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A chance encounter with an ex’s dog sets the wheels in motion for Sarah to discover her wild side. Follow as she retells the various moments in her life where she discovered her wild side.

First taste
I don’t think I’ll ever really forget my first time experiencing the wonders of a K9 lover, although at the time I think I would have given anything to forget. Still, I was young and didn’t know then what I do now, so I can be forgiven for wishing to scrub such wonderful memories from my mind.

I was a horny young college freshman enjoying my freedom from the strict strait-laced parents. Nothing like years of repression to get the juices flowing. Thankfully I wasn’t bouncing from dorm to dorm like a few of my old friends. But needless to say, my lack of experience meant that I didn’t have the best judgement when it came to partners.
It wasn’t that any of them were terrible people, it was just that things only lasted a few weeks before moving on and even then, they rarely managed to satisfy me. Eventually, my luck would change, and I would meet Chris and eventually his dog Rufus.

Now Chris was a few years older studying for his Master’s. I can’t even recall what his subject was, only that he had his own small place which meant that we could more reliably get the privacy the dorms lacked. Chris was a lot more experienced and considerate lover which was probably one of the reasons we stayed together as long as we did because outside of sex, we weren’t remotely compatible. We were in different places looking for different things, but I was his smoking hot sexy blonde girlfriend and he had a decent sized dong. Well for a human at least.

While we may have been doomed to failure as a couple for many reasons, I’ll always be grateful to Chris for everything he taught me. After all, had I not stuck around with Chris then I’d of never got my first sample of the pet love lifestyle, courtesy of Rufus. I would like to say that it was an eye-opening experience that instantly changed my life, but unfortunately it was just the first spark that would eventually ignite.

Now Rufus was always a sweet dog. A black and white pointer who was very playful and affectionate, especially around me. I was happy about this as growing up I had always wanted a pet dog. But my parents wouldn’t allow it for some reason or other, which was why I had no issues when Rufus started to lick my face and jump all over me when I came over to see Chris. To this day I’m not sure why Chris hadn’t had Rufus fixed. Whether he had hoped or trained Rufus in any way in case someone like me came along, or if it was a lucky twist of fate.

My first experience came as a shock to me. Chris had just finished getting me nice and warmed up for the main event only to discover he was out of condoms. I had toyed with the idea of going without, but sense prevailed, and Chris left to go to the store around the block to grab some. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated, but more annoyingly we had been experimenting with bondage and the bastard left me lying face down ass up with my limbs tied to his bed frame. He had also left the door open in his rush to get condoms, which is how Rufus ended up finding me.

So, there I was tied to the bed frame, pussy wet and leaking ready and eager for Chris to get back and give me the hard pounding I was craving. To Rufus, it must have smelled very inviting as he wasted no time hopping up onto the bed. Initially, I had no idea Rufus had snuck in. All I felt was the mattress depress behind me, which I mistook for Chris. Granted it had been too quick for Chris to have run to the store and back. But I thought maybe he had found some condoms in the house or was maybe even teasing me by pretending he had run out.

It didn’t take me long to realize just who was behind me. however, when I felt Rufus’s wet nose press into my ass as he sniffed me. He clearly enjoyed what he smelled as soon his tongue began lapping at my hot wet folds. His long flat tongue lapping me from my swollen clit all the way up and over my ass. His long smooth tongue probing between my folds in long powerful licks that had me cumming in moments. Chris had gotten me close but not gotten me off.

Even while I was cumming, Rufus carried on licking, lapping up my juices all too eager to enjoy my liquid arousal. That wonderful tongue kept going, kept giving, driving me wild, despite the panic that was running through my brain. If I was able to move or push Rufus away, I would have done so, however, being tied down all I could do was howl in pleasure. I knew this was wrong, or at least that’s how I felt at the time. But I also felt a wave of excitement run through me with each lap.

Unfortunately, as much as I couldn’t deny how much I had enjoyed Rufus’s tongue, I was still freaking out about the thing. Especially when Rufus tried to graduate from oral to fucking me. I felt his paws on my back and then slide down my sides, one of his claws digging in. The pain finally giving me the wake-up call my brain needed after the multiple orgasms Rufus had given me.

I soon felt Rufus’s weight on my back and his back legs frantically thrusting, something hot and wet slapping into my ass and covering my back with hot wet liquid. By this point, I was in full panic mode, my boyfriend’s dog had mounted me, and I could feel it’s cock slapping into me. Unless someone came to help me, I was about to be fucked by a dog. Which of course now would be an absolute delight, but alas back then it was just too much for my younger self to take.

