ArtOfZoo - Ella's Submission - animal sex with women


Ella is an interesting entry in the Gaia case files. When in pursuit of that ever elusive real Pet Girl, this Lady will give you something to think about.

Ella messaged me on Zooskool. A very formal, you might say ‘professional’ introduction. Dear Sir, she began. Seeking Owners for discrete breeding sessions, ok to travel. Males must be large and knot well. This was all extremely important to her – she could not say why. She did not care if we filmed it, or what we did, what was important was the breeding. And as soon as possible would be good, please.

It was weird, but intriguing. I wondered what the mystery was. Ellas clinical approach made me suspect she was a head nurse. The urgency, made me wonder if she’d perhaps contracted an experimental virus, the only antidote to which, was some good hard doggy loving. Any of these scenarios were working for me, to be honest.

She got verified – Ella was a buxom, strong black woman. The first black Lady on our network, which was cool. Ella was not much for chatting, but when she did chat, she made it very clear that she was very, very serious about her dog sex. And precise – how long, how big, how much.

Within 2 days, she is at Summers producers place, and her requirements are met. First with Red – then with Blue, both tying the Lady beautifully. Throughout the session, Ellas intimate groans and gasps sounded like a deep, deep thirst being quenched. I believe that session became the movie ‘In Every Way’.

Ella returned to see Red and Blue once more, making a second movie, and experiencing some more wonderful long ties.

We released Ellas movies, but Ella would not take one cent. There was something deeper going on here. Shortly afterwards, she disappeared, never to be heard from again. Nothing bad happened, I’d see her log on now and then. I don’t know what was going on, but it was all very mysterious and kinda sexy, and it was great to help a Lady get the experience she needs. Particularly when it’s that experience we all love so much.

Before Ella disappeared, she wrote an article – originally posted on Zooskool:


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


Ella’s Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve always liked dogs, they’ve always been in my life, as family pets and faithful companions. As child we played rough and tumble games with them, so when, as an adult, I had my own home and children, dogs were a natural addition to the family. One dog in particular, a lovable miniature dachshund who believed he was at least a full grown German Shepherd, had a penchant for my underwear and would steal it from the laundry basket, hide under the bed and chew the crotch to pieces. He progressed from stealing underwear to sniffing my crotch, and then licking and I enjoyed it so much that I let him, seeing absolutely nothing wrong with it. My father had always commented on women who had lap dogs, why they had them and what “lap dog” actually meant. Secretly, I agreed with him, a lap dog was indeed a great definition for a small dog who licked with such skill.


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


When we emigrated, my Dachshund came with us. In our new home we adopted Stella, a dog the children weren’t embarrassed to be seen walking – a miniature Dachshund isn’t quite macho enough for teenage boys. However, walking the dogs soon became my task and I got to know a number of owners in the neighborhood. One of them owned a German Shepherd/Labrador mix and we would often chat with each other. One day he noticed my Dachshund sniffing around me and commented on the fact, we chatted about dogs “urges” how embarrassing it was to have a dog hump your leg etc. nothing explicit or too revealing until we were ready to part, that’s when he told me his dog was adept at mounting women and if I was interested to pop round sometime.


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


I didn’t need long to think about it, I was more than K9 curious, so a few days later we arranged for me to visit. The first few encounters were disappointing to say the least, mainly because I was too tense, nervous and a complete novice, but when Pip finally managed to mount I found it to be the most natural thing in the world and as I felt his knot growing and swelling inside me, throbbing against my G spot I was hooked. For over a year I’d visit Pip at least once, sometimes up to four times a week, the more the better as far as I was concerned. I’m surprised my partner never found out or suspected anything; he was so straight he’d have been horrified.

Unfortunately, due to my work and the end of my “human” relationship, I had to move from the suburbs to the City. My Dachshund had sadly died and my ex kept Stella. For a few months I had no contact with dogs whatsoever. I stayed in contact with John, Pip’s owner, through MSN Messenger and he suggested a few websites – they didn’t bring me any joy, they were full of timewasters and people who got their thrills from hearing about a person’s experiences. John eventually suggested I get my own dog and so with his help I did.


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


Sam was a Red Heeler, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog mix and he was a beauty, quiet, calm and the best companion/security guard a girl could wish for. On walks he must have done 20km to my 5km, always bounding back and forth, staying by my side when strangers approached and chasing imaginary rabbits when he thought all was safe. John advised me (through MSN Messenger) not to do anything sexual until he’d settled in and felt comfortable. So for a while I just got know him and enjoyed his company. He had a habit of putting his head on my lap whilst I watched TV, read or chatted online with John. One evening, whilst messaging John told me to take off my underwear and sit with my legs open whilst we chatted online. I had to sign off from Messenger! Sam was enthralled, he kept sniffing, and licking, going away and coming back for more, I thought he was going to lick me raw. Then he started pawing and pushing at me, I had absolutely no idea what to do. I phoned John and asked his advice, he said to hang tight till the weekend when he’d come and assist either me or the dog. It was a Wednesday evening and I had to wait until Saturday afternoon!


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


By the time John arrived on Saturday afternoon I was ready to explode and just wanted to get down on all fours, but according to John we had to do things at the dog’s pace – not mine. First of all this meant preparation, out came a quilt, which was to be our play area, I lay on the quilt and let Sam do as he pleased. At first he didn’t do anything, eventually he came to me and started licking me everywhere but where I wanted! He soon found my favorite spot and set to with gusto. When he started pawing and pushing me about, John told me to get on to all fours, move away from him and playfully butt him.

I did all these things for what seemed like an age, but was in fact only a couple of minutes, Sam then tried to hump my arm, my leg, my hip, whatever he could grip and was getting more and more excited or frustrated I couldn’t tell which and I have to say his dew claws drew blood more than once and I couldn’t count the scratches on my body. Then John told me to assume the position and stay still, he maneuvered Sam into position and manually inserted his penis – that was it, Sam certainly didn’t need any more help than that! His knot was bigger than Pip’s and he pulled out after less than 5 minutes, but it was good and it was a start. After that things only got better between us, I managed to cope without John being present and Sam learnt we could only play when the quilt was on the carpet, he’d often sit by the cupboard where I kept the quilt with a pleading look in his eyes, I rarely said no, I was just as eager.


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women


10 months later everything changed, for personal reasons I had to return home to the UK and because of quarantine laws and not knowing where I’d be living etc. couldn’t bring Sam with me – John agreed to adopt him and I left for England with a very heavy heart. Back in England after over 10 years absence, I threw myself into my work, finding accommodation and getting used to the British way of life all over again.

I’d been back about 4 or 5 months when I came across a couple of sites and joined them and met more than my fair share of timewasters. Through chance more than anything else I met a genuine owner who had a couple of Rotties and a Mastiff and I’d visit them as and when I could often spending weekends. The dogs were bigger than ones I’d had before and with them I experienced being tied and turned – wow is all I can say what a gratifying and satisfying union, the orgasms I had are beyond description.

All my experiences have taught me exactly what I want from life. I’m now looking for a home and my own four legged companion and a partner who doesn’t judge and understands and accepts my love of dogs. Until then I’ll have to settle for more visits to Italy and recommendations.


ArtOfZoo - Ellas Story - dog sex with women

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