit more scope than our previous sites. A site like this, you have to expect a few issues out of the gate. Clearly there are a few.

Firstly, site speed. We were not sure if the server we have would be powerful enough to handle the amount of traffic we receive. Seems our concerns were justified – it isn’t! During busy times the past few days since launching – sometimes it takes up to a minute to post something, or pull a page. Not ideal. So, first priority is a major server upgrade. That will hopefully start to speed things up a bit around here. We are organizing that right now.

Following the server upgrade, we will send out the first newsletter to let everyone else know we have reopened. We will probably need another server upgrade shortly after that, and we are planning ahead for that.

Other bugs and technical issues, we will get fixed up as quickly as possible. If you hit any problems, please contact Support, or head over to the Architects’ Group and post your issues in the Group forum. Any ideas and suggestions you have for new features would also be appreciated.

I’m also seeing things that we need to add, things that we need to tweak and so on. We will get all that organized as we move ahead. Thanks for your patience during these first few steps. We will hopefully get the site running nicely as soon as physically possible. I’ve waited a very long time to be able to open this little garden for all our pet friends, and I would like it to be as enjoyable and easy to use as possible for everyone.


We have quite a crowd gathering outside the Movie Club Group. Please bear with us Folks, we have a couple things to organise first, then we can start letting everyone in. I will create a separate post about our movie plans shortly.


So folks, having used other social media sites, I did not want to limit our Members in the same way. It may take everyone a bit of time to get used to the extra features available on this site, but I hope you will get the hang of it all quite quickly. One example of this, is posting in Groups. Unlike Facebook etc, we don’t force you to do everything on the wall. Personal walls and Group walls are good for quick posts, comments, updates etc. But walls are not really the best place for things that might require discussion. So please keep in mind, that each Group has a forum too (depending on how the Group Owner has chosen to set it up). If you have comments, suggestions etc that might require some discussion, please try to post these things on Group forums rather than Group walls. It will be easier for people to find, and easier for people to respond to.

I hope many of you will start to set up your profile areas, avatars, cover images, galleries etc – this is your garden too, here’s hoping you will help to make it as beautiful as possible 🙂

A quick note to some of our past Models and Producers. To avoid you being bombarded with huge volumes of private messages, friend requests etc, we have locked your profile areas down. If you want to start interacting with other Members, you just need to log in and adjust your privacy settings to your taste, and away you go 🙂

You will find your privacy settings under your header avatar menu:


Before you can start connecting with local friends for fun adventures, everyone needs to fill in their profiles with the relevant information. Location information is the most important. So although we have a good number of Members already registered, not many Folks have filled in their profiles yet. Historically this doesn’t take long to kick in – a faster site will certainly encourage that. So please hold tight, and keep searching. You will find new friends as and when they fill in their profiles.

You will find the links to edit the various areas of your profile, also under the header avatar menu:

That’s all for now folks. It’s really great to see you all again, and I will keep you posted on progress, updates etc as soon as possible. Welcome back, and here is looking forward to lots of new exciting pet adventures! 😀


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  1. marcelsuchek9 5 months ago

    Hallo ich bin auch neu hier und ich suche ein pferde Schwanz und ich bin ein bi Mann und komme aus Nrw aber ich ziehen nach ostfrisland in Paar tagen wehr da lust Drauf hat meldet sich liebe grúße Marcel

  2. trdhn 5 months ago

    I’m totally new,
    and maybe the only single member from Bangladesh

  3. citizen 1 year ago

    Back in buissness and it feels great, have a nice stay here all K9 lovers. /Cit

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hey Citizen great to see you again 😉

      • citizen 1 year ago

        Thanks Adam, what a
        great job you and the staff has done, as usual, high quality, i have been working so i havent had time to go any deeper yet 🙂 Have a nice day !

  4. magdi123 1 year ago

    Hi I’m magdi from Egypt

  5. carlos178 1 year ago

    hola a todos

  6. dgnotlvr 1 year ago

    Missed you, so glad you’re back for everyone!!

  7. intellectualbadass 1 year ago

    Such a historic day
    so glad AoZ is back

  8. heroe1206 1 year ago

    holaaa desde Mexico

  9. ketito22 1 year ago

    Hola desde Argentina

  10. johnnychimpomullet 1 year ago

    hello from ireland

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