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I found my identity, my deepest truth, this past January. I’d been lurking for a while, fantasizing about being mounted & knotted. Many times I’d sent emails trying to make a connection with an owner, most of which were ignored; the few hopeful prospects of hooking up with a K9 owner never panned out. It was discouraging. Years of frustration.

Then I got an email one day. I’d read that so many owners were turned off because those who craved the experience offered nothing in return, so I’d posted an email stating bluntly that I was willing to cover expenses. And this email basically said, Okay, so….willing to contribute to the dog’s upkeep?

With no negotiation we set a time & place. I drove out to a rendezvous – he was cautious & so was I. Off to his home and …

Finally! The huge Rottweiler scared me a little at first. But he rubbed up against me gently, calmly. I stripped, he began licking my cock & balls. Then went down to all fours on a blanket –  the big Rottie licked my butt then climbed up and wham! I was mated. The huge cock squirting cum deep into me. He gripped my waist and thrust away, finally settling his weight on my back with his knot pulsing at the inside of my ass, pumping doggie sperm.

This was my dream … and the reality of being a zoo finally sunk home. I cannot explain how it made me feel, but there was a clarity, a sense of being true to myself that I had never felt before.

After some time the knot shrank and the big Rottweiler pulled out, his long cock swinging beneath him. Cum spurted out from me in two gushes, then ran down my legs. I had been thoroughly seeded!

I’ve since been back a number of times. The owner has been incredibly accommodating & understanding. I am deeply grateful. One day I hope to have my own dog, but until then I continue to visit.

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  1. bestofbeast 2 weeks ago

    You give us hope those that haven’t had this experience yet.

  2. miqing 12 months ago

    And big dog together of the feeling is very subtle and excitement? I think it is better to have such an experience

  3. windsurferboy 12 months ago

    wow thats was amazing

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