I began to howl and cry out for help, begging Rufus to get off me and shaking my body as much as I could to try and dislodge the dog jack hammering away on my rear. It was around this point that Chris came back and dragged Rufus off me, tears streaming down my face while Chris tried to comfort me, while Rufus milled about confused at what had happened.

At the time I felt unclean and ashamed of myself, for what happened and more so for how much I had enjoyed it. No man I’ve met has ever had a tongue good enough to get me off that many times in quick succession. I later discovered that these feelings of guilt were fairly common among newcomers to pet love. Despite these troubling feelings, what did always stick with me was that feeling of excitement that I had felt as well.

While I wish I could go back and do things differently, such as giving Rufus my pet cherry and for making me cum so many times, that excitement I felt during would be the inspirational spark for me to explore and discover my wild side.

Self-Discovery and New Experiences
It would be a few years before I had any more real experience with a four-legged friend. But I did grow more adventurous, experiencing many firsts. I had my first anal experience, my first threesome and even my first lesbian encounter, which would turn into a relationship. I was enjoying my time at college, making the most of learning what I liked and what I didn’t as well as feeling pretty good about myself.

I recall one night in particular when I was smoking and drinking with my then-girlfriend Claire and her good friend Mark, who would occasionally join us when either of us had a craving for some dick. Now being quite open with each other so we would talk and discuss pretty much anything and everything. Now, this night we were working our way through the usual topic until our favorite topic came up, sex. In particular, we were discussing the craziest things we had done.

Somehow this discussion started off fairly tame, or at least relatively, but it quickly escalated as we tried to outdo one another in the bid to be the wildest one in the room. Now I forget the first couple of passes around the room as we all started off by holding back. But I do remember the final round and how I won.

Mark’s craziest sexual encounter was getting road head from a girlfriend in broad daylight as they drove down the highway, getting a few encouraging honks from other cars. Claire then one-upped this by telling the story of her getting caught fucking on a public beach and then carried on in front of an audience. Claire then turned to me with a big smile that pretty much said “Try and do better than that.”

I knew it was a risk, but I was a little drunk and high at this point, so I started to tell Claire and Mark about my first time with a dog. Leading them on by explaining how I had been tied up. Making them think this would be some bondage story right up to the point where I felt the mattress shift behind me, before revealing the shock twist. How Rufus had sniffed at my wet folds before licking me, practically tongue fucking me with that long smooth tongue.

It was a gamble admittedly, but I felt like I knew Claire and Mark well enough to read their expressions and always had the being tied up to fall back on if they acted disgusted. Thankfully, they were intrigued by my interspecies experience and were hanging on my every word. Their eyes wide in awe and amazement as I described vividly how amazing it felt having Rufus’s tongue relentlessly licking me, driving me to orgasm after orgasm. How I felt scared, shocked, horrified but yet excited.

During the process of reliving my encounter with Rufus, I felt that same smirk, that warm rush of excitement buzz through me. Needless to say, I won our little competition, especially when I told them about how Rufus began to thrust and very nearly fucked me. Mark told me that he had seen the odd movie now and then and that while they weren’t his thing, he did find something exciting about them. Claire thought Mark was lying, trying to steal my thunder as it were, which was how we ended up heading around a computer and searching for bestiality porn.

Now bestiality isn’t a term I’m too fond of. I’m much fonder of the terms like pet love, pet pussy or wild as there’s a lot more romance to them. However back then it was what you had to search for if you wanted to find pictures or videos of women sensually sucking on doggy dick or being railed by an enthusiastic dog. It was from this initial search and several other later on, both on my own and with Claire where I learned about dogs. That evening was actually my first time seeing a dog’s dick since despite almost fucking me, I didn’t see Rufus’ being a bit too distraught at the time.

The three of us must have been browsing for a good hour, all the while that warm rush of excitement pulsed and throbbed throughout my body as I took in each image and video. It was like a raw energy that invigorated my already horny body, fueling me and making me crave to see more. That evening ended with a very enjoyable, wet and messy threesome.

Claire too was excited and intrigued by what she saw. She would often ask me to tell her again about when Rufus licked me and whether I wish he had managed to fuck me. We would end up spending some nights trawling through videos and pictures while driving each other wild with our bodies. There was even talk of maybe getting a dog and seeing if we could perhaps train him up ourselves, but we didn’t ever go through with it.

Regretfully I didn’t make any more progress in those years, although my curiosity had definitely been awakened by then and I looked back at my first time with a lot more fondness. I’m still good friends with Claire and while we’re not quite as close and intimate as we were back then, I am proud to say that I was the one who provided her with that first experience she had been crazing back then, although that’s a story for another time.

