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Thanks to all the dev folks who contacted us offering assistance in that department. Doing dev for us is not an easy business – there are security issues, people’s private stuff, issues of dickheads trying to get access to our database to lift our mailing lists etc – all kinds of problems. It’s not the kind of thing we can just let anyone wander into. We have to pick our people carefully.

Thing is AoZ / Gaia is built on code. And we do need good developers. It’s why I’ve asked for such here and there, over the past months/years.

I am a developer – of sorts. Bit rusty, but that’s easily changed given time and space. I’ve worked in dev for around 30 years – have worked with devs from many different countries, cultures, in many different ways. Full time, part-time, freelance, you name it.

I can cut mildly elegant, efficient code at an alarming rate when need be. I can solve complex technical problems in ways most can’t. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to drop everything and be our developer. But I can’t. Being a dev is like being a Monk. You need peace and quiet, space, no distractions. Everything I currently do not have. Our various fabulous Teams are doing a fantastic job of lifting some of the work off my plate to allow me to focus on future things yes. Still, there are not sufficient hours in a day. So, me as dev, is maybe something for down the line. For now, we need people.

We are primed to start hiring full-time devs in our location. We can find good devs for a good price here and get things done. Still, many of you have stepped up to offer your time and expertise. And, since the success thus far, of our little community, is pretty much based on teamwork – it would be silly to not utilize good man/woman power, brainpower, industry, if such is offered and forthcoming. Many hands make light work, and all that. With the right dev team, we can do a lot. And fuck me do we need it, the poor old AoZ raft has been held together with shoestrings and good feelings for far too long and She needs a rebuild most desperately. I wanna give everyone the network they deserve, a kick-ass network the likes of which hasn’t been seen yet. Bits have yes, but not the Grand Design. When it starts coming, it will really be something. And we can all say we were part of that shit. And we will.

A connected people is a safer people. United we stand, divided we fall, everyone knows that. Support, help, friendship, companionship, love – whatever you are looking for, a person is rarely an island. It’s our connections to others that make life worth living. It’s built into our very fabric. It’s important work we do, here. It’s not about profit, or ego, or anything other than bringing us together as a planet. Because only as a planet can we finally find some fucking peace. From those who might try to do us harm.

According to Nostradamus – a chap will come along around about this date and utilize the technology of the time to unite the people – some ups and downs but the ultimate upshot is apparently 1000 years of peaceful existence upon this Earth. Maybe you dig Nostradamus maybe you don’t, I’ll leave such judgments up to you. Whoever that guy is, it’s a good idea so I’m nicking it. 1000 years of peace sounds like just the ticket right now. Something to shoot for.

So, devs. I very much appreciate you coming forward with offers of help. Let me turn this a touch real for a moment, if I may, and point out what a developer isn’t. A developer develops. Something. Something tangible. That’s what a dev does. I know we have some Rock Star Devs on our network, and I imagine you are hearing me.

What a dev isn’t, is a guy who comes to me with a list of their accomplishments, or what they are currently doing, and after some lengthy conversation, disappears without dropping a single fucking line of code. That isn’t developing anything, is it. Other than some chaps feeling somehow that they have achieved something and want to crow about it – fine. Go crow eh. It’s not useful for me. It’s not useful for us. It takes up valuable time that could be better spent doing something actually fucking constructive. That friends, is the opposite of development.

Now. We’ve all experienced ‘that person’ who promised us this and that and didn’t come through. ‘Yeah I’ll do that for you no worries’… doesn’t get done. Flaky. That person, is not a person one can rely on is it. We all know that person. Yes sometimes I may dream outlandish dreams, the upshot of which is I am generally working very hard toward making those dreams a reality. It’s been that way for some time. So I ain’t that guy. I’m a dude with a job to do. Help would be appreciated. But I’m not interested in pissing contests sorry. Love you, but take that elsewise eh.

No it’s not aimed at anyone in particular if you feel this is personal rest assured it isn’t. You are not alone, even in this capacity. I’ve been dealing with this, for several decades. There are many. Lots, and lots, and lots. And no reliable devs, thus far.


Sitting out there, reading this, there are some devs who are actually devs. Who can code, who can deliver. Who aren’t nuts who aren’t divas who can actually get the job done and work with others to achieve an end result. Some of you may see the bigger picture. Some of you have worked on massive group projects with success, I know because you’ve told me. So I know you can do it. You will be most likely, aware of crap devs, devs taking shortcuts, not seeing the big picture, clunky inefficient code, copypasta junk code, yuk. Like the WordPress Mantra – Code is Poetry. It’s more than poetry, it’s arguably the language of the Universe. But we will leave philosophy out of this for the time being.

Before I give up and assume that on our scene dev talk is all we’re gonna get – I’m giving it one last shot. If you are a developer, skilled, want to help, want to be involved, want to be part of something hopefully quite special when the lever is pulled – IF you have TIME to help, if you are motivated to help, if you can help, then, please help. I have a Dev Manager ready to corral all our devs, on and off-scene. We can do this.

If you have time available. If you actually want to be part of something we are building – let’s hear from you. I know you are out there. Fuck me I’m out there and wonder if I’m talking to myself at this point. People. Help is help. If you’re organizized and can chisel some time out to help with dev bits, please get in touch. We need you. And it won’t be for nothing, whatever happens, we’ll make sure you are suitably rewarded when the digging is done.

So. PHP, MySQL, WordPress, javaScript, CSS, HTML – app dev – really anyone who thinks they can do a good job with code, please get in touch we will be delighted to hear from you.

Fingers crossed for a pool of some of the most talented and productive developers this side of the Universe. We can but wish. You know where we are. If you’re ready to go, let’s do it. And speak soon. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. RealPetsOnly 1 month ago

    No need for games. It could simply be your place in the right household.

  2. PuppyBri 1 month ago

    hi wish there was a way to make a video game so animals can force them selves on us girls or taken captive made into kneel bitch etc i would love to see that game

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Why do you need a game? We’re doing that stuff for real 😉

  3. honeypot1 3 months ago

    Me joining a bestiality site was not something I ever imagined doing just a couple of years ago. But join I did. And I found a true community, Volunteering to help the site was also something I never imagined doing. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did. Knowing that I’m contributing something to the site that has given me so much has been a wonderful experience, If you really have something to contribute as Adam has asked, please step forward. You won’t be sorry you did, and you’ll be part of a great team doing great things.

  4. stardog 3 months ago

    I hate the dickheads.

  5. LadyX 3 months ago

    Short period since I joined AoZ site. I love the forward thinking with real passion that I have seen on this site, blogs, members, helpers and AoZ crew members. I’m up for a new chapter in my life and always willing to give a helping hands with the skills I glad over the years. I’m happy to step forward.

    Lady X 💋

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