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There’s something special about the missionary position during sex between a girl and a dog. If you ever saw part 6 of The Record, with the Goddess StrayX, you will know what I mean.

This text is only fantasy of mine (with a little truth added). Please don’t take it too seriously, it’s only my tribute to the girls.

Some Facts

Yes, missionary sex in a human context is wonderful. It’s the basic, like eating cereal for breakfast: you won’t ever get tired of it. No matter how much creativity you expend on keeping your lovemaking fresh, you will fuck horizontally in some point during every single sex session.

But when you turn your head to look at our four legged heroes, you immediately get the point of how special the human missionary style is in regards to dog sex.

Human Behaviour

Nature is wise. Between humans, the face to face mating let us see in the eyes of another being, it is almost magical, we see another’s soul in front of us and voilá: instant connection.

That kind of soul pairing brings us long term love, caring for the other and compromise. It is part of what makes us human and gives us our evolutionary advantage.

Four-legged Passion

Dogs love in another way. They look for sex at the moment a female sends her pheromones into the air, because, if they don’t, the world (and us humans) won’t have puppies in our life anymore.

That’s why nature built them as sex machines. The males have powerful plungers to send their little doggies in sperm form inside their ladies, and the females become an efficient milking system who will suck dry every worthy macho hound who crosses their path.

As if this were not enough, dogs mate in a way to keep both of the lovers safe. They fuck standing up so they can watch the place and run if it is necessary. Then, when they are locked; mixing their legacy and sharing fluids, you will find two pairs of teeth (if you’re stupid enough to get close to them).

The Most Special Women

Most of the people don’t think about it (even if they have one as a pet) but certain kinds of girls are naughty. It’s just question of time till some of them notice the fact that her puppy is really a handsome guy.

These kinds of open-minded ladies at some time will feel curiosity when they see the red tip pocking out of her aroused beloved companion. Maybe they will also feel aroused, and guilty some moments after.

When this happens, you know he is now inside her head in another way. Maybe sometimes she gets horny too, when she sees him in her lap and starts to cuddle him. The fact is, in this moment, sometimes the slimy and wet tongue of the bastard is enough to change the story forever. You’ve probably heard about this kind of thing before…

Thanks Universe

Then, in a flash, the stars align and the magic happens: a girl and a dog boy discover they can share special moments on another level. Maybe they find it out by themselves, maybe she is naughty or has a kinky (human male or female) partner. Suddenly they realize they are able to share their hardware for the ultimate kind of fun and decide to use it. Wonderful.

Interspecies Heaven

First they will find isn’t so easy; Nature always hides Her treasures a little bit. A clumsy dance begins the magic, the nature will have to find its own way.

Maybe it is for combination of factors but at the beginning everything happens in the dog’s way. Perhaps because the boy doesn’t know another kind of sex than the classic doggie style (which comes naturally to him) or the lady has found that submission to a beast is the crème de la crème for turning on her fantasies. Anyway, at this stage the male always rules and the female obeys… she becomes a human bitch. There’s no return.

Besides, the Dog’s anatomy doesn’t help or give room for creativity. His 90 degree legs only allows both of them to see each other as sexual objects. The woman has no problem being the cum cup; banged with his dog, red, flesh hammer. She only has to show her rear and give him access to her love flower, the macho boy will do the rest. he only needs a healthy pair of hips to get physical support in order to send her to dog paradise.

The Love Lock

The dog knot needs no spell to modify the girl’s chemistry forever. Once you get knotted, you need to be slotted.

To knot with her four legged lover becomes the ultimate sex. To feel a dog rocket pulsing hot and growing inside her is the cherry on a delicious cake. The knot changes to a desired object for itself.

Yes, she will have multiple orgasms without the knot, maybe even without a dog’s dick, but in her mind, she wants it in every mating session. Wondering if her animal master will please her and make her world explode in that way uncommon for most mortals.

More Than Sex

The couple eventually get their own way and pace. He and she will feel comfortable every single time. They will know each other intimately and what to do to make each other cum gratefully. They feel whole after every single session.

When at last she succeeds becoming a real human bitch and her macho boy realizes she is more than a jizz bucket and is deserving of his full effort to try to impregnate her with his four legged legacy, in that moment, she also realizes she worth enough to him, because he chose her to please him. Now she keeps still, without moving, with him on her back, waiting while he drains his love into her most intimate place, but something has changed in her.

