Gaia Media Industries LLC is a media outlet, producing a high volume of Intellectual Property. It is the nature of the internet, that creativity is generally shared. This is a good thing. People share what they love, others get to enjoy and experience new things. We grow better as a people. All good so far.

There can be a natural symbiosis between creatives and sharers. Firstly, sharers require something to share. Otherwise, it’s the same old tired media, and those advertising funds quickly dwindle as the viewers look elsewhere for their entertainments. Providing new material to be shared is where we come in. That is our part of the deal.

The sensible sharer would want us to continue to produce, to produce more, and increasingly more interesting media for the fans. It doesn’t matter what the genre, this is the obvious future for media online. Therefore, in order to reap, we generally must sow. So then, shared media should retain original watermarks and a clear link back to our site on each media page stating where the media came from. That then lets us share your viewers. Some of those viewers will wish to indulge in purchasing from us. Which allows us to produce more and better material. It’s not rocket science.

Also, 50% of advertising revenue. This will be split amongst the partnership of producers, including Gaia Media Industries, and Book and Film International. An even split is fair. You get a full 50%. We all have to split it up so we get less.

50% is easily recouped by doubling your efforts. And on we go. Everybody wins.

That is the sensible sharer.

Then there is the less sensible sharer. The less sensible sharer takes our stuff, strips off the watermark, and shares it willy nilly. We don’t appreciate this. This brings nothing to the table. It undermines our ability to produce more material. It’s basically parasitic.

We have taken some time and trouble to set up a legal network in Europe, the USA, and other countries as we proceed. Currently, nobody is proactively pursuing IP theft. Companies believe they can hide behind policies and jargon. They are mistaken. Law is law, wherever you are, you do not get to just make up rules for everyone to follow. That is what Governments are for, thanks all the same.

Since we are in the business of making up policies for everyone to abide by, we also have a policy henceforth. If you are sharing our material, and do not comply with the above requirements – you can contact us to discuss and negotiate further if required – then we will get to work taking back every penny you have taken from us, our network, our fans, and the world as a whole. We will do your registrar. We will do your hosts. We will do your CDN. We will do you. We will take your house. Your car. We will take your trousers. And you will wish the fuck you had the sense to make some money the smart way, while you had the chance. Instead, you’re having to deal with a legal team that is extremely motivated to action the strategies we have in place. That is our policy. By reading this policy you confirm agreement with this policy. Have a nice day.



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