Hi Folks,

so, aside from Patrons / Sponsors for the Eden Project, we are also looking for various people who would like to get involved in other ways.

Now, before you rush to contact us, please bear in mind. On a weekly basis we get a LOT of people contacting us offering to ‘help’, when the gist of the ‘help’ offered is actually standing around on set holding a camera and watching our Models perform. Trust me folks, the line for that kind of ‘help’ is, and always has been, about 8 miles long. We’ve even had television channels wanting to attend shoots, and I told them to fuck off too. In the nicest possible way of course 🙂

Being present at shoots etc, is a privilege reserved for paying Patrons, Trusted Friends, active Friends and Members who bring something tangible to the table. Thanks for your understanding.

Any organization needs funds of course, but it also needs manpower. Manpower can be in the form of ACTUAL help – a good example would be LucienOM, who has diligently curated our Library and has been preparing books for several years, without asking for anything in return. And who of course, for example, can turn up when he wants. It might be in the form of local assistance, such as doing some running around for us, helping us find locations – maybe you HAVE a suitable location for events? That kind of thing.



ILZ will be busy running around, organizing Models, venues etc. As hardworking as he is, I would really like to find a suitable apprentice for him so the Project can cover more ground, more quickly. Someone with energy and enthusiasm, who can lend a hand during busy times. We would prefer to hear from Trusted faces for this position, I know some of you old hardcore Members are in that area, and may have been waiting for your opportunity to get involved. This would be that opportunity. So, if you think you fit the bill there, please drop a line to support and we can have a chat.



If you are based in Central Europe, and have contacts, resources, or really anything that you think might be useful for the development of the Eden Project, we would be interested to hear from you. We can’t promise anything, but it does not hurt to ask. Please contact us to discuss.

We are of course looking for Verified Owners in the Eden area. And if you are a Verified Female or Couple, and you might be interested in popping down to shoot the occasional movie, or to attend the occasional event, please contact us to discuss.

We will be looking for other people for the Eden Network as we proceed, so please keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Rivanwood 6 months ago

    Wolfbrother, the ONLY way that I know of to get a woman to talk, or otherwise engage herself, about petlove was to either be in a relationship with her or have her talk to her close friends about petlove, and they, in turn, talk to me. I’ve been involved with Laura for years now, and her sister is into petlove, and so are several of Laura’s friends, and we all live very close to one another, so I know and talk to all of them. By the way, these are all women over 55. 😉

  2. bobby143 8 months ago

    I am also in and i want to open a place in india where people can meet am greet with there pets and share there desires. And i want to bring out the people of this comunity.

  3. dogslucy 8 months ago

    Super nice !!, and what do you think of a branch in South America??? will be great !.

    • onlypussy 6 months ago

      Estou no Brasil, vamos fazer por aqui! Tenho cavalos, adoraria vê-los em ação com uma mulher!

  4. thewolfbrother 9 months ago

    You Euro lot are so much more organized and earnest than us Americans. I’ve been attempting to cultivate a local pet community and it’s going about as well as a sand castle in a thunderstorm. Looking forward to putting my money where my mouth is and contributing to AoZ by bringing in more pet friendly women 🙂 can’t wait for Eden to be up and running, it’s ambitious and I salute you!

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      You stateside folks should start getting in touch with @ilikealotm – in terms of motivation, proactivity and experience with pet networks, he seems to be the one putting in the legwork.

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