Dog sitting – A Second Taste: Giving and Receiving
In my final year of college, I ended up tutoring for some extra money. My good grades and a recommendation from one of my professors helped me land a job with a wealthy family which paid me very well. Before then I was working part-time retail. So being able to swap to something that paid better for fewer hours, much less stressful and tiring work and was semi-relevant to my own studies, was a big bonus in my eyes.

I got on well with the two kids I was tutoring and the parents both seemed happy with my results, not to mention the peace and quiet they got when I was around. So much so that they would often ask me to stay over and babysit their kids when they wanted a weekend away. This worked out quite well as once the kids were asleep, I could study in the peace. I couldn’t get that in the house I was sharing with Mark and Claire.

Although one of my favorite things about my part-time job was Maximilian their German Shepard, although I’d only call him Max. Now Max was just another reason why I loved my part-time job He was sweet, energetic and also curious, although I wouldn’t get to discover this joy for a little while. Instead, I would occasionally play with Max and the kids I was tutoring in breaks or when babysitting.

Initially, I didn’t look or even think about Max in a sexual way. I think I was too busy trying to do a good job of tutoring and babysitting to keep the parents happy. Although this would change when over the holidays the family asked if I could dog sit Max while they went away for a few weeks. Normally they would have taken Max with them, but some of the places were a long plane ride away and Max has never been fond of traveling especially when trapped long haul in a cage.

Unsurprisingly, I had no problems agreeing to stay in a house which was much nicer than the place I was renting and to be paid for this and a bit more to cover food. Especially when I got to spend most of it with Max who was great fun to be around. With no studies to take up my time, it would be a nice way to relax. Although as it turned out I would be getting a lot more in the bargain too.

See, Max was a very sweet and attentive dog, but he was also very curious, always happy to meet new people at the park. So, when I got up one morning wearing just an oversized shirt I had acquired at some point or another, rather than getting dressed, Max decided to take a look at what was under the shirt. At first, I thought he was being his usual playful self while I was sorting out his breakfast, but his head stayed under my shirt for a lot longer than was normal when I put his bowl down.

“You know Max, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were hungry for something over than food,” I remember saying as Max finally moved from under my shirt and started tucking into his breakfast.

I playfully rubbed Max’s back while he ate, knowing better than to try and pat his head or scratch behind his ears while he was eating. My mind slowly wandering back to that first time with Rufus, the sensation of his long flat tongue running over every inch of me. I could feel myself getting warm and gooey just thinking about it and a wonderfully naughty thought started to crystalize in my mind.

I started to make a plan to test just how curious Max was. The first part of this plan was to see how he would react to me when I was very horny. I crept away and left Max to eat, using the time to get dressed into a short skirt, some plain white panties a tight-fitting top, everything to ensure that both Max and I would have easy access. I then rummaged through my luggage and pulled out a vibrating egg from my portable stash of toys that I had packed with me. I pulled my panties to the side and effortlessly slipped the egg between my already wet lips. Setting the egg to a low power setting, I could feel it gently buzzing away getting me nice and worked up.

Now the rest of my plan was to take Max out on his morning walk around the park, giving him a chance to work off some of his excess morning energy while also giving me a chance to get really worked up. After all, I wanted to make sure that if Max was curious about what I had going on between my legs, that it was genuine curiosity and not just Max being playful and excited.

The walk was quite uneventful. I was able to let Max off the leash and let him run back and forth, finding a decent stick to throw for him to fetch. Thankfully I didn’t run into anyone while I was out as the egg was making it difficult to concentrate even on this low setting. Although If I had to guess I’d have said it was the excitement of testing my theory with Max which was why I was having trouble thinking straight. I remember wishing, halfway around the circuit of the park, that I had stayed in with Max.

By the time I got back to the house with Max, my juices were starting to leak through my soaked panties and drip down my thighs. Before I even had a chance to take Max’s leash off, he was sniffing between my legs and walking around me almost tripping me up in his excitement.

“Found something you like Max?” I asked with a giggle, patting his head, hoping I was somehow encouraging Max to do more than just sniff between my legs.

Max, almost as if he could read my mind, started to lick and lap at my legs, getting up every drop of the juices that were leaking down my legs. I remember finding it slightly ticklish, laughing and giggling as Max excitedly worked his tongue over my legs, his tail wagging hard. I wasn’t laughing for long, Max quickly moved on from my thighs and decided to get a taste directly from the source. My knees going weak as I felt Max’s tongue going up and down my folds, the feeling intense even through the thin layer of my soaked panties.

Laughter quickly turned to soft moans and groans as Max’s wonderful long flat tongue roamed over my soaked panties, his tongue pushing my panties between my sweet lips and catching my swollen clit. My hands were slowly stroking Max’s head trying to angle and aim his head, although by this point, I was so horny that I was completely at Max’s mercy.