If he is a dominant partner, the master will force the unknotting, letting her know who is in charge. She accepts it. But if he is a gentle kind of puppy, who doesn’t care who the boss is, she is a lucky girl because he also knows she needs to feel all the love between his legs flowing to her womb and gives to her all the orgasms he can. While, she will feel and enjoy inhaling the hot rhythmic breathe of her love mate.

Another Kind of Girl

Her life has changed again. She knows she is a girl at another level and feels proud of her womanhood, which is now far away from the other mortals. She is closer of a goddess than the humans and you know you have to be a demigod to get close to her majesty.

Eventually, maybe she will find herself searching more and more for the face of the author of the scratches on her hips. Now she realizes she is in need of the warm breath of the being who is shaking her body in order to loose herself completely to the feelings. Perhaps she will need a kiss in some moments, perhaps she would like to suck the wetness from a pair of lips or ask desperately for a tongue to slide into her mouth.

Soul-bonding and Whole Trust

You could name it “call of destiny” or simply “a question of time” but the universe takes things in her hands once again and makes the quantum magic of the meeting of two inter-species soul mates. Here you don’t just get a great dog-boy-girl couple but one in which she doesn’t look for only wild sex in him, but something more especial. She wants to give herself to her lover in a more delicate way: she needs to make love to him.

This is not easy to do, it’s kind of a scary thing: he has a powerful and big jaw and two sharp-pointed rows of teeth. She will basically expose her face, boobs, arms, legs and pussy to a potential harmful animal. However, the love is big enough to try it and this makes her open herself so she can embrace it in a new way.
The Girl Surrenders, The Dog Learns

Having a girl spreading her legs, resting on her back, is kind of a treasure. She gives herself totally. She is ready to loose herself to the being she is offering herself to: total trust, love, surrender.

But, for the boy, this kind of mating maybe results in an awkwardness that is unnatural. But he trusts her even with those strange limbs in the wrong direction which make look taller with her tiny, juicy body

Nature makes the lovers struggle a bit again for the right to happiness and they begin to chase it with with more passion than ever. Like hunters they wait patiently for their prize and have to fail many times before they have the head of the prey on the wall of their bedroom or kennel.

Besides, he feels the relationship in a different way. He doesn’t care so much how she looks because he don’t see very well. But he can hear her, feel her, smell her better than anyone and can know immediately if she’s happy, sad or horny.

So, the bonding between the couple grows and they trust each other. He/she can’t harm her/him; they have had wonderful moments together and brought a lot of pleasure to the other. Nothing can be wrong if they are together and share the same feelings.

But for her, a girl like any other, to see the eyes of the boy she is making love to is kind of special. To imagine he is enjoying this ,like she is, while she feels his head on her chest, beside her head or right in front her face, this makes her very happy. So she looks into her lover soul searching for any recognizable sign from him. She will look into his eyes to know there won’t be another girl, to be sure, she is the one and their bonding will remain forever.

Maybe its a shame she can’t give him heirs, but despite this fact let the couple keep on doing their business. And you just can’t blame them for trying… and trying… and trying again.

Deep in her mind, it would be awesome to get pregnant from him, to carry his puppies, feel them growing inside, give birth to them. To feed them right from her breast and see them become healthy human fuckers who can spread the animal love to other people because their dad had the right genes for human taste.

Maybe she is fantasizing too much and gets lost in the hot moment when he enters her. But she already know, after loving her four legged owner in the most intimate way that they will be lovers forever.

Lovers Are Forever Lovers

No matter what the future offers to every one of us, we always remember the past lovers, and she will too. Even after time and after lovers, the memory of those special ones make us remember every little detail of them: his/her essence, fur, skin, smell, smile, eyes, taste… So, this dog love will remain forever in her soul, skin, heart, scars from scratches and sex. No matter the years that pass, she will never forget him.

The way a woman make love and sex to a dog writes a history which will remain throughout her life. Some of these women let us take a glimpse into their lives and we are only a few lucky witnesses of something magical. Thanks missionary girls for widening the concepts of love and sex. Thank you for sharing your love, thank for being just you.

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  1. olddogdick1 6 months ago

    you told this story just the way it should be told and thank you for that , loved it

  2. rockhard4u 10 months ago

    A story well told ..

  3. masterkiwi 10 months ago

    Love the way your mind works SFSX. Well done great effort…
    Drop me a friend request


  4. lolin 11 months ago

    great ! very hot.

  5. curiouscd 1 year ago

    Very nice!

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