Unfortunately, before Max was able to get me off, my legs buckled, and I soon found myself flat on my ass. I ignored the pain and decided to make the most of this disruption by pulling my panties aside the still vibrating egg dropping to the wooden floor slowly rattling away, my focus back on Max who was eagerly licking at my now exposed flower. The long flat tongue pressing up and in between my soft petals, max devouring the fresh nectar leaking from me.

“Oh, that’s it right there,” I remember groaning. “Good boy Max,” I added shortly before my mind went blank as I began to cum hard.

I remember howling in pleasure, feeling very grateful that the neighbors were out. Max still eagerly licking my pussy through my orgasm until I had to push his head away, feeling too sensitive for him to continue. I leant back lying on the hardwood floor while Max nuzzled at me, making sure I was ok.

“Max that was amazing, thank you,” I said, leaning up and planting a kiss on the soft fur of his head, Max taking the chance to return my kiss by licking my face.

While I was playfully trying to avoid Max’s face-licking, I noticed just how much Max had enjoyed tasting me, the soft pink tip of his cock poking out of his sheath. I really wanted to show Max my appreciation for how much I had enjoyed his tongue, so slowly and cautiously I reached down to try and touch Max’s cock. Max seemed a little hesitant at first, shifting away from my hand. I tried again, moving slower this time brushing my hand against the sheath rather than the exposed tip this time. Max didn’t move away this time, although he did move his head to see what I was doing.

Gently pulling back at the sheath while starting to slowly stroke him, just like I had seen in the movies I had watched, although much more gingerly than the actresses in those films were. I slowly began to stroke Max while exposing more of his cock. Max soon began thrusting on the spot, practically humping my hand, until I could see the full majesty of his cock. I could feel a hot liquid dripping and spraying over my arm, my hands still slowly pumping as I watched in amazement as Max sprayed his cum all over the floor beneath him.

I found myself licking my lips and slowly leaning in closer, the scent coming from Max and his cum was making my head swim. I knew then that I just had to taste Max, I wanted to feel what he would feel like in my mouth, what his cum would taste like.

It took a few attempts, neither I nor Max were experienced in this, at least as far as I was aware Max was new to this unless I really misread the mother of the family. Max kept trying to move to see what I was up to and lick the tip of his squirting cock, which was making it difficult for me to get underneath him. I then remembered how the girls in the movies gave their lucky dogs some oral love and decided to change my approach.

Taking Max’s cock in my hand, holding him behind his knot, I maneuvered his shaft between Max’s back legs and moved my face down to finally get a taste of Max. Although before I could even wrap my lips around his sweet succulent pink length, I had the pleasure of being sprayed with his seed. His doggy cum coating my face and dripping down my body. I remember enjoying the feeling of his hot cum spraying over my face, the scent driving me wild until I finally had to get a taste.

My first taste of dog cum was a surprise, it was much saltier than human cum, but had a much better texture and I found myself swallowing everything Max was spraying into my mouth without thinking about it. It wasn’t long before I was running my tongue over the tapered tip of Max’s doggy dong, licking up his delicious cum as eagerly as he had licked me. Although I wanted to make sure Max was enjoying this as much as I was.

Taking great care not to graze Max’s wonderful cock with my teeth I slowly took his length into my mouth, wrapping my lips around his hot length and starting to suck. Marveling at how different Max felt in my mouth to any guy I had blown. Max seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, staying nice a still while filling my mouth with his tasty spunk, panting happily while I worked his length with my tongue.

I was mesmerized by the whole experience, happily sucking Max’s majestic member until my knees began to ache from kneeling on the wood floor. I don’t even want to try and think about how much doggy spunk I drank, although I do have fun trying to see if I can drink more each time I have a nice dog dick to worship. I also had plenty of practice with Max throughout the rest of my time dog sitting.

While I was extremely tempted to try and have Max take me and believe me when I told you I came so close to letting him, I was too worried about him acting differently around me when his owners got back. I did have to keep working this job after all, which meant that once the family got back that I had to hold back around Max. Although when the parents were out on date nights and their kids asleep, I would sneak him a blowjob or hand job when he was in the mood and plenty of fuss and cuddles when he wasn’t.

Thankfully I somehow managed not get caught throughout the rest of my time working my part-time job tutoring and babysitting. Honestly, I think I’d still be working for that family now if it meant getting to spend time with Max, but unfortunately, the family moved away not long before I was due to graduate. Having to say goodbye to Max might have been harder than any of the finals I had to sit through that year.

Although it did solidify one thing for me. That once I had graduated and got my first job, I would get a dog of my own and learn how to train them so they could be a lover as well as my best friend.

To be continued…

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